Reviewed by You – Christmas Decorating!!!

Last week Club Penguin asked us what new igloo items would help us decorate for Christmas and Timeara said:

I really like the Coins For Change item, and the snowmen. For the Coins For Change item, you could make a box that lets you type in the amount of coins you want to donate. And for the snowmen, you could do what Rolo 23 said, but it wouldnt be a game, it would come with accessories.

Thanks Timeara! A lot of you are getting ready for Coins For Change. Check out Remy Ego’s igloo:


This week for Reviewed by You, Club Penguin wants to know what you will do to get coins for Coins for Change!

Keep the Review between 50-75 words and if you get chosen, 10,ooo coins will be added to your penguin account!

Waddle on!





One Response to “Reviewed by You – Christmas Decorating!!!”

  1. 1998drpepper Says:

    What program do you use to take pictures of animated gif?

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