Club Penguin Penguin Style Catalog November 2010 CHEATS!!!

The November issue of the Penguin Style catalog is now out, offering a wide range of water-proof gear. There are also quite a lot of hidden items. Below are all the cheats on where to find those.

Penguin Style November 2010

The 1st hidden item is on Page 3. Click on the tree, you will see Brown Teal Cap and Green Vest.
Brown Teal Cap and Green Vest

Go to the next page-Page 4. You can find a Blue Designer by click on the beak. See the following picture.
Blue Designer

And turn to Page 5. There is a Pink Designer. Click on the right penguin’s beak.
Pink Designer

Now go to the 6th page. This time you need to click on the fish to find the Viking Helmet.
Viking Helmet

But, while you click on the fish for the 4th time, the Blue Viking Helmet will appear. Have a try!
Blue Viking Helmet

Then turn to Page 7. I think you may have seen the next secret items. Click on the left penguin’s beak to find the Frankenpenguin Costume.
Frankenpenguin Costume

And you can see the Frankenpenguin Head, when you click on the right penguin’s beak.
Frankenpenguin Head

To buy the Crook and Flail, you should go to the 8th page and click on the middle ghost’s face.
Crook and Flail

Go to Page 13 and click the tree marked with red. You can buy the Sun Rays and Boy’s Sweater Vest.
Sun Rays and Boys Sweater Vest

The Blue Duck is on Page 15. Click on the top of the tree.
Blue Duck

On this page, click on the right penguin’s eye. It’s the cheats for Mountain Climber and Hiking Boots.
Mountain Climber and Hiking Boots

Now you still can buy a 3D Glasses on Page 16. Click on the snow.
3D Glasses

Moreover, there is Acoustic Sunburst Guitar hidden. Click on the green penguin’s foot, it will come out.
Acoustic Sunburst Guitar

Go to the 17th page. Green Hiking Boots is the last hidden item on this book. Click the snow on top of the mountain.
Green Hiking Boots

What do you think of the new items?

Waddle on!



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