Club Penguin Elite Agents and Expedition News!!!

The Elite Penguin Forces’ indentity is no longer hidden! It has been published in the Club Penguin times from an anonymous source that an called the Elite Penguin Force exist around the island! Not much is known so far besides they have high-tech gear and if civilians can prove themselves they too can become an Elite Agent!

And if you click read more and on the words “EPF” you’ll find an emergency message from the director!

Later to come this month is the Expedition Party, where we can expect to see the first of the Brown Puffle! Previously we’ve explored the Cave and Mountains, but now, explorers are planning to find out more about the Box Dimension and area surrounding the Ski Village!

Here are the island’s upcoming events:

More details about the EPF and Expedition will be available in next week’s issue of the Club Penguin Times!

Waddle on!



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