Club Penguin Party Stamps by Billybob!!!

Hello Penguins!

Your Coins For Change donations are quickly filling up the Lighthouse – nice work, everyone!

Some of you have been asking which Stamps you can earn at the party. Generous penguins who give to Coins For Change can earn the Volunteer Stamp and the Top Volunteer Stamp. Which Stamp you get depends on how much you donate.

cfc2.jpg cfc1.jpg

Remember, if you don’t get a chance to get the Stamps this time – they will return at a later party. Every party has two Stamps you can earn.

In other news, have you noticed you can earn an Activity Stamp on the Ice Rink?  Check your Stamp Book for more details.

What other kinds of Stamps would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on December 22 2010 12:16



New Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Stamps!!!

Club Penguin have now added stamps for Card-Jitsu, Card-Jitsu Fire and Card-Jitsu Water! Unfortunately though, if you already are a ninja or fire ninja, some of the stamps will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to earn. I have already emailed Club Penguin about this but feel free to also email them.

Card-Jitsu Stamps:

Card-Jitsu Fire Stamps:

Card-Jitsu Water Stamps!

Well, we better gert out and start earning them! How many stamps do you have? I’ve only got 117 out of 227!

Waddle on!


Card-Jitsu Water Preparations Stamp Cheats!!!

Along with the preparations of Card-Jitsu Water, three new Events Stamps have been added in Club Penguin for us to collect! They include the Sensei, Construction and Explorer stamps! Take a look below for the cheats on how to earn them!

Sensei Stamp

1. Be in the same room as Sensei and you’ll receive this stamp!


1. Wear your Jackhammer and nothing else.

2. Find an area under construction during a party. For example now, go to one of the water pipes.

3. Dance to drill and receive the stamp!


Member Only Stamp

1. Waddle around and explore every single room decorated for a party! During the Card-Jitsu Water preparations party, to earn this stamp you must go to the following locations:

  • Boiler Room
  • Cave Mine
  • Dock
  • Dojo Courtyard
  • Forest
  • Hidden Lake
  • Mine
  • Ninja Hideout
  • Plaza
  • Snow Forts
  • Town
  • Underground Pool
  • Water Card-Jitsu Construction Room

In the meantime, we better all be working hard together to help with the construction of Card-Jitsu Water! Remember, all the fun begins on the 25th of November! Please let me know what you think!

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010 Stamp Cheats!!!

Two new party stamps have been added for us to collect, at the Halloween Party of 2010. They are the Monster Mash and Scavenger Hunt stamps! Below are the cheats on how to earn each one.

Monster Mash

1. Dress up in one of the following monster outfit combinations at the Halloween Party!

  • – Bee Antennae and Bee Costume
  • – Blizzard Wizzard Hat and Blizzard Robes
  • – Cleo Headress and Cleo Dress
  • – Faery Wig and Faery Costume
  • – Frankenpenguin Hat and Frankenpenguin Costume
  • – Frankenpenguin Head and Frankenpenguin Costume
  • – Ghost Costume
  • – Mummy Costume
  • – Pharaoh Headdress and Pharaoh Costume
  • – Rad Scientist Wig and Rad Scientist Costume
  • – Skeleton
  • – The Count and The Count’s Costume
  • – The Lady Frankenpenguin and Lady Frankenpenguin’s Dress
  • – Witch’s Hat and Witch’s Costume

Scavenger Hunt

1. Complete the candy Scavenger Hunt to earn this stamp! Click here for the cheats on how to finish the Candy Scavenger Hunt!

Also, the Halloween party is our first chance of earning the Gary stamp!

He should be appearing around Club Penguin at random times!

Click here for the Complete Halloween Party 2010 Walkthrough!

Click here for the Halloween Member Only Dark Chamber Walkthrough!

Waddle on!


Halloween Party 2010 Free Item and Scavenger Hunt CHEATS!!!

The Halloween Party of 2010 is finally here! It’s time for all those trick-or-treaters’ and spooky penguins to come out and have fun! Here are all the cheats from where to find the free items and how to finish the scavenger hunt.

Free Items

To find the Purple Bat Wings, go to the Plaza. Luckily this is available to all penguins.

Member Only

If you are a member, you can go to the Forest and enter the Dark Chamber and the Haunted House!

Haunted House

Go to the Haunted House to pick up the Ghost Costume!

Dark Chamber

Click here for the cheats on how to complete the Dark Chamber!

In the second room of the Dark Chamber, you can find the Storm Lantern!

Finish the Dark Chamber to receive the Pile O’ Candy. You can collect this as many times as you want!

Click here for cheats on how to complete the maze.

Also, click on the catalogue for more spooky Halloween outfits!

The monster maker catalog!

Scavenger Hunt

To begin the Scavenger Hunt, click on the pumpkin icon, next to the moderator icon!

You clues will then pop up.

Clue 1: The hunt begins you’re on your way, start searching where the starfish lay.

1. Go to the Beach to get the first candy.

Clue 2: This next one’s hidden out of sight, overlooking a snowball fight.

2. Go to the Snow Forts to receive the second piece of candy.

Clue 3: To find the next hidden delight, go far away near glowing light.

3. Go to the Iceberg for the third piece of candy.

Clue 4:Through monster costumes you must dig. This one will make you flip your wig.

4. Go to the Gift Shop for the fourth candy piece.

Clue 5: Now try to find a cheesy scent, then search a spooky instrument.

5. Go to the Pizza Parlour, to fin the fifth candy piece near the organ.

Clue 6: You’ll find the candy you’ll adore, where a ninja shadow was before.

6. Go to the Ski Lodge, and click at the top of the fireplace to receive the sixth piece of candy.

Clue 7:A which has used this candy to improve the flavour of  the brew…

7. Go to the Plaza and click on the candy in the cauldron to receive the seventh piece!

Clue 8:The last one’s hidden near the smile, of the largest pumpkin of the isle.

8. For the final piece of candy, go to the Beacon.WOAH LOOK AT THE LIGHTNING!

Once you have all the candy, click ‘Claim Prize’.

You’ll then receive the Candy Forest Path background!

Also, the Halloween party is our first chance of earning the Gary stamp!

He should be appearing around Club Penguin at random times!

Click here to see the Dark Chamber Walkthrough!

Click here to see the Halloween Party Stamps Cheats!

So what do you think of this party? What about the storm!? Please let me know. I’m loving every single minute of it anyway!

Waddle on!