Card-Jitsu Water Ninja PROOF!!!

In Club Penguin’s Official Slim Calendar of 2011, the month of November features a Fire-Ninja as well as a Water-Ninja!

It shows on the amulet the Fire Gem and the Water Gem, not the Ice one yet though…

Here’s the front of the calendar…

…as well as the back.

Click here to buy the Calendar from Amazon.

So, could this mean Water Card-Jitsu will be here in November 2010, or will we have to wait until 2011…? I sure hope it will be later THIS year! It might even be released on the 12th of November; MY BIRTHDAY!

Well, whenever this gets released, there still is something to do with the myth and mysteries of becoming a ninja coming out this month! Click here to read more about that.

So do you think Water Card-Jitsu will be here in 2010 or 2011?

Waddle on!




Disney Club Penguin Online Store Updates!!!

Disney have updated Club Penguin’s online store section, and well to be honest it’s quite unorganised.

At first when I saw it, it looked much more organised and easier to find products we’re looking for, although, I soon found out that was NOT true!

For example, try looking for video games, Club Penguin Game Day or Herbert’s Revenge. Instead of simply having  a “Video Games” catergory, you have to go to “Toys”, then “Characters”, THEN “Penguins” only to find a muddle up of assorted games, penguins and Card-Jitsu trading cards!

Also on the side, they show other catergories, but instead of showing Club Penguin items, they advertise other Disney items! D:

On the above are only two examples of the disadvantages for us on the new Club Penguin online store! The list could go on for many more pages! Take a look for youself if you want!

Oh well, I can’t be too fussy I guess. The upside is they sell Club Penugin merchandise! And hopefully soon they’ll change the store again to actually improve it.

Waddle on!