*SUPER EXCLUSIVE* Club Penguin Planning Board for 2011!!!

Take a look at this SUPER EXCLUSIVE picture of some of the events Club Penguin have planned for 2011!

Click here to see the image full sized!

It appears to be white board planner or strategy board, helping them organise upcoming events! If you can’t read some of it the main events are:

1. An iPhone app – Phase 1 in January & Phase 2 (Puffle) in June

2. EPF System Defender – January

3. Brown Puffle – January (At Expedition Party!)

4. Possible St Patrick’s Day – March :DDDD

5. Club Penguin Magazine – April

6. Possible Easter Party – April 😀

7. “Big” EPF Launch – May

8. Rockhopper Returning with an Igloo Contest for the Adventure Party – June

9. Some BAD things could be happening to Puffle Round-Up – June D:

10. Save Igloo Phase 2 – March

WOW! I really hope most of these things are going to happen! I’m really excited now! 😀 Especially about the St Patrick’s and Easter Parties!!!

Please take a look at the picture also and let me know what else you think might be coming to Club Penguin in 2011!

Keep on a’waddlin!



3 Responses to “*SUPER EXCLUSIVE* Club Penguin Planning Board for 2011!!!”

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