Halloween Party 2010 Member-Only Dark Chamber Cheats!!!

The Halloween Party of 2010 is now here! Unfortunately for non-members, there are two locations where only members are allowed. The Haunted House and the Dark Chamber.

Click here for the complete Halloween Party 2010 Cheats and Walkthrough!

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The Dark Chamber involves a few challenges, and below are all the cheats on how to finish it!

1. To enter the Dark Chamber, go to the Forest.

2. In the first room, you’ll have to complete a musical challenge. Listen and look at the sound and colour of gas coming out of the rocks. Then, repeat that on the organ! You’ll have to do it three times for the door to open wide enough. The order is:

1. Pink, Blue, Orange, Pink

2. Pink, Orange, Blue, Pink, Green

3. Green, Pink, Orange, Blue, Pink, Pink

3. Once you finish the first challenge, the door will open. Walk through it to go to the next room.

4. You will then be in a dark room! Walk slightly over to the right and collect a free Storm Lantern!

5. Once you collect the Storm Lantern, hold it and use it to guide yourself through the DARK maze! Watch out for spiders!

6. Exit of the Dark Maze, and you should then be in the Monster Room!

7. Walk over to the ‘FREE’ sign to pick up a ‘Pile O’ Candy’! You can do this as many times as you want because it’s a furniture item!

And that’s the complete walkthrough on how to finish the Dark Chamber!

You can still get to the Monster Room again without repeated all the challenges. In the first room of the Dark Chamber, click on the red button on the tree!

Click here for the Halloween Party 2010 Complete Cheats and Walkthrough!

Click here for the Halloween Party 2010 Stamp Cheats!

So, what do you like best about the Halloween Party? Please let me know!

Waddle on!



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  1. Gary Tracker 2010 « Mario2903's CP cheats 2010 Says:

    […] Click here for the Complete Halloween Party 2010 Walkthrough! […]

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