Complete Guide, Information and History of CLUB PENGUIN


During the beta stages of Club Penguin’s development, anyone could sign up to be a beta tester. Beta testers received special benefits upon the official release of Club Penguin, including a month of paid membership, coins and a pink and yellow party hat.


Club Penguin is divided into various rooms and distinct areas. Many game locations can be accessed by clicking on the Club Penguin map. Some places are reached by clicking their general area on the map and then walking the penguin to the specific location. Other places are only available for access on certain days or at certain times.

Each player is provided with an igloo for a home. Members have the option of opening their igloo so other penguins can access it via the map, under “Member Igloos”. Members may also purchase larger igloos and decorate their igloos with items bought with virtual coins earned by playing mini-games.


The Town: Coffee Shop (book room), Night Club (dance lounge), Gift Shop

The Plaza: Pet Shop, The Stage, The Pizza Parlour

The Cove

Forest (treehouse during Medieval Party 08)

The Snow Forts: Ice Rink

The Dock

The Beach: Lighthouse (beacon), Rockhoppers Ship

Ski Village: Ski Lodge, Sport Shop


The Dojo (hidden)

Mine (hidden): Cave (Underground Pool), Cave Mine, Hidden Lake, Underwater Room (member only)

Iceberg (hidden)

Rockhopper’s Ship (not always available): Captain’s Quarters, Ship Hold, Main Deck, Crow’s Nest

Party Rooms: Treehouse (during Medieval Party), Whale Inflatable (during Water Party) and VIP Backstage (during the Music Jam Party)


The Stage was released in November 2007 in the Plaza. Subscribed members may buy costumes for the play, an option that non-members do not have. The script for the play is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen. When clicked, a list of lines is brought up. Each month, a new play is released.

November 2007

Space Adventure

Theme: Space/Parody

December 2007

Twelfth Fish

Theme: Shakespeare Parody

January 2008

Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal

Theme: Super Heroes

February 2008

Team Blue’s Rally Debut

Theme: High School Mascot Contest

March 2008

Space Adventure (Encore)

Theme: Space

April 2008

Quest for the Golden Puffle

Theme: Direct Indiana Jones Parody

May 2008

Twelfth Fish (Encore)

Theme: Shakespeare

June 2008

The Penguins that Time Forgot

Theme: The Land that Time Forgot/The People That Time Forgot Parody

July 2008

Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal (Encore)

Theme: Super Heroes

August 2008

Team Blue’s Rally 2

Theme: High School Mascot Contest

September 2008

Ruby and The Ruby

Theme: Detective Investigation

October 2008

Space Adventure: Planet Y

Theme: Space

November 2008

Fairy Fables

Theme: Fantasy/Parody

December 2008

Quest for the Golden Puffle (Encore)

Theme: Direct Indiana Jones Parody

January 2009

Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal (2nd Encore)

Theme: Super Heroes

February 2009

Team Blue VS Team Red

Theme: High School Mascot Contest

March 2009

Penguin Play Awards 2009

Theme: Oscar Awards

April 2009

Quest for the Golden Puffle (2nd Encore)

Theme: Direct Indiana Jones Parody

May 2009

The Haunting of the Viking Opera

Theme: Vikings and Phantom of the Opera Parody

June 2009

Fairy Fables (Encore)

Theme: Fantasy/Parody

July 2009

Ruby and the Ruby (Encore)

Theme: Detective Investigation.

August 2009

Underwater Adventure

Theme: Mermaids

September 2009

The Penguins that Time Forgot (Encore)

Theme: The Land That Time Forgot/The People that Time Forgot Parody

October 2009

Squidzoid Vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Gal (Sequel)

Theme: Super Hero

November 2009

Norman Swarm has been Transformed

Theme: Bugs Life

December 2009

Quest for the Golden Puffle (3rd Encore)

Theme: Indiana Jones

January 2010

Fairy Fables (2nd Encore)

Theme: Fantasy/Parody

February 2010

Secrets of the Bamboo Forest

Theme: Chinese/Japanese Tune

March 2010

Penguin Play Awards 2010

Theme: Oscar Awards

April 2010

Quest for the Golden Puffle (4th Encore)

Theme: Indiana Jones

May 2010

Quest for the Golden Puffle (4th Encore)

Theme: Indiana Jones

June 2010

Ruby & the Ruby (2nd Encore)

Theme: Detective Investigation


Before Club Penguin, there was something called Penguin Chat (2005). You used to be able to play it on (Yes, that’s what rsnail stands for), but as of now, they have closed down the site so everyone visits instead. Penguin Chat 3 was very fun, to tell you the truth.

It was actually very similar to Club Penguin, except there was only one place you could go to, the Town. There wasn’t a Cove, Snow Forts, Dojo, or your own home or anything else, but the Town. In fact, the Town looked very similar to how it looks now, but there was more chairs and tables outside the Coffee Shop, and a few other different details. Oh, and it snowed in the Town!

And there were no coins or way of earning coins. And if you tried to walk to the left of the town, you’d go to an area of nothing but snow (and a few decorations), if you went to the left of that (through a ’secret hill’), you’d up in another bigger area of snow with a pretty blue sky. In this specific area, you might see a bunch of penguins in snowcats (look it up in dictionary) driving around. Then if you went left again, there would be a bunch of penguins just walking around with hard hats on that are probably drilling the ground (with construction gear and railings all over the place and a crane in the distance), and then if you went left again, you’d be back at the Town (so it was kinda a circle). And you could also do the same thing if you started off going right from the Town.

There were also signs for every place in Penguin Chat but I can’t remember what they were.

In the toolbar, there was only the chatbox, the snowball button, the actions button, the emotes button, a ‘Tell a Joke’ button, and the enter button. To change color, you would click a Color change button on the chatbar, and select a different color. There was no map.

The Night Club was incredibly similar. The major differences were that the Band played on the stage, rather than the DJ thing with the speakers (but there were Speakers there). And there was no green puffle dancing on the speakers, and there were no stairs leading to the upper floor (there wasn’t an upper floor). And you could get to the secret Boiler room by walking onto the wire of the lower righthand Speaker. The point of the game was just to throw snowballs, dance, and chat.

Talking about snowballs, in Penguin Chat, snowballs were a little bit different. No, they looked the exact same, but when you threw them at people, sometimes you would miss horribly. The radar that shows up when you push the Snowball button in Club Penguin was different in Club Penguin. It would also snow sometimes in the Town.

The Coffee shop was somewhat boring, there was no upper level, and you couldn’t play Bean Counter there. Back then, everyone used to pretend they were Coffee shop waiters.

Well as we all know NINJAS ARE REAL. You can become a Ninja with the New Card-Jitsu Game.

Now, have you ever heard someone ask how you become a ninja? Well, this is where the myth started from (By the way, you CAN’T become a ninja in Club Penguin, they were going to make them, but they made Secret Agents instead). In Penguin Chat 3, when the color select window popped up, if you click the ‘n’ in ‘Select your new penguin.’ in that window, you would become a ninja (No lie, it also took me a long time to figure this out when I first started playing, no one would tell me). Being a ninja was pretty cool, you had a ninja suit with a sword on your back and if you tried dancing as a ninja, you wouldn’t dance but you’d become transparent/invisible.

You could also be a Hard Hat worker. You had to click on the Hook of the Crane in the sky (the Crane was behind a fence in the back) in the snowfields right of the Town to get the Hard hat (you didn’t have a player card back then so you didn’t really get a Hard hat, you just wore one). And if you danced, you would be drilling the ground. And if you went into the middle snow fields, you’d be driving a snowcat, WOOT!

As for the Gift shop, if you tried walking into it, you’d be transported to a page in where you can buy merchandise like real life keychains and T-shirts (using real life money though, Penguin Chat didn’t have coins, remember?).

And that’s just about all there was to Penguin Chat 3 (that used to be playable at

Now here’s the sad part. One day, the Rocket Snail team announced they were creating something called Club Penguin. When I went to the site, all that was on its site was the logo and it said it was Under Construction. Then they closed Penguin chat for a while, so I had nothing to do but play Mancala, Ballistic Biscuit, and a few other games on

After waiting the rest of the summer for Club Penguin, I finally stopped checking the site everyday. When I looked again in late October, I had missed the grand opening, the Beta tests, and everything else. I’m pretty sure I made accounts but I can’t remember the names or email addresses anymore.

Also, there was a Club Penguin BETA testing. That was basically to try out the new Club Penguin beforehand. Beta testers got one month of free Club Penguin membership, they got to keep their party hat from the very first Club Penguin party ever, and a certain amount of coins (2,000).

Just a few more things before I let you go, no ninja myths are true! There’s one myth out there that says if you don’t move in the dojo for 30 minutes but stay logged on by talking and chatting, you’ll be a ninja. Don’t listen to those lies! Its just to waste your time! I knew it was a lie from the moment I heard it, and now I’ve tested it out just to prove it to you and nothing happened! (You can check it out yourself if you want to waste a half hour…)

And, last, you can check the Club Penguin Official Blog Archives for all old blog posts from Club Penguin ever since April 2005 here:



  • Club Penguin Opens


  • December – A wider selection of igloo music is introduced.
  • December 2006 – A Christmas party happens during the Jolliest time of the year


  • Sometime in 2007 – Players are eligible to become tour guides
  • April 13, 2007 – Stage added to lighthouse.
  • April 27, 2007 – Ship Hold opened on the Migrator
  • May 30, 2007 – Cove open to public. Contains binoculars which work similarly to the telescope in the Beacon
  • Sometime in 2007 -The game catching waves gets 2 more levels
  • Sometime in 2007 – Water party begins and umbrealla hat,A free item gets relased
  • Sometime In June 2007 – A new item adds to the water party as it extends till next monday.Leaving a free items of blue water wings and umbrella hats.
  • Sometime in 2007 – A new igloo contest is relased with the fishbowl ilgoo because the igloo contest was my life in a fish bowl!
  • August 1, 2007 – Disney buys Club Penguin for $500 MILLION !! WOAH!!!
  • October 26th – Golden Puffle spotted at Forest and Mountain at every half hour (alternating)



First Launch

  • On March 7, 2006, Rockhopper finished building his ship, the Migrator and started his adventures.
  • In this trip, Rockhopper adopted Yarr, discovered Rockhopper Island and found a lot of treasures.
  • Rockhopper then came back to Club Penguin. He visited the Lighthouse, played a few games, and danced at the Night Club.

Red Puffles

  • In December 2006, Rockhopper introduced red Puffles (originally from Rockhopper Island) to Club Penguin and everyone could adopt them.


  • Rockhopper has written a book, “Rockhopper and the Stowaway”. This story originally came to Club Penguin as a message in a bottle at the Beach. Players can read this book in the Library. Bambadee was introduced to the world here.

New Room

  • On April 27, 2007, Rockhopper came back. The Migrator was decorated for this, and he brought along new items. Also, the Migrator had a new room, the Ship Hold, where the new items were sold. Only penguins that have the Captain’s Quarters Key (a pin) can enter.

Mystery of the Boxes

  • On September 2007, Rockhopper landed on Club Penguin with several boxes. He gave no hint of their contents and placed them in the Lighthouse. It was not until penguins accidentally broke one of the boxes that they learned he was preparing a massive carnival party, known today as the Fall Fair. But when the party started, he wasn’t there to celebrate it.

Save The Migrator Project

  • Rockhopper was spotted on January 17, 2008, and it appears the Migrator was hit by an iceberg and his ship was slowly sinking. Rockhopper and Yarr were both fine, though.
  • On January 23, 2008, Rockhopper’s rowboat arrived at the Beach.
  • On Friday, February 1, 2008, Rockhopper began his journey home in his rowboat. Players could watch him rowing by looking through the telescope at the top of the Lighthouse. Also, a booth appeared on the Beach with a sign that says, “Save the Migrator”. It had a map of the island and the crash site spot marked with an X.
  • The Aqua Grabber was built to obtain pieces of the sunken Migrator. Those who finished the game were rewarded with a Golden Wheel Pin.
  • The booth was periodically changed depending on the status of the ship. At the start of February, there was just a toolbox. Over time, more tools appeared and parts of the Migrator were scattered around the Beach. On 28 March, when the ship was complete (but very dirty) a sink appeared at the booth.
  • When the ship was completed, Gary the Gadget Guy brought his new invention, the Flare Flinger 3000, to the Beach to call Rockhopper. You could see him coming in his rowboat toward Club Penguin at the top of the Lighthouse.
  • Rockhopper rewarded the penguins by giving us the Captain’s Quarters Key pin so that we could enter his Captain’s Quarters.
  • Before Rockhopper released his key to the public, there was a rumor that the key did not exist. But, if you asked him where the key was, he would say “Arrr, The key be under me hat!”. However, a picture shows him taking it out of his beard.

Party and New Rooms

  • On the 25th of April, 2008, Rockhopper and Yarr had a celebration party and they opened the Crow’s Nest.
  • On April 28, he hid the Key to his Captain’s Quarters for penguins to find. To get the Key, visit the Book Room, located above the Coffee Shop. Go to the Library, and select The Journal of Captain Rockhopper. Flip to the very last page and you will see the key.
  • The Key lets you go into the Captain’s Quarters when the Migrator is docked on the Beach. It also doubles as a pin.

Summer Events

  • In June 2008, Rockhopper’s ship was seen in the Telescope, coming back to the island.
  • He docked on June 27, 2008, and brought with him a Grey Pirate Coat, a Pirate Dress, a Flamingo furniture item, a Stuffed Parrot as a free item, and a Ship-in-a-bottle furniture item.
  • Rockhopper returned on August 9, after being seen in the Telescope.
  • There was a paper boat hunt, each part containing a piece of the ship igloo blueprint which created a blueprint background.
  • He designed a ship igloo.

Talk Like A Pirate Day

  • On September 18, 2008, Rockhopper requested in the Penguin Times for penguins to dress up and talk like pirates on the following day.
  • This is based on “International Talk Like A Pirate Day”, a parodic event in the USA which occurs every September 19 since 1995.

Puffle Party 2009

  • During the Puffle Party 2009, Rockhopper was seen walking Yarr for the first time.

Walt Disney World Resort Costume Character

Map of Walt Disney World Resort, Orlando FL, with Rockhopper’s location circled.

The background you could get from meeting Rockhopper at Disney World.

  • In April 2009, Disney announced on the What’s New Blog that Rockhopper made an in-person appearance (as a costume character) at Walt Disney World Resort (in Orlando, FL)’s “Hollywood Studios” (what used to be MGM Studios) between April 30 and May 13. He was also giving out a new background with a blue penguin on it.
  • At Disney World, Rockhopper appeared with a light blue penguin. It is possible this penguin is Bambadee without his friendship bracelet.
  • A video of Rockhopper at Walt Disney World, Florida.

The Fall Fair 2009

  • Rockhopper was spotted in the telescope on August 27th 2009, just in time for The Fall Fair 2009.
  • Rockhopper arrived back to Club Penguin Island in time to set up The Fall Fair 2009.
  • He was the penguin who set up the members-only Great Puffle Circus and hired the puffle trainer for the Circus.

Holiday Party 2009

  • Rockhopper returned to Club Penguin in time for the Holiday Party 2009.
  • His ship held a Coins for Change raising event, where the user could play Treasure Hunt and then donate the coins earned to Coins For Change in the Captains Quarters.

March 2010

  • He came to Club Penguin with the Hidden Treasure Background.
  • Yarr (his Red Puffle), was missing during his visit.


Parties from 2005-2008 with pictures

Before Club Penguin was made, their was a game called Penguin Chat made by Rsnail. Penguin Chat is dangerously similar to Club Penguin, but was made before it. (Penguin Chat 2000 – 2005)


Then in 2005, Rsnail and others teamed together and created Club Penguin. Here’s a list of events from the start of Club Penguin.


Beta Test Party (2005) – The first Club Penguin party was launched for 2 hours in October of 2005. Beta hats were given out for penguins who beta tested Club Penguin.


Halloween Party (2005) – The first Halloween Party took place.


Server Testing (2005) – Club Penguin’s first server testing. The pink and black toques were given out during this server testing.


Christmas Party (2005) – Club Penguin’s first Christmas party.


Winter Luau Party (2005) – Club Penguin’s first 2006 party. Red lea’s were given out to every penguin.

Valentines Day Party (2006) – Happy Valentine’s Day to all penguins on Club Penguin.

Pizza Parlor Opening Party (2006) – Grand opening of the Pizza Parlor in Club Penguin.


April Fools Day Party (2006) – Lots of weird things happened at this party. Things were changed, and moved around Club Penguin.

Easter Egg Hunt (2006) – Penguins has fun searching for Easter eggs on Club Penguin. Pink bunny ears were given out to penguins who completed the egg hunt.


Cave Opening Party (2006) – The Cave on Club Penguin was opened to all penguins on May 21st.


Summer Party (2006) – Club Penguin’s first summer party took place. Free yellow duckies were given out to penguins on Club Penguin.


Western Party (2006) – The Western Party took place on Club Penguin.


Band Instrument Hunt (2006) – Penguins helped the Club Penguin band find their instruments. Here are the locations of the instruments.

The guitar was on the Ski Lift.

The Cello was in the Ski Lodge under the sofa.

The Big Drum was on a table at the Pizza Parlor.

Cymbal 1 was at the Dock between the inner tubes.

Cymbal 2 was behind the pole on the Mountain.

The Piano was at the Pet Shop by the puffle houses.

The Banjo was at the pool room.


Sports Party (2006) – Club Penguin had a sports party for all you sports fans.

Lightbulb Scavenger Hunt (2006) – The lightbulb for the Light House went missing, and Club Penguin needed you to find the bulbs.


Here’s where the bulbs were located:

The first lightbulb was between the Pet Shop and Pizza Parlor.

The second lightbulb was in the horse at the Lodge Attic.

The third lightbulb was by the speaker in the Night Club.

The fourth lightbulb was by the cart in the Mine.

The fifth lightbulb was at the Mine.

Lighthouse Grand Opening Party (2006) – The Lighthouse had its grand opening, and free hats were given out. You could get the Lighthouse shirt by making a donation of 750 coins.


One Year Anniversary Party (2006) – Club Penguin turned one.


Halloween Party (2006) – Club Penguin celebrates Halloween.


Lime Green Color Party (2006) – Club Penguin celebrates the release of a new color.


Christmas Party (2006) – A huge snow storm rains down tons of snow, leaving Club Penguin in a blanket of snow. Free Santa hats and beards were given away.


Winter Fiesta Party (2007) – The first winter fiesta party in Club Penguin.


This Was The Free Item!

Festival of Snow (2007) – Club Penguin had ice sculptures all around Club Penguin. Free ice crowns and snow shirts were given out.

I Have Many Pictures Of This And Credit To




Notice Rockhopper’s ships there too

Snow Forts

Night Club


Ski Mountain

Get t-shirts to the right

Ski Hill


Saint Patrick’s Day Party (2007) – Club Penguin throws a party for St. Patrick’s Day. Free hats are given to all penguins.


April Fools Day Party (2007) – Club Penguin played tricks, and put boxes all over the island.


Easter Egg Hunt (2007) – Club Penguin celebrates Easter, and had an egg hunt.The Prize Was Blue Bunny Ears.

Pirate Party (2007) – Rockhopper comes and parties with penguins on Club Penguin.

Summer Kickoff Party (2007) – Club Penguin had a summer kickoff party.

Summer Party (2007) – Club Penguin throws a summer party. Ice cream aprons and green sunglasses are given away free.



All images used for Summer Party are from

Summer Member Party(2007) This Was A Party Only For Members At The Cove

Water Party (2007) – The mine on Club Penguin floods, so Club Penguin decides to throw a water party to drain out the water in the mine.


Camping Party (2007) – Club Penguin has a camping party for it’s fellow campers.



Club Penguin’s 100th Newspaper Party (2007) – Club Penguin celebrates for the 100th issue of the Club Penguin Times newspaper.


Fall Fair (2007) – Club Penguin throws a Fall Fair. Penguins earned tickets and then cashed them in for cool prizes.


Second Year Anniversary Party (2007) – Club Penguin turns two.


Halloween Party (2007) – Club Penguin throws a spooky Halloween party.


Western Party (2007) – Club Penguin throws a western styled party.


Coins for Change (2007) – Penguins donated their coins to kids who needed help.


There Were Free Bells Next To The Donating Spot

Christmas Party (2007) – Club Penguin celebrates Christmas. Christmas scarfs, Santa hats, and bells were given out for free.


Winter Fiesta Party (2008) – Club Penguin throws a winter fiesta party.


Underwater Party (2008) – Club Penguin had an underground water party.


Saint Patrick’s Day Party (2008) – Club Penguin celebrates St. Patrick’s Day


All Events


  • Beta Test Party (October 24, 2005)
    • Party Hat (Town)
  • Halloween Party (October 28, 2005)
    • Ghost Costume (Snow Forts)
  • Server Testing Event (December 1, 2005-February 1, 2006)
    • Black Bowtie (Dance Lounge)
    • Black Toque (Ice Rink)
    • Pink Toque (Dock)
    • Red Sunglasses
    • Blue Sunglasses (Mountain)
  • Christmas Party (December 22–25, 2005)
    • Santa Hat (Beach)
    • Christmas Scarf (Snow Forts)


  • Winter Luau 2006 (January 27–30, 2006)
    • Hawaiian Lei (Dock)
  • Valentine’s Day Celebration 2006 (February 14, 2006)
    • Black Bowtie
    • Red Sunglasses
    • Blue Sunglasses
    • Red Tie
  • St. Patrick’s Day Party 2006/Pizza Party (Members only) (March 17, 2006)
    • Chef Hat (Pizza Parlor)
    • Pizza Apron (Pizza Parlor)
    • Shamrock Hat (Dock)
  • April Fool’s Day (March 31, 2006)
    • Red Propeller Cap
  • Mine Party (Members only) (May 25, 2006)
    • Mining Helmet
  • Summer Kickoff Party (known as “Summer party” before the name was changed) (June 13–17, 2006)
    • Yellow Inflatable Duck (Plaza)
    • Orange Water Wings (Dance Club)
    • Life Guard Whistle (Beach)
    • Blue Lei (Dock)
  • Wild West Party (July 7, 2006)
    • Western Bandana
  • Sports Day 2006 (August 15, 2006)
    • Blue Face Paint (Pizza Parlor)
    • Red Face Paint (Coffee Shop)
    • Ice Skates (Snow Forts)
  • Lighthouse Opening (September 27, 2006)
    • Lighthouse T-Shirt (750 coins)
    • Red Toque (Beacon)
  • Club Penguin’s 1st Anniversary (October 24, 2006)
    • 1st Year Anniversary Party Hat (Coffee Shop)
  • Halloween Party (October 27, 2006)
    • Wizard Hat (Snow Forts)
  • Lime Green Party (Members only)
    • Lime Green Cape (Dojo)
    • Lime Green Color (Dojo)
  • Christmas Party (December 22-January 2, 2006–2007)
    • Santa Beard (Plaza)
    • Santa Hat (Snow Forts)
    • Christmas Tree Pin (50 coins)


  • Winter Fiesta (January 19–21, 2007)
    • Maracas (Dance Club)
  • Festival of Snow
    • Ice Crown (Plaza)
    • Snowflake T-Shirt (Mountain)
  • St. Patrick’s Day
    • Shamrock Hat (Dock)
  • April Fool’s Day
    • Funny-Face Glasses (Beach)
    • Blue Propeller Cap (Mine)
  • Pirate Party
    • Sailor Hat (Plaza)
  • Cove Opening (Members only)
    • Lifeguard Whistle (Non Members) (Forest)
    • Life Preserver (Members) (Cove)
  • Summer Kickoff Party
    • Ice Cream Apron (Forest)
    • Blue Hawaiian Lei (Ski Village)
    • Green Inflatable Duck (Cove)
    • Flower Headdress (Beach)
    • Green Sunglasses (Dance Club)
  • Waddle on Water Party
    • Umbrella Hat (Coffee Shop)
    • Blue Water Wings (Plaza)
  • Camp Penguin 2007
    • Marshmallow stick (Cove)
  • Fall Fair 2007
    • Note: All prizes require tickets (At the prize shop) (Plaza)
    • Feathered Tiara (1200 tickets)
    • Circus Pin (100 tickets)
    • Teddy Bear Player Card Background (400 tickets)
    • Cotton Candy (600 tickets)
    • Paddle ball Toy (1500 tickets)
    • Candy Necklace – (700 tickets)
    • Lollipop Candy (Get all the Prizes) (1000 tickets)
  • Club Penguin’s 2nd Anniversary
    • 2nd Anniversary Hat (Book Room)
  • Halloween Party
    • Pumpkin Basket (Snow Forts)
    • Halloween Scarf (Complete the Halloween Candy Hunt)
  • Surprise Party (Western Party)
    • Western Bandanna (Plaza)
  • Christmas Party 2007
    • Santa Hat (Snow Forts)
    • Reindeer Antlers (Dock)
    • Christmas Scarf (Beach)


  • Winter Fiesta Party (January 19-23)
    • Festive Maracas (Dance Club)
  • Save the Migrator Project (February 5-April 5)
    • Mining Helmet (Iceberg)
    • Life Vest (Beach)
  • Sub-Marine Party (February 15-22)
    • Yellow Snorkel (Forest)
    • Seashell Belt (Book Room)
  • St. Patrick’s Day (March 14-18)
    • Gigantic St. Patrick’s Hat (Ski Village)
  • April Fools Day (March 28-April 5)
    • Red Propeller Cap (Ski Village)
    • Swirly Glasses (Cove)
  • Rockhopper and Yarr’s Arrival Party (April 25-28)
    • Sailor Hat (Plaza)
    • Treasure Chest Pin (Ski Village)
    • Red & Black Sailor Shirt (Pirate Catalog)
  • Medieval Party (May 16-25)
    • Squire Tunic (May 16–25) (Dock)
    • Wizard Hat (May 23–25) (Lighthouse)
  • Water Party 2008 (June 13-18)
    • Ice Cream Apron (Plaza)
    • Yellow Inflatable Duck (Cove)
    • Shell Necklace (Beach)
  • Music Jam (July 25-August 10)
    • Maracas (Cove)
    • Music Jam T-shirt (Plaza)
  • Note: The following items for Music Jam 08 are member items (Back Stage)
    • Electric Guitar (975 coins)
    • Bass Guitar (850 coins)
    • Drum Sticks (120 coins)
    • Tuba (600 coins)
    • Bass (750 coins)
    • Drum (550 coins)
    • Headphones (350 coins)
  • Note: The following Music Jam items require 100 or 250 coins and a membership (Snow Forts)
    • V.I.P. Pass (100 coins)
    • Pop Girl T-Shirt (with a flower design) (250 coins)
    • Western T-Shirt (with a cactus design) (250 coins)
    • Carribean T-Shirt (with a palm tree and sun design) (250 coins)
    • Rocker T-Shirt (with a guitar design) (250 coins)
    • Classical T-Shirt (with a music note design) (250 coins)
    • Sparkle Rock T-Shirt (with a sparkle glitter design) (250 coins)
  • The Penguin Games (August 22-27)
    • Blue Face Paint (Pizza Parlor)
    • Red Face Paint (Coffee Shop)
    • Gold Medal (Complete all events)
  • Fall Fair (September 26-October 5)
  • Note: The following items require tickets (At the prize shop) (Forest)
    • Lollipop Candy (1000 tickets)
    • Giant Green Sunglasses (1000 tickets)
    • Feathered Tiara (1200 tickets)
    • Yellow Balloon Pin (100 tickets)
    • Blue Cotton Candy (600 Tickets)
    • Carousel Background (400 Tickets)
    • Paddle Ball (1500 Tickets)
  • Note: The following items require tickets and membership (Arcade Circle)
    • Teddy Bear (2000 Tickets)
    • Giant Yellow Sunglasses (1000 Tickets)
    • Candy Apples (800 Tickets)
  • Club Penguin’s 3rd Anniversary Party (October 24-26)
    • 3rd Anniversary Party Hat (Coffee Shop)
    • Ice Cream Apron (Coffee Shop)
    • 3rd Anniversary Cake Pin (Dance Lounge)
  • Halloween Party 2008 (October 29-November 3))
    • Pumpkin Basket (Snow Forts)
    • Giant Pumpkin Background (Complete scavenger hunt)
    • Lantern (Secret Laboratory)
  • Dig Out The Dojo (After Halloween)
    • Miner’s Helmet (Dojo)
  • Dojo Grand Re-opening (November 14-16)
    • Geta Sandals (Dojo Courtyard)
  • Christmas Party (December 19-25)
    • Santa Hat (Snow Forts)
    • Santa Beard (Ski Village)
    • Gold Bell (Coins for Change)


  • Dance-A-Thon (Members only) (January 15-18)
    • Boombox (Dance Club)
  • Winter Fiesta (January 22-25)
    • Mini Sombrero (Cove)
  • Puffle Party (February 20-25)
    • Puffle Bandana (Cove)
  • St. Patrick’s Day 2009 (March 13-18)
    • Shamrock Hat (Coffee Shop)
    • Accordian (Leprechaun House) (Members only)
  • Penguin Play Awards 2009 (Somewhat members only) (March 20-April 9)
    • Penguin Play Award Trophy (Backstage)
  • April Fools Day (April 1-6) )
    • Blue Propeller cap (Mine)
  • Medieval Party 2009 (May 9-16)
    • Wizard Hat (Lighthouse)
    • Note: The following are for Members Only (Knight’s Quest)
      • Golden Shield
      • Golden Knight’s Helmet
      • Golden Knights Armor
  • Adventure Party (June 12-16)
    • Green Safari Hat (Plaza)
    • Adventure Party Background (complete all events)
    • Tropical Bird (Tree House) (Members only)
  • Music Jam 2009 (July 17–26, 2009)
    • Green Headphones (Cove)
    • Boombox (Night Club Rooftop) (Members Only)
  • Note: The following are items that members can buy at the (Back Stage)
    • Sunburst Guitar (750 coins)
    • Blue Bass Guitar (850 coins)
    • Cowbell (50 coins)
    • Trombone (500 coins)
    • Tuba (600 coins)
    • Double Necked Guitar (1000 coins)
    • Snare Drum (380 coins)
    • Drumsticks (120 coins)
    • Black Electric Guitar (975 coins)
  • Note: The following are items members can buy at the Shirts Rock booth at the (Snow Forts)
    • All Access Pass (50 coins)
    • Pop Girl T-Shirt (with a flower design) (250 coins)
    • Western T-Shirt (with a cactus design) (250 coins)
    • Carribean T-Shirt (with a palm tree and sun design) (250 coins)
    • Rocker T-Shirt (with a guitar design) (250 coins)
    • Classical T-Shirt (with a music note design) (250 coins)
    • Sparkle Rock T-Shirt (with a sparkle glitter design) (250 coins)
  • Festival of Flight 2009 (August 14–20, 2009)
    • Green Propeller Cap (Plaza)
    • Jet Pack (Tallest Mountain) (Members Only)
  • Fall Fair 2009 (September 4–13, 2009)
    • Winged Viking Helmet (Ship Hold)
  • Note: The following are items anyone can buy at the Forest. You need tickets.
    • Feathered Tiara (100 tickets)
    • Cosmic Star Hat (100 tickets)
    • Fair Beacon Background (50 tickets)
    • Cotton Candy Pin (50 tickets)
    • Stripey Hat (150 tickets) Later On in the Fall Fair.
  • Note: The following are items members can buy at the Great Puffle Circus Entrance. You need tickets.
    • Fair Backgound (50 tickets)
    • Ring Master Hat (110 tickets)
    • Ring Master Suit (300 tickets)
    • Mustache (60 tickets) Later on in the Fall Fair
    • Teddy Bear (200 tickets)
    • Circus Tent Igloo (700 Tickets)
    • Snack Stand (300 tickets) Later on in the fall fair.
  • 4th Year Anniversary Party (October 24–25, 2009)
    • 4th Year Party Hat (Coffee Shop)
  • Halloween Party 2009 (October 26-November 1)
    • Pumpkin Antennas (Plaza)
    • Giant Pumpkin Head (Haunted House) (Members Only)
    • Jack O’ Lantern Background (complete all events)
    • Silly Scarecrow Suit (Haunted House) (Members only) (Added on October 30, 2009)
  • Note: The following items can be bought at the Monster Maker catalog in the Secret Lab
    • Ogre Ears (300 coins)
    • Alien Thinking Cap (350 coins)
    • Skeleton (450 coins)
    • Bird Mascot Head (450 coins)
    • Fuzzy Experiment (400 coins)
    • Purple Carapace (330 coins)
    • Big Bad Wool Hooves (200 coins)
    • Bunny Slippers (200 coins)
    • Frankenfeet (220 coins)
  • Fire Party 2009
    • Amulet (Flying Flippers Emporium) (Members Only)
  • Winter Party 2009
    • Blue Pompom Toque (Ski Mountain)
    • Yeti Costume (The Yeti’s Den) (Members Only)
  • Holiday Party 2009 (December 18-December 27, 2009)
    • Candy Cane Hat (Gift Postcard)
    • Santa Hat (Ski Village)
    • Santa Suit (Magic Sleigh Ride) (Members Only)


  • Cave Expedition (January)
    • Miners Helmet (Mine)
    • Amethyst Pin (Mine Cave)
    • Deep Sea Diving Suit (Hidden Lake) (50 coins and Members Only)
    • Coral Reef Background (Underwater) (Members Only)
  • Puffle Party 2010 (February 17-20)
    • Puffle Hat (Plaza)
    • Puffle Jacket (Puffle Show) (Members Only)
  • Penguin Play Awards 2010 (March 1-20)
    • Press Hat
    • Video Camera (Members Only)
    • Penguin Play Award (Members Only)
  • April Fools Party 2010 (April 1-4)
    • Red Propeller Cap (Dock)
    • King Jester Hat (Members Only)
  • Earth Day 2010
    • Straw Gardening Hat (Mine Shack)
    • Leaf Pin (Ski Hill)
    • Recycle Pin (Recycle Hunt)
  • Medieval Party 2010
    • Wizard Hat (Lighthouse)
    • Shield Pin (Cove)
  • Note: The following are for Members Only in the (Knight’s Quest)
    • Staff and Shield
    • Iron Armour
    • Iron Helmet
  • Note: The following are for Members Only in the (Ye Knight’s Quest 2)
    • Noble Horse
    • Toothbrush Pin
    • Dragon’s Gold (Furniture Item)
  • Mission 11
    • Spy Goggles (Inside the Gift from Dot)


  • Each party is unique, as some rooms may not be the same.
  • The Club Penguin Team changed the name “Fall Fair” to “The Fair” in 2009 due to different ways of celebrations.
  • In 2010 for the first time ever, there was no Saint Patricks Day Party. A huge amount of penguins were mad about this. Club Penguin was too busy with the new Puffle Rescue Game and Penguin Play Awards. The same thing also happened to the Easter Egg Hunt.
  • It is possible that there will be an Adventure Party 2010 due to the new Igloo Catolog.

The protest to get the Christmas party, the St. Patrick’s Day party and the Easter Egg Scavenger hunt back has attracted an atonishing large amount of penguins! I’m proud to say I’ve made a large contribution to this protest and there is a tiny, tiny opportunity that Club Penguin might return these parties in the future. In the meantime please don’t ever give up hope, and remember to continue emailing Club Penguin about this. We must keep this amazing event alive.

Waddle on,

-Caitiecat12 P


8 Responses to “Complete Guide, Information and History of CLUB PENGUIN”

  1. rima Says:

    Lol you can update the whole ‘Ninja Myth’ thingy now that its not a myth!

  2. catherine Says:

    Thx. I love ur info cos it’s great!btw, r u a member?

    • caity12 Says:

      Thanks Catherine, it took me a while to write, and maybe is a bit sloppily edited because I did it pretty quickly.
      Yes, I am a member I have been for 2 years now. I still treat every penguin very nicely. Non-members seem to not like members because they say they’re generally mean and stuck up. I am not.

      Waddle on,

  3. catherine Says:

    Ifeel sorry 4 u missing beta tests and all.hope there will be a next time

  4. Jessica Says:

    I hope we see them again.

  5. Xkittenx Says:

    OK i have a glitch
    Wear the green hoodie and NOTHING! else and DANCE!

    • caity12 Says:

      Thanks for letting me know, but I already know this! It’s pretty cool isn’t it! We turn the original Penguin chat blue, which isn’t even available in Club Penguin!

  6. robynn Says:

    great website. i was looking for valintines party ideas and found this. see you sunday.
    buy catiy

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