Rockhopper’s BIG Tree Changes AGAIN!!!

A while ago, Rockhopper bought with him to the island of Club Penguin various plants from where he lives, Rockhopper Island. We could purchase them and put them in our igloos, of course members only though. Periodically, the plants change, but recently, the BIG tree which Rockhopper bought with has been changing its looks very often! Maybe it likes the music from the Music Jam, that might be helping it grow! Not that long ago, it had yummy fruit and grew an extra branch. You can click on the links below to view the pictures!

Now, the tree has lost all of it’s fruit and the leaves have gone an orange colour!

Click here to see the most recent branch which has grown on the tree!

Click here to see the yummy fruit it produced!

Be sure to collect all the free items and purchase musical instruments if you’re a member from the Music Jam 2010! All the island jamming ends on the 18th!

Waddle on!



Rockhopper’s BIG Tree Grows BIGGER!!!

Today I noticed a NEW branch is growing on the large tree Rockhopper bought to the island of Club Penguin sometime ago. Here’s what it looks like now!

I wonder how much more it’s gonna grow! AND how much more yummy fruit it’s gonna produce!

Click here to see what it looked like before!

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Community Tree and Rockhopper’s Plants GROW!!!

If you haven’t already noticed our large Community Tree in Club Penguin has grown bigger!

Oh no! There were weeds growing there too, but I got out my shovel and dug them out! 🙂

Rockhopper’s plants which he bought with him a while ago have also changed! The large tree has yummy purple and orange fruit on it!

The flower plant, well, has NO flower any more! I hope another pretty one will bloom next season!

Click Here to see what the plants looked like before!

Remember to keep watering our tree and garden for yummy vegetables! Also pull out weeds if you can!

Waddle on!


Rockhopper’s Plants and Community Garden Tree Grow!!!

At Rockhopper’s last visit, he bought along quite a few plants. They often change appearance, and they have again! Unfortunately, I only bought the large tree, and below’s what it looks like now.

Click Here to see what the tree looked like before.

It’s much bigger and lush! Thanks Kittycatty21, we had heaps of fun together!

Also, if you haven’t already noticed, the community garden tree has grown bigger as well!

We gotta keep watering it so it grows REALLY big!

Not only the tree me and my friend Kittycatty21 watered, but also the garden!

Remember to water the community garden and the big tree whenever you can! Can’t wait to see it grow even bigger!

Waddle on!


Rockhopper’s Giant tree is growing Leaves again!!!

Rockhopper’s tree which previously lost it’s leaves (I thought because it was deciduous) has now got leaves on again!

In these pictures below, it’s a bit hard to see the tree…

…so I moved the tree in this one below, so you could maybe see it better.

Please let me know if you have one of these trees, bought back by Rockhopper originally from Rockhopper’s Island.

Waddle on!