Ruby and the Ruby Returns to Club Penguin’s Stage with NEW PIN!!!

Ruby and the Ruby has yet again returned to Club Penguin’s stage, with fortunately, a NEW pin!

To find the new pin click on the items in the room in this order:

  1. File Cabinet
  2. Lamp
  3. Trash Bin
  4. Book
  5. Plant Vase
  6. Picture on the Wall

Then, behind the picture, you’ll find a safe. Click on that and you’ll find the new pin – the Ruby Brooch!

Here are the Costume Trunk Cheats:

1. Click on the Door Knob to find the Dark Detective’s Coat.

Also, to find a secret background, go to the back page of the Costume Trunk Catalog and drag down the box of writing! Click on the background to receive it!

What do you think of this play? The new pin? I think Club Penguin really needs some NEW play ideas!

Waddle on!



Club Penguin Space Adventure Planet Y Stage Play Returns!!!

Club Penguin’s Stage Play, ‘Space Adventure Planet Y’ has returned to the Stage again!

Unfortunately there are NO cheats in the catalog, although it does feature some pretty nice costumes!

What do you think of this play? Does Club Penguin need new ideas?

Waddle on!


Secrets of the Bamboo Forest Stage Play Returns with NEW Pin!!!

The stage play, Secrets of the Bamboo Forest has yet again returned to the stage, although at least there is something new this time.

To cross the river, we must first find the Gold Feather pin!

Although there are NO cheats in the Costume Trunk catalog, there is a clue on where the pin is hidden!

The Gold Feather pin can be found at the Mine Shack. Once you have it, you’ll be able to cross the river, as a bridge will appear!

So, what do you think of this play? Do you like the pin?

Waddle on!



New Carrot Pin AND Gold Feather Pin!!!

Currently in Club Penguin there are TWO new pins! Why two pins? Well the Stage play, Secrets of the Bamboo Forest came out today, and you need to find a pin to cross the bridge!

Anyway, the first pin is a carrot, found at the Night Club!

I really like this one because it reminds me of the old Club Penguin for some reason. I guess it kind of looks like the pins they used to have!

The other pin is here because of the current stage play, Secrets of the Bamboo Forest. We must find it so we can cross the river in the play.

We are given a clue on the location of it in the Costume Catalog.

It’s a Gold Feather, located at the Mine Shack.

It looks pretty!

And once we collect it, the gold feather symbol lights up and a bridge appears, allowing us to cross the river.

BUT there is nothing on the stool that appears? 😦  Oh well, I guess the Funny Pig and the Monkey King already took it? 😉

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Halloween and other Upcoming Events News!!!

Later this month the Halloween party will be here, and to prepare, the Penguin Style catalog is going to be full of spooky costumes!

We can expect to see spooky, adorable and monterish Halloween costumes in the October issue.

October also hold many surprises in Club Penguin. The 5th Anniversary party will be here on the 24th and the colours of the free party hat are being kept a secret.

Not only that but whether a storm will darken the island or not at this years Halloween party is a mystery. I sure hope there will be one! It’ll bring a lot more fun and ‘spookiness’ to the party!

Below are the other upcoming events for October:

Oct. 1

– New Penguin Style Catalog featuring Halloween costumes!

Oct. 5th

– Cart Surfer Stamps will be added and Black Puffles will also join us in the game!

Oct. 8th

– Secrets of the Bamboo forests returns with a NEW feather!

– New Penguin Mail will be added

– A new pin will be released!

Sounds like October is going to be a really exciting, fun packed and SPOOKY month! Can’t wait, please let me know what you think!

Waddle on!


Fairy Fables Play Returns to the Stage AGAIN and New Postcard!!!

Yet again, Club Penguin’s Fairy Fables play has returned to the Stage.

It doesn’t look too different from previous times, although Club Penguin have added a feature where you can read the story of the play.

You can view that by either clicking on the middle book icon in the lower right corner of the screen, or go to the back of the costume trunk catalogue and click on the book.

Now onto catalogue cheats. Unfortunately there’s only one, but I guess one is better than none.

To find the hidden Silver Wand, click on the radio.

Also, as usual, a postcard has been added to the “featured” section, promoting this play.

What do you think of the play? I think Club Penugin really needs some new ideas for different stage plays!

Waddle on!


Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy & Gamma Girl Returns and New Postcard!!!

Club Penguin’s stage play “Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl” has returned AGAIN!

And, to make matter worse, there aren’t even any cheats in the catalog! Nevermind. The good news is the props and settings are a little bit different!

Also remember to have a go at the Switchbox 3000! The effects are great!

If you’re not sure what the plays about, have a read of the description below:

Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal is a stage play that is about two super-heroes battling with a mutant squid. In the many “sequels” Squidzoid has helpers. These are, in the first, a Gamera-like Turtle, in the second, a giant robot and in the most recent sequel, a huge moth called Melmoth.

Seeing as the plays here, Club Penguin also added a postcard featuring it, so we can invite our friends to join the drama.

Waddle on!