Reviewed by You – EPF Technology & Puffles!!!

Over the years we’ve heard of so many different puffle species rumours. If you’ve made your way far into Club Penguin’s wilderness, you’ve probably discovered the new Brown Puffle!

These new puffles really seem to enjoy inventing gadgets and new technology!


Anyway, last week for reviewed by you, Club Penguin asked us what new EPF gear we need and this is what Maui8 said:

I think it would be cool if we had a pair of glasses to see through walls and caves and big piles of snow, a shirt to make us completely invisible, or maybe a hat that can fly us around. Waddle on CP!

This week for reviewed by you, Club Penguin want to know what experiments we’re conducting with our Brown Puffles. Keep it between 50-75 words and if your review gets picked, 10,000 coins will be added to your account!

Sa-weet! Brown puffles do appear extremely smart! So what are you and YOUR puffle getting up to? 😉



Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition 2011 and Brown Puffle Cheats!!!

Club Penguin’s Wilderness Expedition of 2011 is finally here! Sa-weetalicious!

To begin, click on the poster in the town, or simply head straight to the Dock.

Follow the arrows to the Glade.

Walk over here to receive the free item!

The Expedition Hat! Smoooove!

Go to the right to continue and you’ll come across the Wilderness Maze. To get through, follow the paths which have bits and pieces of metal nearby.

Here’s the first path:

The second path:

The third path:

(This looks familar from the January sneak peek of Club Penguin events!)

The fourth:

The fifth:

The sixth:

The seventh:

At the end you’ll reach the Cliff and earn the Path Finder stamp.

Next, you’ll need to solve the Machine Puzzle to continue.

To solve the puzzle do the following:

  1. Plug the electricity cord into the powerpoint.
  2. Click the coffee beans.
  3. Click on the tap on the coffee machine.
  4. Click on the jug.
  5. Click the green button.
  6. Push down the pink and green buttons, then press the yellow and pink and finally the blue and purple buttons.
  7. Push down the blue lever.
  8. Press the piano keys that turn green.
  9. Throw 3 snowballs at the flames to put them out.
  10. Then, play the piano keys again that turn green.
  11. Click on the green button to raise the phone.
  12. Press all the green square buttons in any order.
  13. Pull down the purple and blue levers.
  14. Click to turn the wheel.
  15. Pull down the red lever near the telephone.
  16. Click the hot sause bottle.
  17. Click the water tank.
  18. Click the air vent.
  19. Click the toaster
  20. Throw 4 snowballs at the target.

Once completed a barrel will appear! Walk into it to be lowered to the Shore.

Next you’ll need to build the boat using the parts on the iceberg.

Use the shadows on the boat as a bit of a guie. If should look like this when you’re done.

This is where the journey ends for non-members…

You must purchase and wear a life jacket to sail on the boat across the bay.

You soon reach the bay on the other side where you’ll receive the Out at Sea Stamp.

Enter the Cave and what do you know! An Entire Brown Puffle Cave!

To adopt the brown puffle simply click on the note.

Unfortunately you can only adopt one. I’m calling mine Cocoa. :’)

SAWEET! There you  have it a Brown Puffle! Just like I sais ealier a Brown Puffle would be released at this party!

So what do you think about the Wilderness Expedition? Lots of rooms! Pretty awesome? Like the mazes? Sick fun or lame-o?


Take Your Black Puffle to Cart Surfer by Billybob!!!

As you may or may not already know, you can now take your black puffles with you when playing Cart Surfer! Here’s what Billybob had to say about it!

Hello Penguins!

Some of you may have noticed a new page in your Stamp Books today… full of Cart Surfer stamps to earn! You’ll need to bring your black puffle with you to collect all the stamps. Let us know what you think of the new stamps in the comments!

We’ve already seen tons of you hanging out in the Mine with your black puffles. Very cool Halloween outfits, by the way. You guys are very creative!

Oct. 5 Blog Image.jpg

In other news… there’s a Halloween Igloo Contest coming soon! Screenhog will have more info on that later this week. Keep an eye out for that.

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Have you started decorating your igloo already? Have you got your halloween costumes ready yet? What does it look like? Please let me know!

Waddle on!


Cart Surfer Black Puffle Update and Stamps Added!!!

Finally Black Puffles are allowed to accompany us in Club Penguin’s Cart Surfer game!

Not only is that the only Cart Surfer update, stamps have also been added for the game!

There are now a total of 195 stamps that we can earn! I’ll have the cheats for those as soon as possible.

So, what do you think of having our black puffles in the game? They don’t do much do they?

Also, how many stamps have you earned?

Waddle on!


New Black Elite Puffle Wallpaper!!!

Finally a new background has been added to Club Penguin’s community! This time it’s featuring an black Elite Penguin Force puffle!

Click here to see all of the Club Penguin Wallpapers!

What do you think of this one? Are you going to make it your new wallpaper?

Waddle on!


Reviewed by You – Gaming Puffles!!!

Club Penguin last week asked us to write about what games we thought our puffles would like to take part in too, and this is the amazing review sent in by Njse2:

Maybe in sled racing black could make no snow for the others, white could make ice for you,orange could eat obstacles, blue could hit opponents with snowballs, red could do stunts, yellow could paint arrows to help, green could save you from falling, pink could dig holes, and purple could dance the snowramps after you. That would be cool!


That would be cool! I love how Njse2 included every colour of puffle, great thinking!

This week, Club Penguin is wondering what’s the most epic sports moment we’ve every had!

I think my most epic sports moment would have to be the sled race between my buddies! Boy, that was intense!

You simply leave a comment, by clicking here, and keep your response between 50-75 words. If your entry is lucky enough to be chosen as the best, 10,000 coins will get added to your penguin account!

Waddle on!


Reviewed by You – Favourite Fall Fair Game!!!

A lot of penguins had a huge amount of fun at the Fall Fair, so Club Penguin asked what one we liked the best! This is what Bob 27 said:

Well,my favortie Fair game is Puffle Paddle. It’s super fun to see those puffles fly up and down! I also enjoy the Ballon Pop. But the best games are the ones I play with friends! Like a popcorn fight! Or hide and seek. Either way I love the Fair!


Thanks Bob 27! That was great!

Seeing as there has been so many penguins flying in Jet Pack Adventure with their Green Puffles, Club Penguin is wondering what other games we think our puffles like!

Post your answer as a comment here, keep it in between 50-75 words and if you’re lucky enough to win, 10,000 coins will get added to your penguin’s account!

Waddle on!


ell,my favortie Fair game is Puffle Paddle. It’s super fun to see those puffles fly up and down! I also enjoy the Ballon Pop. But the best games are the ones I play with friends! Like a popcorn fight! Or hide and seek. Either way I love the Fair!