Ski Village Under Construction – Everybody Phoning Facility and Sports Shop at Penguin Stadium!!!

In the new issue of the Penguin Times, they make it official – Sports Shop is closing for good…

…but, the new building there, will be renamed the “Everbody Phoning Facility”. 😉 This is also metioned in Mission 8 of Herbert’s Revenge DS Game.

It’s also official now that the Snow and Sports catalogue will be moving to the Penguin Staduim, beginning tomorrow!

The Everybody Phoning Facility… I wonder how they got that name?

Waddle on!



New EPF HQ Construction in Club Penguin!!!

If you don’t already know, the HQ got exploded with popcorn by Herbert in the last mission and Club Penguin promised a new EPF HQ. Well, today construction has begun in the Ski Villiage! Time for all of us penguins to help out.

Have you seen the crane!? Sometimes you’ll see it lifting things up, but I didn’t get a picture of it when that happened. 😦

First of all if you don’t already have one, you can pick up your free Miner’s Hard Hat here…

…with the Hat you can drill, by dancing with only it on.

Remember to get as much popcorn as you can get in the Ski Villiage…

…the more we eat, the quicker it will disappear. Good work so far though penguins! You can see the reduction of popcorn already! I was really full after I had all that popcorn though!

Looks like the EPF symbol is getting made too!

Also, the sports shop is now officially closed…

…but you can still buy Sports Gear! It’s just an outdoor sale!

To buy things, click on the purple Snow and Sports Catalogue in the lower right corner of your screen!

Can’t wait to see what the new Secret Agent EPF HQ will look like!

Until then, remember to help with the construction and, waddle on!