Club Penguin 5th Anniversary Party 2010 CHEATS!!!

Club Penguin’s 5th Anniversary Party is finally here! A new Yearbook as been added to the Book Room, and the colours of the new party hat have been realeased! Not only that but there’s another stamp we can earn from this party too! Anyway, on to the cheats!

To go the Coffee Shop and click on the box to receive the new party hat!

The colours of it are red, orange, yellow, light green and dark green!

To earn the new Celebration stamp, click on the candles on the cake in the Coffee Shop!

Here’s what it looks like!

Also, when you throw snowballs, they’ll be party coloured balloons/paintballs!

Also a new Yearbook can be found upstairs on a special stand! You can view the other Yearbooks at this stand too!

Remember how Club Penguin had an Anniversary Party Art contest? Well, the winners artwork can now be viewed in the Book Room!

And finally, you can see all the previous Party Hats in the Coffee Shop!

THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! What do you think of the party hat? Is it better than other years? Please let me know!

Well, I’m going to fill myself with this yummy party food because it’ll only be here for today!

Waddle on!



3 Responses to “Club Penguin 5th Anniversary Party 2010 CHEATS!!!”

  1. georgia Says:

    thank you for the walkthough it was very helpful thanks

  2. ya Says:

    How ya make animation?

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