Coins For Change 2010 Cheats and Stamps!!!

Coins for Change 2010 has now begun! Rockhopper has even returned to the island to help out with this event!

All over the island, and even in some igloos, you can find Coins for Change collection pots.

When you click on them, you have three causes to choose from.

Build safe places, protect the Earth or provide medical help. I definitely am choosing to protect the Earth; this is the most important. Remember without a good Earth, there would be NO humans, NO life NO nothing. Club Penguin definitely wouldn’t exist.. Anything that has ever happened to us about us has been on this planet. We must take care of our only home, Earth.

You also can choose whether to donate 100, 500, 800 or 5000 coins!

If you donate 100, 500 or 800 coins, you earn the Volunteer stamp.

But if you donate 5000 coins, you earn the Top Volunteer stamp!

I’m going to donate 20,000 coins to help protect and save the Earth.

WOW, just look at all the donated coins pouring into the Lighthouse!

We MUST aim for our goal! Everyone DONATE DONATE DONATE!

And look we can throw coins instead of snowballs at the Beacon!

How much are you going to donate, and to what cause?

The Christmas Party Cheats will be up shortly. (:

Waddle on!



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