EPF Field-Ops Task Week 19 Cheats!!!

Week 19 of our Field Ops tasks is here, meaning this could be your 19th medal! Anyway here’s the cheat:

1. Click on your Spy Phone, which should be ringing and teleport to the EPF Command Room.

2. Once there, click on the yellow Field-Ops screen to the right.

3. Read your instructions carefully and click ‘Accept Field-Ops’ to continue.

Whoever is sabotaging our investigation is very skilled. I’m working on new technology to aid us. However, we need more information. Work together to look for more enemy signals. Check near the ocean.

4. Go to the Beach, and walk over to this area.

5. Answer you Spy Phone, which should now be ringing.

6. Complete the code puzzle! Read through the instructions so you know what to do.

Break the code! Scan symbols to find the right combination!

Green – symbol is correct

Yellow – symbol is in the wron g spot

Red – symbol is wrong

7. Simply find the correct combination by clicking through the different symbols and then “Scan”.

8. Once you find the correct combination, you’ll receive a medal! Click ok to finish!

You can now save it or buy Elite Gear if you’re a member!

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More about Elite Gear and Field Ops!

Waddle on!



Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 CHEATS!!!

The annual Fall Fair for 2010 is now here bringing amazing fun, games, prizes and excitement for penguins all over the island.

Below, I’ll explain how you get prizes and about tickets during the Fair.

How to get Prizes – Earning Tickets

So, to actually get prizes you must play games and earn tickets, located at game booths across the island. When you log in to Club Penguin, you’ll start with zero tickets. Note that when you log out all the ones you’ve earned will be lost.

Below are all the games which you can play and their locations.

1. Memory Card Game – The Beach

2. Ring the Bell – the Dock

3. Puffle Shuffle – the Dock

4. Feed-A-Puffle – The Cove

5. Puffle Paddle – the Forest

There are also more games in the Bonus Games Room, which you can access from the Snow Forts.

6. Balloon Pop – Bonus Games Room

7. Puffle Soaker – Bonus Games Room

Once you have earned enough tickets from these games, you can then go and claim prizes.


There are 2 prize booths located in Club Penguin, one for all penguins and one for members only.

The one for all penguins is located at the Forest.

Here are the prizes all penguins can claim and note that more prizes are to be added soon!

If you’re a member, then you can claim even MORE prizes! Go to ‘The Great Puffle Circus Entrance’ accessable from the Forest to find that booth.

So here are the other prizes for members! Note there are also more to be added still!

So there you have it the Fall Fair Cheats for 2010! If you have any more questions please let me know!

I hope you all enjoy the games, fun and excitement, which all unfortunately ends on the 12th of September.

Waddle on!


New Club Penguin DJ3K Song Upgrades!!!

Club Penguin added 3 new song records for members to play in the DJ3K game at the Night Club! If you waddle into the night club, by the door you can buy game upgrades OR you can click on the icon in the lower right corner! Check out the newest additions…


“House Blend”


After purchasing them, you can use them by selecting one when playing DJ3K!

Waddle on!


Medieval Party 2010 Cheats – Quest 2 Walkthrough

A nice surprise in this year’s edition of the Club Penguin Medieval Party is that there are two different Knight’s Quests that Club Penguin members can do. The first Knight’s Quest is just like last year’s version, but with new prizes. But the second quest is all new and has some fun puzzles and an epic battle with a dangerous “dragon.”

First Challenge

To get started, go to the Underground Pool and enter the gate to the right. You’ll arrive in a room that has an island surrounded by what looks like molten lava but is really hot sauce! The objective for this room is to throw snowballs (use the T key for faster throwing) at the torches that each of the four statues in the corners are holding. It takes three hits to quench each torch, but if you wait too long between throws, the torches will flare up again. Once all four torches are extinguished, you can walk across a stone bridge that appears at the top of the room and enter the next area for the second challenge.

Second Challenge

The next room’s challenge features a slider puzzle. You need to slide the key into the lock. You can move the key in any open direction by clicking on one of the arrows. It will slide all the way until it hits an obstacle. The key and lock positions are different each time you do the puzzle, so there’s no one exact way to solve it. Once you finish the puzzle, it will lift up and you can pass through to the next room.

Third Room

The next room doesn’t have a challenge, but it does have a free item! Walk over the bridges to the right and pick up the free item, which is a Noble Horse. It’s a cute little toy horse made out of cardboard boxes and you can ride it. Once you’ve picked it up, keep going to the right side of the room to the exit. And prepare to enter the Dragon’s Den!

Dragon’s Den

Now you’re in the dragon’s den. You must fight this mighty and…um…electrical powered dragon. Use your snowball throwing skills to fill up the barrel with water. Once it’s full, the light on top of the water cannon will turn green and then you can press it to douse the dragon in water. Repeat this three times and the dragon will break down. Hey, water and electricity don’t mix! Sometimes if it takes too long for you to fill the water barrel, the dragon will breathe fire on the cannon and you’ll have to start over. Once you have defeated this electrodragon, the gate in the upper-left corner will lift and you can proceed into the treasure room.

Dragon’s Treasure Room

The final room on the quest is a very odd treasure room. Of course, there’s lots of gold and treasures all over, but what’s with the giant toothbrush and coffee floating in the hot sauce? Walk all the way to the upper-left corner to get the two free items here. First, there’s a pile of dragon’s gold, which you can get as many times as you want, which is a furniture item for your igloo. Second, there’s a special collectible pin: a toothbrush pin. Grab them both and then exit through the upper-right corner to finish this quest.

Hope you all have as much fun as I’m having at this years Medieval Party! I recommend having a look at the Ski Villiage, Dance Lounge, Ski Lodge, Coffee Shop, Pizza Parlour, Mine and the Ski Hill. They’re all wonderfully decorated, Club Penguin did a really good job. If you have time, try to have a look at all the others places as well.

I will later post pictures of every single decorated place Club Penguin decided to decorate, just in case you missed it.

Waddle on, and have fun, :)


Medieval Party 2010 Cheats – Quest 1 Walkthrough

In this year’s Club Penguin Medieval Party, there are two different Knight’s Quests that you can go on. The first one is very similar to last year’s quest and uses all the same puzzles and activities. But the free item and prizes are different, so even if you finished it last year, you’ll want to give it another try. Here is a walkthrough for the entire quest.

Challenge 1

In the first room, the goal is easy. You just need to light up all five orbs. To light up the orbs, walk onto the platform in front of each one. When all five have been lit, the gate in the back of the room will open and you can proceed to the next challenge.

Challenge 2

The next room has another simple challenge. You need to hit 50 targets in the room with snowballs. You can use the snowball icon on your toolbar, but it’s much faster to throw them using the “T” key. There’s a counter in the bottom right corner of the screen to show you how many you have left. Once all 50 are hit, you can walk through the gate on the left side. Before you leave, make sure you pick up the special free item on the right side of the room; the staff and shield.

Challenge 3

The next challenge is a bit harder. It’s a maze and to solve it you’ll need to know how to decode the symbols that appear on the sign above in the starting room. Use these symbols to navigate the maze in the correct order and you’ll arrive safely in the next room. Before you go, waddle over to the big box, which has a free iron helmet. This is the first part of the full iron suit of armor that you can earn on this quest. After you pick up the armor, walk through the maze in the following order:

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

The Final Room

Once you successfully complete the maze, you’ll end up inside the final room. There’s no challenge here: just a free item! Up at the top of the staircase, you can grab the Iron Armour, which will complete your armor set. You can exit through the door on the right when you’re done.

And that’s it for the first Knight’s Quest. The rooms and challenges are all the same, but you did get a really nice new set of armor. Now you can proceed onto Knight’s Quest 2, which is longer and in my opinion, more fun!

Waddle on and have fun, 🙂


Club Penguin Dance Contest Cheats – Caitiecat12 has OVER 80,000 Coins!!!

That Dance Contest Cheat is great I now have over 80,000 Coins! The only problem is, if everyone knows about it Club Penguin will fix this Cheat/Glitch/or whatever it’s called.:)


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet Cadence, but at least I have heaps of Coins!


How to get More Coins in the Dancing Contest!!!

This is how to get Lots of coins in the Dancing  Contest Game:

Credit to Chewy Pup for the coins cheat.

Money Maker Walkthrough:

1. Click on the Dance Game and when you
are just about to get to it click the house icon.

club penguin cheats

2. You should see this if you did it right, click yes.

club penguin cheats

3. Now play a game and when you are finished go to the main menu.

Then click Quit then Ok repeatedly to earn lots of free coins fast.

club penguin cheats

The more games you play the faster this cheat will work!

Secret Puffle cheat:

Go dancing with the purple puffle to earn more points.

club penguin cheats

Wanna play expert mode in single player?

There is a secret where you have to click DJ Cadence at
the difficulty selection page and you can play in expert mode.

club penguin cheats