Unfortunately, Club Penguin IS going to be educational. When I first found out about this, I was simply devasted. I’ve had enough of school and all the work, and when I finish that work I go on Club Penguin to have fun and relax with my buddies. I was also devasted when I was accused of being a liar, trying to make people not like Club Penguin or something. I can assure you this is unfortunately TRUE though. Take a look at this article about Club Penguin in a UK newspaper I found online…

Credits completely to Microchip123, you’re awesome 🙂

Honestly I do believe Club Penguin will NOT get a positive response from this. I know that MANY penguins aren’t happy about this, we MUST stand up for ourselves. I talked to many famous CP cheat blog owners and they hate the idea just like me.

All I can think of that we can do to stop them is sending protesting emails about this. Please strongly tell them that you DON’T want Club Penguin to be educational! REMEMBER writing anything in protest is better than nothing.

The end of my Club Penguin days may be in sight… please help me stop Club Penguin ruining what was the best site ever. We can’t let this go through. I’m really begging for your help. I may even give out another free Club Penguin membership.

Waddle on…


Below is a guideline of what you could send in to them. This is actually what I wrote. You can copy this, and send it into Club Penguin BUT YOU MUST SAY THAT I WROTE IT AND YOU AGREE. Something like “this was sent in by Caitiecat12, and I am in protest with her. I strongly am against you making Club Penguin like this!”

“Dear Club Penguin Support,

I hear the lastest top gossip for most Club Penguin followers is that you’re going educational. This was in an article about Club Penguin in a UK newspaper I heard, and I did read it too. I am another one of those MANY penguins in protest of making Club Penguin into a “school”. I have enough work from school and I go on Club Penguin to have fun, and take a break from all this. I always thought Club Penguin was a place where we “Waddle around and meet friends” – a place where we have fun and relax with buddies, NOT WORK! I am devasted to hear that. Especially because I’m a dedicated Club Penguin fan. I’ve been a member for 2 years and I’ve had a Club Penguin blog for even longer. I STRONGLY am against this I am begging you not to ruin your site anymore since Disney bought it. I really love(d) Club Penguin and its fun, but this might just have to be the end of my Club Penguin days and I can promise you I’m DEFINATELY not the only one…

Waddle on…:(

Their reply was…

"Hi Caitiecat12,  

Thanks for writing in. We always appreciate receiving feedback and suggestions from our fellow penguin buddies!  

I understand you've heard the news that Club Penguin is going to have some new educational features on it in the future. While we haven't received too much information about this yet, I can confirm that what Lane Merrifield said is correct. However, I would like to assure you that we are always going to keep things around the island fun and exciting for all of our feathered friends no matter what changes are made.  

With that being said, I will certainly pass along your feedback for consideration. Please know that your voice has been heard.  

In the meantime, make sure to keep an eye on the "What's New" blog for more information about this and other new exciting things taking place around the island: 

Aunt Arctic also releases a new edition of the "Club Penguin Times Newspaper" every Wednesday for all penguins to enjoy. These are two great resources for penguins to stay in touch with what is happening in the community. 

In other news, did you have a chance to check out the Music Jam that recently took place on the site? If so, what did you think of this rockin' event so far?  

Please feel free to email us at anytime if you have any further questions, comments, or suggestions. We are always here to help!  


Club Penguin Support  "


Thanks everyone for working together, trying to make Club Penguin stop! Every one of you deserves a thanks!

I have started a petition, and everyone who wants Club Penguin NOT to become educational, like a school, please kindly leave your penguin’s name in a comment and I will add you to the petition list…


1. Caitiecat12

2. Caity Cat12

3. Bullistcat

4. Kuputchi57

5. Littlecitty3

6. Pungie3

7. Caity1221

8. Subarus Rok

9. Mimitchi6

10. Violetchi9

11. Kittycatty21

12. Xkittenx

13. Xpurplex1234

14. Carsie

15. Pindrops1

16. Johnny Woof

17. Sammybrownio

18. Redfox29

19. Skyblueguy99

20. Maria66780

21. Jboy2407

22. May