Herbert’s Revenge DS Game of my Own!!!

I, Caitiecat12, finally have my VERY OWN Herbert’s Revenge DS Game! I previously have been using my cousin’s game, as she got a rom, but I bought the real game! It was on special here in Australia at Target, for $30 (usually $50) and also came with a bonus mini-puffle! Below are some REAL pictures of the game I bought, it’s contents, and the mini-puffle!

The front cover of the game, still in it’s orginal plastic wrapping

The back of the game

The game as well as the puffle and LOOK my writing, it’s really messy here though

The green mini-puffle alone

Inside, it contains the game card (obviously… well you’d hope so anyway), the game instructions, a Wifi instructions booklet, a small Herbert’s Revenge poster and a safety and warnings pamphlet.

Here’s the poster unfolded – I guess it isn’t really much of a poster.

I’ll make a seperate post shortly, showing what the code unlocks online!

I’m VERY happy to have a Herbert’s Revenge DS game of my own! I’m even more happy it was only $30 instead of $50 AND came with a bonus mini green puffle! Already, I’ve completed 6 missions, but remember, I’ve actually completed all of them on my cousin’s rom of Herbert’s Revenge.

Do you have Herbert’s Revenge? You can also view the complete walkthrough by clicking here.

Waddle on!



Club Penguin’s Herbert’s Revenge coming soon in AU and the UK!!!

Very soon, Club Penguin’s EPF Herbert’s Revenge DS Game will be available for purchase in Australia and the UK! Here’s what Billybob’s post says.

Hello Penguins,

I’ve got good news for Elite Agents in the UK and Australia – “Herbert’s Revenge” will be in stores in your regions soon! June 26 for the UK, and July 8 for Australia.

HR Cover.jpg

There’s still lots of other places we’re working to get “Herbert’s Revenge”, so keep checking back for more updates.

Also – we’ve heard lots of feedback on the things you liked about “Herbert’s Revenge”, and what you would improve. We’d love to hear more, so leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Finally me and I’m sure a lot of other penguins in Australia and the UK will be able to buy their own copy of the game! So it’s the 26th of June for the UK and the 8th of July for Australia!

You can view the complete walk through for Herbert’s Revenge by clicking here.

Waddle on!