Club Penguin’s EPF System Defender Game is HERE!!!

Finally, Club Penguin’s new System Defender game is here, just like Club Penguin had planned on their whiteboard

Click on your Spy Phone firstly to check out your new messages from Gary, the Director and the Unlimate Protobot. *Note that you will not get these messages if you’ve already played System Defender.

Also take a look at the new Tech Elite Gear!

Then, go to the Command Room and walk over to the System Defender screen, located to the left.

Firstly, do the tutorial mode.

Once you complete that, you’ll earn the Ready  for Duty stamp.

Next, click ‘Defend System’ to play the REAL game.

If you successfully defend the system and complete the game, you’ll earn another stamp, the Protobot Attack.

Now, once you’ve completed the game, go to advanced for extra levels! Smooveness! 😀

Remember to take a look at the other stamps you can earn for System Defender.

This game is just like Bloons DT 4! Saweetness!

What do you think of it? Too easy? Too hard? I think I like it. 😀


Card-Jitsu Water Update from Billybob!!!

Hello Penguins!

Some of you told us you were experiencing a lag in Card-Jitsu Water. The team has added a new feature to help you out. Now you can change the graphics level to speed up the gameplay.

Just choose your graphics setting by clicking one of the three circles on the top of your screen. Check it out:


Let us know if that helps!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


Does Card-Jitsu Water work better for you now?


Reviewed by You – Create A Mini-Game!!!

Club Penguin asked us last week for reviewed by you what mini-game we would make if we could. This is what Rolo 23 said:

i would make a game called do – it – yourself and i would put it in the igloos. you can design your own furniture item, and there would be judges. when you have fineshed your item, it would be shown to the judges. if they scored you over 50 points, you get to keep the item for free and it would be put in your inventory! if your score is under 50, you wouldn’t get to keep it. there would be loads of designs to make! waddle on cp! ig.png

This week Club Penguin wants to know what igloo items will help us decorate our igloo for the Christmas season!

Keep it between 50-75 words and if you win, 10,000 coins will be added to your penguin account!

Are you excited for Christmas? 😀

Waddle on!


EPF Field-Ops Task Week 24 Cheats!!!

Week 24 of the EPF Field-Ops tasks is now here! Below are all the cheats which will help you earn another medal!

1. Answer you Spy Phone which should be ringing and teleport to the EPF Command Room.

2. Click on the yellow Field-Ops screen to the right.

3. Read through the instructions and click ‘Accept Field-Op’ to continue.

We’re still on Red Alert! Enemy programs have damaged systems in the Hologram Quaters.

Travel down to the VR HQ, and find the broken hologram panel. Work together to power it up.

4. Then, go to the VR Room and walk to this area.

5. Click to answer your Spy Phone which should start ringing.

6. You will then have to complete the minigame puzzle.

Once you complete the puzzle, you’ll receive another medal!

If you’re a member you can obtain Elite Gear, otherwise you can save it up and earn stamps by doing so!

Click here to see Field Ops Week 23!

Click here to see Field Ops Week 22!

Click here to see Field Ops Week 21!

Click here to see Field Ops Week 20!

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Click here to see Field Ops Week 18!

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Click here to see Field Ops Week 12!

Click here to see Field Ops Week 11!

Click here to see Field Ops Week 10!

Click here to see Field Ops Week 9!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 8!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 7!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 6!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 5!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 4!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 3!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 2!

Click here to see Field-Ops Week 1!

More about Elite Gear and Field Ops!

Waddle on!


Reviewed by You – Favourite Ninja Experience!!!

Last week for reviewed by you, Club Penguin asked what our favourite ninja experience has been. This is what Little Tyke2 said:

I always take my puffles to the hideout to play! they love watching battles, and how the fire warms us up after being in the rain! when we go to the dojo we sit back and watch everyone else, to pick up a few things. we love to watch as fire explodes from the hot sauce bottle! we laugh everytime! When the new Card Jitsu Water comes out, me and my puffle will be some of the first to have a look! we cant wait!
waddle on cp!


With the new Card-Jitsu Water game coming out in 2 days, Club Penguin wants to know if we could create a mini-game, what it would be and where we would put it.

Keep in between 50-75 words and if you’re lucky enough to win, 10,000 coins will be added to your account.

Waddle on!


Card-Jitsu Water Preparations Free Item and Water Scavenger Hunt CHEATS!!!

Card Jitsu Water is almost here, although there is still a lot of water to be collected and construction work to be done.

If you’re a member ninja, you can access the new Card-Jitsu Water room through the Ninja Hideout! Club Penguin still needs our help to construct it though.

A free item is available for all penguins as well as a Water Scavenger Hunt, where we need to help collect water items. Take a look below for the cheats!

Free Item – Bucket Hat

1. To find the Bucket Hat, go to the Snow Forts

2. Waddle over to the pile

3. Then click ‘YES’ to pick it up!

Scavenger Hunt

1. To begin your Scavenger Hunt, click on the icon in the top right corner of your screen.

2. You will then have 8 items to find. Read through the instructions for each one by clicking on the blank spaces.

3. Go to the Stadium for the first one.

4. Then go to the Coffee Shop.

5. Then to the Pet Shop.

6. Then to the Cove.

7. Then to the Book Room.

8. Then go to the Dance Lounge.

9. Next go to the Beach.

10. And for the final Water Scavenger Hunt item, go to the Dojo Courtyard.

11. Then, click ‘Claim Prize’ to receive your free Water Tank background!

Anyway what do you think of the rain! I’m actually really loving it! I wish it would rain more often in Club Penguin!

Waddle  on!