Club Penguin Play Awards/Oscars Free Item Cheats!!!

The Penguin Play awards have started and will end on the 9th of April. Unfortunately it is a Member Only Party at the Stage, so the non members will not have access, but I am a Member.

The Free Item is located in the Backstage area. You can access it by going to the Stage and walking over to the “EXIT” sign.

The Free Item is a Penguin Award, which the Penguin holds in it’s Flipper.

You can also meet The Band, DJ Cadence, Aunt Arctic, Gary, Sensei and Billybob, which I haven’t unfortunately and I think the main reason is because I live in Australia, and it’s hard to go on, on the right time.




St. Patrick’s Day Party is here with an OLD FREE ITEM!!!

In my opinion, the best annual Party of the year, has finally started,  but unfortunately it has an old FREE ITEM.

To find the Shamrock Hat, go to the Coffee Shop.

Shamrock Hat

At the Forest, you can find the Leprechaun’s Room which is for Members Only. Inside there is a Piano Accordian as the Free Item.

Member Only Free Item

I am really enjoying this Party, and everything is GREEN (if you don’t already know, green’s my favourite colour).

Puffle Party here with a Free Item!!!

The Puffle Party has started and it’s really cool. As promised there is a Place for every Puffle.

Red Puffles:

The Cove

Blue Puffles:

The Forest

Green Puffles:

The Lighthouse Beacon

Yellow Puffles:

The Lighthouse (the Puffle paints a picture of you)

Pink Puffles:


Purple Puffles:

Night Club

Black Puffles:

Underground Pool

The Free Item is a Puffle Bandanna which is located at the Cove.


I really like the Forest, Underground Pool and the Lighthouse!!


Billybob’s Post about the Winter Fiesta!!!

Billybob has a quick post about the Winter Fiesta. This is what is says:

Hello Penguins!

The Fiesta-val is heating up the island and we hope you’re loving the new party!! The team’s made lots of things they hope you’ll find ways to be creative with. Did you see the food stands? Grab the free item?

screenfiesta.jpgLet us know if you’ve found something that’s your favorite at the party! And remember – this Fiesta-val goes until Sunday, January 25, so enjoy!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

What do you like best?


Winter Fiesta here with Free Item!!!

The Winter Fiesta has started, but there is only ONE CHEAT!!!

Well, to find it go to the Cove and walk on the Box. I’m in the picture there, but it’s a bit hard to see me.

Mini Sombrero

Now, you have a New Item – a Mini Sombrero!

Well, I guess this isn’t a major party.


Winter Fiesta 2009 Sneak Peek!!!

Here is a Sneak Peek of the Winter Fiesta starting this Friday the 23rd and ending on the 25th.
Hello Penguins!

We hear from a lot of you that you love the parties in Club Penguin…  And even though the member dance party just finished up, we’ve got another one coming!! The Fiesta Party will warm up Club Penguin from January 23 – 25th, and we hope you’re going to love the decorations and surprises. Here’s a peek of what you’ll see starting this Friday!

Picture 1.jpgLet us know what you think – and what your favorite thing is about Club Penguin parties!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


How to get More Coins in the Dancing Contest!!!

This is how to get Lots of coins in the Dancing  Contest Game:

Credit to Chewy Pup for the coins cheat.

Money Maker Walkthrough:

1. Click on the Dance Game and when you
are just about to get to it click the house icon.

club penguin cheats

2. You should see this if you did it right, click yes.

club penguin cheats

3. Now play a game and when you are finished go to the main menu.

Then click Quit then Ok repeatedly to earn lots of free coins fast.

club penguin cheats

The more games you play the faster this cheat will work!

Secret Puffle cheat:

Go dancing with the purple puffle to earn more points.

club penguin cheats

Wanna play expert mode in single player?

There is a secret where you have to click DJ Cadence at
the difficulty selection page and you can play in expert mode.

club penguin cheats