Club Penguin’s EPF System Defender Game is HERE!!!

Finally, Club Penguin’s new System Defender game is here, just like Club Penguin had planned on their whiteboard

Click on your Spy Phone firstly to check out your new messages from Gary, the Director and the Unlimate Protobot. *Note that you will not get these messages if you’ve already played System Defender.

Also take a look at the new Tech Elite Gear!

Then, go to the Command Room and walk over to the System Defender screen, located to the left.

Firstly, do the tutorial mode.

Once you complete that, you’ll earn the Ready  for Duty stamp.

Next, click ‘Defend System’ to play the REAL game.

If you successfully defend the system and complete the game, you’ll earn another stamp, the Protobot Attack.

Now, once you’ve completed the game, go to advanced for extra levels! Smooveness! 😀

Remember to take a look at the other stamps you can earn for System Defender.

This game is just like Bloons DT 4! Saweetness!

What do you think of it? Too easy? Too hard? I think I like it. 😀



6 Responses to “Club Penguin’s EPF System Defender Game is HERE!!!”

  1. Micah McCurry Says:

    i like these cheats 😀

  2. Micah McCurry Says:


  3. Micah McCurry Says:

    too easy 3:

  4. Micah McCurry Says:


  5. Micah McCurry Says:


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