After 6 Months…Caity12 is Back to With Club Penguin Cheats!!!

I know it’s been a long time. Wowza! I haven’t posted since January 2011, making it 6 whole months!

Basically, I thought I’d give up on my blog. I thought I just couldn’t do it anymore. I also gave up on Club Penguin for a while too. Going to a private college I just didn’t have the time. Now being the holidays, I remembered this blog again. After six months of being forgotten about, six months of believing it was gone forever, I decided I wouldn’t just forget the amazing 250,000+ views. I couldn’t forget all this work I did for all you amazing waddling penguins!

I’d start posting again! So here I am. Starting fresh from the 15th of July 2011 with the best Club Penguin Cheats!

I’ve got alot to post about and we’ve got a lot to look forward to in Club Penguin! ;D

Thankyou to all my siiicko viewers, without you I’d give up!


Fireworks in Club Penguin!!!

Fireworks can now be seen in Club Penguin to celebrate New Years! Here they are at the Ski Hill:

And here they are at the Iceberg!

Wow! What are you doing for New Years?

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Christmas Party 2010 Cheats!!!

The Christmas Party of 2010 in Club Penguin is finally here!

To find the free item available to all penguins go to the Ski Village.

Click yes to pick up the Reindeer Antlers.

To get the member only free item, click on the poster in the town…

…or go to the dance lounge and into the door!

You will then have to deliver 15 presents into chimneys as you pass them!

After, you’ll see a Toy Sack appear! But you must be QUICK and click on it!I already have it so it just comes up with a Well Done sign for me!

Click yes to pick up your free Santa’s Present Bag!

And take a look at this NEW ROOM! With a GIGANTIC CHRISTMAS TREE!

And you throw Christmas Tree Ornaments instead of snowballs!

I really hope this new room will stay after the party is over!

Don’t forget to pick up the free item Rockhopper’s handing out!

Also take a look at his other rare items, the background is even available to all penguins!

So, I am really loving the Christmas Party, are you? And what do you like best?

Waddle on!


Coins For Change 2010 Cheats and Stamps!!!

Coins for Change 2010 has now begun! Rockhopper has even returned to the island to help out with this event!

All over the island, and even in some igloos, you can find Coins for Change collection pots.

When you click on them, you have three causes to choose from.

Build safe places, protect the Earth or provide medical help. I definitely am choosing to protect the Earth; this is the most important. Remember without a good Earth, there would be NO humans, NO life NO nothing. Club Penguin definitely wouldn’t exist.. Anything that has ever happened to us about us has been on this planet. We must take care of our only home, Earth.

You also can choose whether to donate 100, 500, 800 or 5000 coins!

If you donate 100, 500 or 800 coins, you earn the Volunteer stamp.

But if you donate 5000 coins, you earn the Top Volunteer stamp!

I’m going to donate 20,000 coins to help protect and save the Earth.

WOW, just look at all the donated coins pouring into the Lighthouse!

We MUST aim for our goal! Everyone DONATE DONATE DONATE!

And look we can throw coins instead of snowballs at the Beacon!

How much are you going to donate, and to what cause?

The Christmas Party Cheats will be up shortly. (:

Waddle on!


EPF Field Ops Week 27 Task Cheats!!!

Week 26 of the EPF Field-Ops tasks is now here! Below are all the cheats which will help you earn another medal!

1. Answer you Spy Phone which should be ringing and teleport to the EPF Command Room.

2. Click on the yellow Field-Ops screen to the right.

3. Read through the instructions and click ‘Accept Field-Op’ to continue.

We have a clue! After last week’s Field-Operation, strange tire tracks were found leaving the scene.

The hidden tracks led right to the Ski Village. Search there for more enemy signals.

4. Then, go to the Ski Village and walk behind the Tour Guide Booth!

5. Click to answer your Spy Phone which should start ringing.

6. Then you will have to complete the code puzzle! Read through the instructions so you know what to do.

Break the code! Scan symbols to find the right combination!

Green – symbol is correct

Yellow – symbol is in the wron g spot

Red – symbol is wrong

7. Simply find the correct combination by clicking through the different symbols and then “Scan”.

8. Once you find the correct combination, you’ll receive a medal! Click ok to finish!

If you’re a member you can obtain Elite Gear, otherwise you can save it up and earn stamps by doing so!

I have now obtained my complete Tactical Gear outfit! This means I can now do this cool rolling move! Saweet!

Click here to see Field Ops Week 26!

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Click here to see Field Ops Week 11!

Click here to see Field Ops Week 10!

Click here to see Field Ops Week 9!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 8!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 7!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 6!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 5!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 4!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 3!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 2!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 1!

More about Elite Gear and Field Ops!

Waddle on!


New Animated Club Penguin Background!!!

For the first time in Club Penguin’s entire history, an animated background is now available in the December 2010 Penguin Style Catalog!

Here’s what it looks like!

You better get one too! Do you think Club Penguin should have more animated backgrounds?

Waddle on!