NEW Club Penguin Times Newspaper!!!

The NEW design of the Club Penguin times newspaper is now here, and I must say it is DISGUSTING!

It is MUCH harder to read and very disorganised! You have to scroll down and try and read the writing that is all over the place! Also, it has 2 pages, which is weird – we can scroll down so why have another page?

Card Jitsu Water is finally here and Sensei is ready to train us!

“Bring your cards students. And come to the Waterfall. Your journey awaits,” said Sensei at the Dojo Courtyard.

Although before you can begin training to master the water element, you must first earn your Ninja mask from the Dojo. You will also need an Amulet and are advised to also check the Martial Artworks catalog.

Building a Dojo is hard work, although the Water Dojo is now complete and Ninjas are celebrating ea job well done.

“While ninjas were busy pumping water, there were other behind the scenes,” said a worker at the Dojo. “Many were helping gather water items for Sensei. And lots were helping jackhammer at the new Dojo.”

Workers have now decorated the Dojo Courtyard to celebrate. Congratulations to everyone who made this new Dojo and challenging game possible.

Here are all the upcoming events:

Anyway, I really hope Club Penguin changes the newspaper so it’s more like it used to be. Many penguins across the entire island do NOT like it, and if you also don’t like it, make sure you email Club Penguin about it.

Waddle on!



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