Caitiecat12 Turns 1000 Days Old!!!

Today on the 17th of December 2010, I, Caitiecat12 have turned 1000 days old in the snow covered land of Club Penguin! It’s hard to believe it’s almost been 3 years since I was welcomed and completely new to the virtual wonderland!

What I must say is, when I first started, it was undescribely better than it is now. The Easter Egg Hunt, St Patricks Day and the Christmas party are all gone, basically nothing is left for non-members, the newspaper got updated horribly, there are bugs to be found everywhere around, they removed their old region log in selection, they’ve stopped all cheating programs from working.. the increasing list of defects just does not stop.

I remember my first party, the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt of 2008…


…in which I got these bunny ears from!

And I remember collecting my first pin, the Book!

And I’ve been a member this whole time too, so I’ve paid $197.85 AU… WOW!

So.. to sum up my 1000 days in this virtual world, I’d really do anything to get it back to what it was like, on my very first day in Club Penguin.

Waddle on,


P.S This is just a taste of the disappointing view many Club Penguin players, including I, now have…

There haven’t been any updates the past few days, so I just wanted to put out this post about Club Penguin’s disappointing events lately. The April Fool’s Party has always been one of my favorite parties with all the little box tricks and obscure decorations. That is, until this year. Nearly half of the rooms are undecorated, and the ones that are decorated have barely anything in them! The Town has nothing except the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop are painted to look like the background. The Dojo is undecorated when it usually is changed to a piece of paper with a pencil that penguins can walk all over. The Plaza is completely bare. The Pizza Parlor is kind of nice, it’s a food fight room and you throw food instead of snowballs. But it could use more decor. The Forest is just turned upside down, the Cove looks exactly the same as it did last year, the Snow Forts just has arrows in it, the Iceberg has more arrows and boxes that do the same things they did last year. The Ski Village has boxes that, you guessed it, do the same exact things as last year. The Ski Hill is bare, and the Dock is okay with the painting canvas and paint for snowballs. And the free item is the same as last year. So this year’s April Fool’s Party is a huge flop. The next thing is the Easter Egg Hunt. Today is Easter, and there’s no egg hunt like there always is. Why not? Dunno, but it was always a nice thing to have. So this is a pretty big disappointment too. Really Club Penguin, step it up. I understand Club Penguin is now part of Disney, a huge corporation and franchise, and has to focus on making more money, but to do that they have to crank out content that keeps getting better and better. That’s not happening, it’s going the opposite way in my opinion. Penguins who haven’t been playing as long as I have (which is over 3 years), might not understand this, but many do. If anything, becoming part of a corporation should motivate Club Penguin to do a better job. Seriously, they need to start taking the initiative to only settle for improvements, not equality. Parties should improve over the years, not get worse. I hope this gets something stirring in readers’ minds, and I know that I’m not alone with this viewpoint.


~Lorenzo Bean


New Pin – O’ Berry and I met Spq96!!!

The New Pin is a O’ Berry, which is located on the Iceberg.

O' Berry

In other News, I met Spq96 on Club Penguin a couple of days ago and that’s freaky, because a few seconds earlier I was on his blog (which is Here are some pictures:

Me and spq96

First I met him,

spq96 with my sisters penguin

then, my sister met him too.


Mimo777’s Party Clue Answers!!! (December 2008)

Here are the Answers to Mimo777’s Party Clues.





DATE: not given yet





DATE: not given yet


Mimo777’s Party Clue Answers!!! (December 2008)

Here are the answers to Mimo777’s Party Clue:




LOCATIONS: POOL, (2 other locations haven’t figured them out yet)

DATE:         (not yet given)




LOCATION: POOL, (2 other locations haven’t figured them out yet)

DATE: (not yet given)


Mimo777’s Club Penguin Party Clue Answers!!! (December 2008)

Here are the answers to Mimo777’s Club Penguin Party Clues Number 1 and 2.


Then go to the end of the post, and when you spell out all the capital letters, it spells “CLUE“!! D And since it says “…from behind the clouds.”, the Mimo Party Place should be at the server Rainbow, since the clue refers to the song “Dear God” by Jonas Brothers because at the end of the blog, if you spell the words backwards, it says “itsajonasbrotherssong“!!

2. From the last 2-3 lines, the clue is about the Party Time and there are 12 shoes on Clearance, which are on that page, so the party time is 11.00 CPTZ since 12-1=11!! This is because, at the end of Mimo777’s blog, there is a line of words, that says “how many total shoes are there“, so you have to count the number of shoes!!

Blog  Owner,


Mimo777’s First Party Clue!!! (DECEMBER 2008)

If you know Mimo777, well he is having another Party, and he released his first Clue today. Here is the Clue:


I’m listening to a CooL song right now, yoU might want to listEn to it. It goes “…from behind the Clouds.” Sweet song, yeah.


Well I know it’s a Clue by looking at the CAPITAL LETTERS. The answer to this clue is either Dojo or Iceberg.


Mimo777’s Party 3rd Clue

Mimo777 now has released his third Clue for his Party. Please try to work them out yourself by using the hints before you look at the bottom of my hints. Here are some hints on figuring all of his clues out:

1. This is so Weird:

Well this is the Sever Clue if you have not worked this Clue out yet here’s some hints.

  1. The picture is of a movie not a magazine.
  2. The movie is Co_l Run___g.

So the sever is _o_ S__d.

2. htam

This is the Room Clue, here’s some hints.

  1. The picture is from something from Club Penguin.
  2. The “something” is a thing you use to navigate around.
  3. The numbers represent something as well.

So the rooms are

  1. _O__
  2. ___O
  3. __E__R_

3. Hmmm. Pretty Strange for a Club Penguin Cheat Site

Ok. This is the Time Clue.. Hints?!?! lol..ok

  1. To work this out you need to know the Secret Agent code.
  2. Remind you of the Club Penguin Clock????

Anyway the Time of Mimo777’s Party is _:10pm CPTZ

I hope this helps heaps and if you think this helped you please I beg you leave a comment 😦