New Club Penguin Postcards and Igloo Music!!!

Club Penguin have added 4 new Christmas themed featured postcards, take a look!

Also, 2 new songs are available in our Igloo Music List; Candy Cane March and Santa’s Mix!

WOW, AM I EXCITED! 😀 What are you most looking forward to?

Waddle on!



New Igloo Music Added!!!

Club Penguin have added more songs to the music list in our igloos! If you’re a member, go to the edit igloo icon in the corner and click on the cassette to view the list of music available for you to play in your igloo. The songs in bold are the new ones.

What do you think of them?

Waddle on!


New Club Penguin Igloo Music List!!!

Today Club Penguin updated the music selection for your igloo! There are three new songs:

1. Knight’s Challenge

2. The Quest

3. Jungle Jangles

Which music do you like the best? I think I’m gonna stick to my old igloo music, which is so old it has been long unavailable!

Waddle On!