Club Penguin Official Music Video: “Better Days” and Updates!!!

Recently Club Penguin has been working on a bunch of new stuff for us! They’ve even made an Official CP Music Video! Sa-weeeet! Here’s a bit of a scoop on what’s been worked on in the past week:

New igloo items – We’re just about finished work on the latest items for your igloo. Now’s a great time to start saving up your coins for some new items!

Online celebrations – We’ve seen a ton of great parties happening all over the island. Happy77 and the team filmed some of the action, and made a music video out of it! Check out this official music video for “Better Days,” the Penguin Band’s new theme song:

Bug squashing – We’re working on a fix for the orange penguin that’s appearing for some of you when you log in. We’ll have this fixed in the next few weeks after we’ve finished these first system updates. Thanks for your patience.
Beta Team game testing – Many of you have already heard about Beta Team, where you can beta test new content we’re working on. We’re going to release some brand new game prototypes on Beta Team this weekend, so stay tuned!

What do you think of the vid? Pretty cool huh for the first official music video made and released?



After 6 Months…Caity12 is Back to With Club Penguin Cheats!!!

I know it’s been a long time. Wowza! I haven’t posted since January 2011, making it 6 whole months!

Basically, I thought I’d give up on my blog. I thought I just couldn’t do it anymore. I also gave up on Club Penguin for a while too. Going to a private college I just didn’t have the time. Now being the holidays, I remembered this blog again. After six months of being forgotten about, six months of believing it was gone forever, I decided I wouldn’t just forget the amazing 250,000+ views. I couldn’t forget all this work I did for all you amazing waddling penguins!

I’d start posting again! So here I am. Starting fresh from the 15th of July 2011 with the best Club Penguin Cheats!

I’ve got alot to post about and we’ve got a lot to look forward to in Club Penguin! ;D

Thankyou to all my siiicko viewers, without you I’d give up!