New “How to Draw a Penguin”, Wallpaper and Poll!!!

Club Penguin have REPLACED their old style how to draw penguins with new ones! I really thought the old penguins were much better. Ok, maybe they didn’t look as… well I don’t know…”modern”, and clear as the new ones, but I really liked them. They remind me so much of the OLD FUN Club Penguin…

Anyway below are the 2 new ones.

Click the image to print.

Click here to print this one.

Click the image to print.

Click here to print this one.

They do look different compared to the old ones…

Also, I have collected other “how to draw a penguin” pages made  by other penguins. You can click on them and print if you want.

Also there’s finally a new Club Penguin wallpaper! All are available in either normal (1280×1024) or widescreen (1280×768) sizes.

Click here to see and get the  normal size one.

Click here to see and get the widescreen one.

Finally, the new community poll asks us who we would like to meet the most. Our choices are Rockhopper, Cadence, Franky and Sensei!

Even though I haven’t met Franky or Sensei yet, I still chose Rockhopper. He’s my FAVOURITE famous penguin!

The results SO FAR show Rockhopper on 32%, Cadence on 26%, Franky on 18%, and Sensei on 24%. Rockhopper sounds most popular, Cadence and Sensei about equal and Franky… well there’s still 18%…lol

Waddle on!