Club Penguin FREE Coins Gift in Parent Newsletter!!!

Seeing as parents of penguins have been asking what’s going on in the snow covered island of Club Penguin, they decided to send a periodic newsletter just to inform our parents!

If you or your parents havent received an email yet, you should soon. It talks about what’s going on in December and about Coins for Change. BUT the coolest thing is, EVERYONE GETS A FREE 500 COINS GIFT!

The code which EVERYONE can use to get 500 coins is:


Just like that! A free 500 coins present! Thanks Club Penguin, but really, that won’t go far.. :/What do you think of it?

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Club Penguin Treasure Book Series 11 Cheats!!!

As you know, Club Penguin has finally released the Series 11 Treasure book and now the glitch is gone, so you are able to actually view it. Click here to view the new Treasure Book! Sadly, there is only one cheat to the new Club Penguin Treasure Book.

Here’s how to get the Green Recycling T-Shirt:

1. Go to the second page
2. Click the lighthouse in the top-right corner

Despite there only being one exclusive, I really like the new exclusives. What do you think of the Club Penguin Series 11 Treasure Book? Leave a comment and let me know!

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Club Penguin Treasure Book Series 10 Cheats!!!

Club Penguin has just released their 10th treasure book, filled with many new items! This treasure book is unlockable with any Series 10 toy, puffle, or igloo playset.

The first page of the treasure book has two Jester Items, the Court Jester Hat and the Court Jester Outfit.

Page 2 contains Seasonal Items  for Winter, such as the Christmas Tree Outfit and Reindeer Outfit. (already!? It’s not even October yet!)

Page 3 contains some winter/fall themed items (pajamas and hat) as well as Ballet Items.

Page 4 contains sports items for Team Blue and Team Red, including new ones that were recently released at the Soccer Arena earlier this week for members.

Page 5 has more sports items, for Team Green and Team Yellow.

Page 6 contains seven brand new exclusive items. They include:

-The Sunny
-Blue Cotton Scarf
-Red Polka Dot Dress
-Silver Aviators
-Aqua Hipster Hat
-Leather Pilots Jacket
-Green Untied Sneakers
Page 7 has the super exclusives.
Page 8 is puffles, and page 9 is 500 coins. Unfortunately, there are NO hidden items!

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Herbert’s Revenge DS Game of my Own!!!

I, Caitiecat12, finally have my VERY OWN Herbert’s Revenge DS Game! I previously have been using my cousin’s game, as she got a rom, but I bought the real game! It was on special here in Australia at Target, for $30 (usually $50) and also came with a bonus mini-puffle! Below are some REAL pictures of the game I bought, it’s contents, and the mini-puffle!

The front cover of the game, still in it’s orginal plastic wrapping

The back of the game

The game as well as the puffle and LOOK my writing, it’s really messy here though

The green mini-puffle alone

Inside, it contains the game card (obviously… well you’d hope so anyway), the game instructions, a Wifi instructions booklet, a small Herbert’s Revenge poster and a safety and warnings pamphlet.

Here’s the poster unfolded – I guess it isn’t really much of a poster.

I’ll make a seperate post shortly, showing what the code unlocks online!

I’m VERY happy to have a Herbert’s Revenge DS game of my own! I’m even more happy it was only $30 instead of $50 AND came with a bonus mini green puffle! Already, I’ve completed 6 missions, but remember, I’ve actually completed all of them on my cousin’s rom of Herbert’s Revenge.

Do you have Herbert’s Revenge? You can also view the complete walkthrough by clicking here.

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New Club Penguin Times Stamp News!!!

The new Stamps on Club Penguin will arrive July 27!

Below is the article from the Club Penguin Times, as well as instructions on how we earn them.


There’s a buzz around the island about something brand new for penguins. The Club Penguin Times caught up with an extreme penguin who is excited to earn stamps! “Yeah, Stamps! It’ll be awesome for everyone to show the cool stuff we can do. We need a place to  record our rad skills, and that’s what Stamps are! Starting July 27, everyone gets a Stamp Book. We can start collecting them and then show them off to friends.”

He went on to say there are stamps for doing things with buddies, for activities and for game skills too. “There are even stamps for doing cool things like filling up your igloo! I can’t wait!”

For more details about how to start collecting stamps, see the “How To” article on the nex page…


Open your player card, (and other penguin player cards) and you’ll see . Click it to see the Stamp Book.

Inside the book, there are spots where stamps go. Move your mouse over each spot for instructions. Members can customise their books!

Earn stamps by doing activities, taking part in events and playing games. Your friends and puffles can help you to earn some too.

As you collect the, your book will fill up. When other players click  on YOUR player card, they can see all you’ve done. It all starts July 27!

WOW! I can’t wait! Others will now be able to see what pins I’ve collected! And I’ll be able to find old pins which some penguins have collected.

I already know I have got at least one stamp! I’ve filled my igloo with 99 items – the maximum amount!

Anyway… lets just take a quick look at the other upcoming events!

Please let me know what you think!

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Club Penguin Series 9 Treasure Book Cheats!!!

Club Penguin has just released the new Treasure Book on Club Penguin, the Series 9 Treasure Book! I was really disappointed since most of the items are a repeat, but there are still new items!

First go to page 1 and click on the Cheerleaders beak:

Then click on shadow guy’s gamma ray:

Next click on the wizards top of the wand:

And finally click on the eye of the lobster:

If anyone knows a FREE Club Penguin Toy Code Generator that WORKS, PLEASE let me know! 🙂

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New Club Penguin 4″ Puffle Toys – Series #5

Club Penguin Puffles are perfect for any bedroom or backpack, a puffles’ preferred habitats. Filled with a soft beanie center and covered with fun hair to smooth or style.

Below are the new Series #5 4″ Club Penguin puffle toys.

Club Penguin 4” White Pet Puffle – Series #5

Our gentle and strong little bushy-haired White Pet Puffle loves to skate.

Club Penguin 4” Red Pet Puffle – Series #5

This adventurous, bushy-haired Red Pet Puffle is looking for some excitement and hugs.

Club Penguin 4” Purple Pet Puffle – Series #5

This happy, bushy-haired Purple Pet Puffle is ready to dance and celebrate.

Club Penguin 4” Pink Pet Puffle – Series #5

This cheerful, bushy-haired Pink Pet Puffle loves nothing better than to jump!

Club Penguin 4” Yellow Pet Puffle – Series #5

Bright-eyed and bushy-haired, the Yellow Pet Puffle is wide-awake and ready for fun.

Club Penguin 4” Blue Pet Puffle – Series #5

This loyal, bushy-haired Blue Pet Puffle likes nothing more than playing ball.

Club Penguin 4” Black Pet Puffle – Series #5

This strong, skateboard-loving bushy-haired Black Pet Puffle is looking ready to play.

Club Penguin 4” Orange Pet Puffle – Series #5

This excitable, bushy-haired Orange Pet Puffle is looking for some nice hugs.

Club Penguin 4” Green Pet Puffle – Series #5

This playful, bushy-haired Green Pet Puffle loves clowning around.

If you want to buy any Club Penguin Toys, please CLICK HERE.

Just thought I’d add Club Penguin’s official Puffle video, that was available on their site around February 2010, before the Puffle party.

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