Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition 2011 and Brown Puffle Cheats!!!

Club Penguin’s Wilderness Expedition of 2011 is finally here! Sa-weetalicious!

To begin, click on the poster in the town, or simply head straight to the Dock.

Follow the arrows to the Glade.

Walk over here to receive the free item!

The Expedition Hat! Smoooove!

Go to the right to continue and you’ll come across the Wilderness Maze. To get through, follow the paths which have bits and pieces of metal nearby.

Here’s the first path:

The second path:

The third path:

(This looks familar from the January sneak peek of Club Penguin events!)

The fourth:

The fifth:

The sixth:

The seventh:

At the end you’ll reach the Cliff and earn the Path Finder stamp.

Next, you’ll need to solve the Machine Puzzle to continue.

To solve the puzzle do the following:

  1. Plug the electricity cord into the powerpoint.
  2. Click the coffee beans.
  3. Click on the tap on the coffee machine.
  4. Click on the jug.
  5. Click the green button.
  6. Push down the pink and green buttons, then press the yellow and pink and finally the blue and purple buttons.
  7. Push down the blue lever.
  8. Press the piano keys that turn green.
  9. Throw 3 snowballs at the flames to put them out.
  10. Then, play the piano keys again that turn green.
  11. Click on the green button to raise the phone.
  12. Press all the green square buttons in any order.
  13. Pull down the purple and blue levers.
  14. Click to turn the wheel.
  15. Pull down the red lever near the telephone.
  16. Click the hot sause bottle.
  17. Click the water tank.
  18. Click the air vent.
  19. Click the toaster
  20. Throw 4 snowballs at the target.

Once completed a barrel will appear! Walk into it to be lowered to the Shore.

Next you’ll need to build the boat using the parts on the iceberg.

Use the shadows on the boat as a bit of a guie. If should look like this when you’re done.

This is where the journey ends for non-members…

You must purchase and wear a life jacket to sail on the boat across the bay.

You soon reach the bay on the other side where you’ll receive the Out at Sea Stamp.

Enter the Cave and what do you know! An Entire Brown Puffle Cave!

To adopt the brown puffle simply click on the note.

Unfortunately you can only adopt one. I’m calling mine Cocoa. :’)

SAWEET! There you  have it a Brown Puffle! Just like I sais ealier a Brown Puffle would be released at this party!

So what do you think about the Wilderness Expedition? Lots of rooms! Pretty awesome? Like the mazes? Sick fun or lame-o?



Club Penguin Wildnerdess Expedition and EPF Interview News!!!

Previously, Club Penguin had the Mountain Expedition, then the Cave Expedition, but this year we’re going on a Wilderness Expedition! Chyeeeah!

Explorers better get prepared as we plan to navigate the huge uncharted territory on the island.

The trees found on one side of the island are extra tell, presenting intense obstacles and places where things can hide..

Hmm.. some certain Brown Puffle things!

And it’s confirmed that special gear will be available for member to explore more challenging areas.

The Club Penguin Times had a super exclusive interview with the secretive Director of the EPF.

Here are the other upcoming events in Club Penguin!

So what d’ya think of this news? The Wilderness party? The upcoming release of the Brown Puffle? Sounds like smooveness to me.. 😉

Waddle on!


Club Penguin January 2011 Membership Page Update!!!

Club Penguin have updated their members benefit page for January 2011, and some pretty exciting stuff is on the way.

Some January events include:

  • Defend the Elite Penguin Force in a challenging new game. (Sounds a lot to me like the System Defender…)
  • Earn exclusive EPF Gear and technology. (Sounds a lot to me like the Strategist Class..)
  • Join the expedition into unexplored parts of the island. (Must be the Expedition Party.)
  • Find surprises in the wilderness. (Sounds like the Brown Puffle’s release!)

Saweet! I can’t wait. Pity more isn’t available to non-member ae? Let me know what you think! What are you most looking forward to? Chyeeah!


Club Penguin Christmas Party 2010 Cheats!!!

The Christmas Party of 2010 in Club Penguin is finally here!

To find the free item available to all penguins go to the Ski Village.

Click yes to pick up the Reindeer Antlers.

To get the member only free item, click on the poster in the town…

…or go to the dance lounge and into the door!

You will then have to deliver 15 presents into chimneys as you pass them!

After, you’ll see a Toy Sack appear! But you must be QUICK and click on it!I already have it so it just comes up with a Well Done sign for me!

Click yes to pick up your free Santa’s Present Bag!

And take a look at this NEW ROOM! With a GIGANTIC CHRISTMAS TREE!

And you throw Christmas Tree Ornaments instead of snowballs!

I really hope this new room will stay after the party is over!

Don’t forget to pick up the free item Rockhopper’s handing out!

Also take a look at his other rare items, the background is even available to all penguins!

So, I am really loving the Christmas Party, are you? And what do you like best?

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Multiple Santa Suit Bug!!!

Club Penguin have many bugs and glitches around at the moment, but here is just one of them. Most of us now have 2 or even 3 sets of Santa Hats, Santa Suits and Santa Beards!

If we already got the free Santa hat ages ago..

..we also have another one if you bought if from the catalog! So now I have 2 Santa Hats!

Also, if you already have the old Santa Beard item, which was free, it can be found in the Neck Items.

So when you buy the one from the catalog, you have 2, except this one is found in the Face Items section!

WEIRD! I really hope Club Penguin fixes this so we only have 1 of each item! How many santa items do you have now?

Waddle on!


Club Penguin’s Card-Jitsu Water is NOW HERE!!!

Finally, after all our hard work collecting water and constructing the new Water Dojo,  the newest Card-Jitsu path of Water is here!

This is what the new Water Dojo  looks like. It’s a bit disappointing if you ask me!

The Dojo Courtyard will be kept decorated for a little while also!

The Card-Jitsu Water Guide and Walkthrough will be realeased by me soon. Right now I need to train so I can earn my Water gem…

Do you like Card-Jitsu Water? What clothing item are you up to?

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Membership Benefits Update!!!

Club Penguin have updated their membership benefits page again. Most of it is pretty basic and obvious, but if you read it carefully, the one about Field-Ops sounds intersting…

What could this mean? Only members will be able to do Field-Ops – I HOPE NOT!

Waddle on!