Rain Falls for the First Time in Club Penguin’s History!!!

The unbelievable has happened in Club Penguin! It officially has started raining all over the island, pouring excess water around everywhere.. which can ONLY mean Card-Jitsu Water is just around the corner!

Here’s the report in this week’s Club Penguin Times about this rare event!

Penguin’s everywhere are enjoying the first rainfall in Club Penguin’s history. Rubber boots are in fashion and umbrella sales have skyrocketed. “When we got them in we only sold a few,” said one penguin in the Gift Shop. “But now we can barely keep them in stock!”

So far the rain hasn’t done any damage, and is creating buzz all over the island. Experts are excited to study it, and many penguins are heading into the storm for fun.

“The island’s been underwater a few times,” said one lifeguard. “Like – completely underwater. I think we can focus on enjoying this one-of-a-kind weather.”

We spoke with Sensei, the eldest of all penguins for his thoughts. “Water from the air. The first time in memory… Yes we must prepare.”

Experts are advising everyone to stock up on rain gear at the Gift Shop. And to jump in puddles while they last.

And take a look at the water symbol in the Ninja Hideout now!

I’m extremely excited to see what’ll happen next with this unusual weather, and Card-Jitsu Water. But I’M ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT! I really wish it would rain more often in Club Penguin! Do you LOVE the rain too?

Waddle on!



One Response to “Rain Falls for the First Time in Club Penguin’s History!!!”

  1. Miss Chips33 Says:

    Hey! I LOVE your blog. I have added it to my favorites. Anyway, I have a blog as well, and I have been searching EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE to find a place to make those moving pictures like yours on the sidebar. Can you tell me how or give me the link? Thank you!

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