Coins for Change and Christmas News!!!

Penguins all over the island are earning coins for Club Penguin’s annual Coins for change. Last year we managed to donate over 3.5 million coins to special causes.

Some unusual pipes have been found at the Beach. Although we don’t know what these are for yet, we do know this event will be big as Rockhopper is on his way!

The Deck the Halls contest is now on! You can enter your Christmas-y decorated igloo into this contest from the 10th-12th of December. The new Better Igloos catalog is full of fun festive furniture which will help you make the most of your creative skills.

20 Grand Prize Winners will receive:

  • 50,000 coins
  • Their names and igloos shown in the Club Penguin Times


20 Runner-Up Winners will receive:

  • 25,000 coins
  • Their names shown in the Club Penguin Times

Here are the other Upcoming Events in Club Penguin:

What are you most looking forward to?! The return of Rockhopper, the Christmas party, Coins for Change? Let me know!

Waddle on!



Rockhopper Returning for the Christmas Party 2010!!!

Rockhopper is yet again, returning to the island of Club Penguin to be here for the Christmas Party and Coins for Change! If you go to the Beacon, you can already see he is on his way!

And he’s getting closer!

If you look closely, his ship the Migrator is decorated for Chirstmas!

Are you excited? I hope he has a NEW free background to give out!

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Is OVER!!!

Unfortunately all the fun, games and excitement of the Fall Fair has finished for this year, even Rockhopper has departed.

His migrator still can be seen sailing away from Club Penguin, back to his home of Rockhopper Island.

I guess we’ll all be looking looking forward to next year’s Fall Fair! Until then let’s enjoy the fun events and changes to come in the world of Club Penguin.

Waddle on!


New Fall Fair Stamps Cheats and Postcard!!!

Club Penguin have added more event stamps, so now there’s a total of 165 stamps we can earn! They’ve added Snack Shack and Target Champion.

Snack Shack

To earn this stamp, serve food using any food emoticon at any food shack found across the island. You can find those food shacks at the Plaza, Cove, Dock and Mountain.

When you receive it, you’ll see a notification of it in the top right corner of your screen.

Target Champion

To earn this stamp, you must feed 50 puffles in the ‘Feed-A-Puffle’ game during the Fall Fair.

When you receive it, you’ll see a notification of it in the top right corner of your screen.

Now is also our first chance to earn the Rockhopper stamp! If we are in the same room as him we earn the stamp!

Club Penguin also added a postcard featuring the Fall Fair that we can send to our buddies!

It’s called ‘Bring Your Puffle’.

Remember, postcards cost 10 coins to send.

I hope your enjoying the Fall Fair of 2010, which all ends on the 12th.

See the links below for cheats.

Fall Fair 2010 Cheats!

Rockhopper Free Items Cheat!

Rockhopper Finding Guide 2010!

Waddle on!


Rockhopper Arrives for the Fall Fair 2010!!!

Rockhopper has arrived on Club Penguin, just in time for the Fall Fair! He’s brought with him some decorations and magical items for us penguins too!

To see the items he brang, firstly go into the Migrator’s hold.

Next click on the old map-looking catalog on the lower right corner of the screen.

Then, you’ll be able to see the items he brang this time. The Magician’s Top hat is available for all penguins, but the others are restricted to members only.

So Rockhopper will be waddling the island, playing games and having fun with his pet puffle Yarr and ofcourse us penguins too! Please let me know if you find  him!

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 CHEATS!!!

The annual Fall Fair for 2010 is now here bringing amazing fun, games, prizes and excitement for penguins all over the island.

Below, I’ll explain how you get prizes and about tickets during the Fair.

How to get Prizes – Earning Tickets

So, to actually get prizes you must play games and earn tickets, located at game booths across the island. When you log in to Club Penguin, you’ll start with zero tickets. Note that when you log out all the ones you’ve earned will be lost.

Below are all the games which you can play and their locations.

1. Memory Card Game – The Beach

2. Ring the Bell – the Dock

3. Puffle Shuffle – the Dock

4. Feed-A-Puffle – The Cove

5. Puffle Paddle – the Forest

There are also more games in the Bonus Games Room, which you can access from the Snow Forts.

6. Balloon Pop – Bonus Games Room

7. Puffle Soaker – Bonus Games Room

Once you have earned enough tickets from these games, you can then go and claim prizes.


There are 2 prize booths located in Club Penguin, one for all penguins and one for members only.

The one for all penguins is located at the Forest.

Here are the prizes all penguins can claim and note that more prizes are to be added soon!

If you’re a member, then you can claim even MORE prizes! Go to ‘The Great Puffle Circus Entrance’ accessable from the Forest to find that booth.

So here are the other prizes for members! Note there are also more to be added still!

So there you have it the Fall Fair Cheats for 2010! If you have any more questions please let me know!

I hope you all enjoy the games, fun and excitement, which all unfortunately ends on the 12th of September.

Waddle on!


Rockhopper Getting Closer to Club Penguin!!!

Rockhopper is now FAIRly close to the island of Club Penguin!

Looks like hi ship the Migrator is full of fun and decorations for the Fall Fair, which begins on the 3rd of September. I wonder what items he’ll bring and what he and his pet puffle Yarr will get up to this time…

Waddle on!