Famous Penguin Finding Guides 2010!!!

Meeting famous penguins on Club Penguin is a great feeling, but is usually very hard to do. This page is designed entirely to help you learn about who they are and how to find them.

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About Famous Penguins

Famous Penguin Finding Guides



First of all here’s a list of  all famous special penguins OWNED by Club Penguin. (Click one to be directed to the section)



Aunt Arctic

Gary the Gadget Guy


The Penguin Band


About Rockhopper

Captain Rockhopper (commonly known as Rockhopper) is a friendly pirate penguin who regularly sails to Club Penguin in his ship, the Migrator, about every two months or so. He is always accompanied by his red puffle, Yarr. His ship is always docked at the Beach. He keeps a journal of his adventures, and sells rare items brought over from Rockhopper Island. When he comes to Club Penguin Island, he gives away a free item and sells other items to members in the Rockhopper’s Rare Items catalog. Penguins can sometimes see Rockhopper in random places in random servers when he lands on Club Penguin Island. Players can receive a free gift from Rockhopper by clicking what is usually the “Add Buddy” icon on his player card. Rockhopper is named after the actual species of penguin, the Southern Rockhopper Penguin  – which are located close to Australia, where I live!

Also, Rockhopper’s Island is rumoured to actually be Christmas island – near Australia too! Click here to read more about that!



About Cadence

Cadence, also known as DJ K-Dance or DJ Cadence is a local Club Penguin DJ and a great dancer. She is a peach-colored penguin who has purple hair with pink tufts, green headphones, a pink and yellow scarf, a pair of pink and yellow wristbands, black eyelashes, along with black and white shoes. She seems to be very polite. She does not have any body items, however. Cadence and others like to think of her as a cool penguin, usually indicated by the hip attire and the way she speaks.


Aunt Arctic

About Aunt Arctic

Aunt Arctic is the news reporter and editor-in-chief for the newspaper on Club Penguin Island, the Penguin Times. She is responsible for keeping all penguins around the island informed about the weekly news. She is such a skillful writer that she even has her own advice column, “Ask Aunt Arctic,” where she makes it her duty to answer any troubling questions her fellow penguins might have. Any penguin can submit his or her question to Aunt Arctic for a chance at submission. She is a key character in Mission #1, in which she had lost her green and purple puffles that needed to be returned. She owned a purple puffle before they were available in the Pet Shop.

Only recently, are we able to meet her. She hasn’t appeared much to us, but when penguins did meet her, they described her as “very gentle” and “such a kind penguin”.


Gary the Gadget Guy

About Gary

Gary the Gadget Guy (more formally known as Agent G) is Club Penguin’s only inventor and scientist and also the owner of the now destroyed Sport Shop. He likes wearing a white lab coat and his special twisted spectacles, and enjoys eating Fish Dish Pizza, Cheese pizza, and a combination of icing, sugar, hot sauce, jelly beans, and Fish Pizza. He is almost always seen drinking Coffee. It is rumored that fine-tuning the coffee machine to play music while the coffee was brewing was one of his first projects. It’s not known how Gary has his eyes. In an issue of The Penguin Times his eyes appear like Sensei’s, but smaller.
In Club Penguin Times issue 200, it was mentioned that Gary will make an appearance at the Festival of Flight 2009, and in the section “In Focus: A Waddle Down Memory Lane”, Gary was quoting the quote at the top of the page. When the Volcano created a gigantic cloud across Club Penguin during October 2009, Gary said the Cloud might just create a Storm just in time for the Halloween Party 2009, and said he might have to investigate this Storm.



About Sensei

Sensei, formerly known as ?????? (before the Card-Jitsu game and Dojo Courtyard were released), is a penguin that first appeared when the Dojo got severely damaged by lightning, claiming to have returned from “a long journey”. He used to be seen at the Dojo Exterior, but now he can be found inside the Dojo, sitting on the cushion next to the variable-colour pot. He has the color Gray, which is not currently available to players and appears to be a very old Penguin. He has a small white beard (he is possibly related to Rockhopper), thick white eyebrows, and a traditional Chinese conical straw hat. He was seen digging out the Dojo as ??????.

He later revealed he would launch a card game for training Ninjas, known as “Card Jitsu”. His name was revealed to be “Sensei” or the Japanese word for ‘teacher’, implying he is the ninja trainer. Apparently, he said that came over from far away to return, which means he has been to Club Penguin before. He presently is handing out Starter Packs in the Dojo to players training to become ninjas. He also awards penguins colored belts for their progress in Card Jitsu. Also, once players get a black belt, Sensei can be challenged and if one wins, they become a true Ninja. Sensei will always pick the opposite card of what you pick, unless you are a black belt.

On July 3 to July 5 2009, Ninjas were able to meet Sensei at the Ninja Hideout, and teach them a new trick (a cloud maker). The award for finding him is an autographed background. He was also seen during the Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt, teaching ninjas about the upcoming event. He also visited the Fire Dojo and Ninja Hideout on Friday 20 November 2009.

Sensei’s player card before we knew who he was.


Sensei’s player card.


Sensei’s Card-Jitsu Fire player card.


The Penguin Band

About the Penguin Band

The Penguin Band is Club Penguin‘s most popular and official band. It is made up of four penguins, G Billy, Petey K, Stompin’ Bob, and Franky. There once was a scavenger hunt when penguins had to find the Band’s instruments. Once players found the instruments, their penguin was rewarded with a player card background featuring the band. Another background was given out during the Music Jam party when the band went on break. Like Rockhopper, the band members can be seen sometimes during certain parties, on random servers signing autographed backgrounds and talking to penguins. They are the only official band known in Club Penguin.

Stomping Bob

Stompin Bob

G Billy


Petey K

Petey K



Here are the other famous penguins. They may own Club Penguin blogs, or be developers of Club Penguin.


Famous Penguin Background IDs for Penguin Storm! 😉

Gary’s Background ID:9007

Penguin Band’s Background ID:996

Aunt Arctic’s Background:9021

Cadence’s Old Background ID:9015

Cadence’s New Background ID:9065

The Chances to get Banned are 5% and The Chances to not get banned are 95%


Now that you know those famous penguins, have a look at the finding guides. Click on the Penguin you want, you WON’T get linked to another page, just directed to that section on THIS page!

Famous Penguin Guides

Rockhopper Finding Guide

Cadence Finding Guide

The Penguin Band Finding Guide

Sensei Finding Guide

Rockhopper Finding Guide

When Rockhopper comes to Club Penguin he is usually quite hard to find. Because I’ve found him 6 times I’ll give you some very useful tips and ideas of where to find Rockhopper.



First of all you must check if Rockhopper is Online or Offline. To do this go to the login page, type Rockhopper as the User and any Password over 5 characters (under 5 characters is to short).

If it says Incorrect Password he is most likely Online so continue searching.

If it says Banned Forever he is most likely Offline so you should stop searching and try again later.

Step 2. Ok If he’s Online, look for a sever that has lots of Penguins on that usually doesn’t. If you find a sever that is like that, I recommend looking there. If not I recommend going on a highly populated sever for example, ones that are full most of the time. DO NOT TRY EVERY SEVER BECAUSE IT’S A WASTE OF TIME!

Step 3. Look at other Penguins Player Cards to see if lots of them have Rockhoppers Special Background. If quite afew of them do go to Step 4.

Step 4. Rooms to look in are rooms that can hold a lot of Penguins, not like the Ski Mountain. Rockhopper is usually in the Migrator (his Ship) so check there first. Be sure to check the Captain’s Quarters. If he is not there, check all of these places: the Beach, the Dock, the Cove, the Plaza, the Pizza Parlour, the Iceberg and the Night Club.

Step 5. Ofcourse if it’s 1:00am-6:00am in the morning he’s probably not on, but because different places have different times, try an Australian sever if you happen to be on the computer at this time in the USA.

Once you’ve found him

Usually when you find him there is a HUGE crowd around him. But usually you can see him in the middle of the crowd. He has a LARGE Captains Hat and he is also Red in colour. Also other Penguins around him seem to change to the colour Red and dress up in Captain or Sailor clothes.

Rockhopper’s Player Card looks like this:

1. Click on the Add Buddy button to get a Free Gift.

2. Click on the Home button to go to his home, which is the Migrator.

3. Click on the Send Postcard button send Rockhopper a Postcard.

Hope this helps you find Rockhopper. If you have seen him, or need some more tips please post a comment. I’ll be more than happy to give more tips if you want!

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DJ Cadence Finding Guide

I have found Cadence MANY times, and I hope this will help you find her too!

1. She appears during parties and usually goes in member only rooms such as the Night Club Rooftop, Backstage and the Casa Fiesta room! Although I have seen her in the Town and Dock.

2. Look for severs with 5 or 4 bars. These severs have more penguins on and Cadence usually goes on these. Although, I have found her on a sever, which only had 3 bars when I logged in.

3. Severs such as Mammoth, Avalanche, Sparkle, Abominable, Yeti, Yukon and Alaska are often chosen to go on by Cadence. I suggest you check these, but of course she goes on other severs too.

4. While on the rooftop I saw several penguins saying – ” Get off the metal”, “Don’t stand or dance on the metal” which they thought would reduce their chances of meeting Cadence. And, it wouldn’t reduce your chance to meet Cadence if you stand on the metal.

5. If you’re in a crowded room, and think Cadence might be there, just click on “Show Buddies” and then click on ” Users in the room” and you will find Cadence besides a smiley.

6. To quickly get the background given by Cadence also just click on “Show Buddies” and then click on ” Users in the room”. Then click on the box icon, which replaces the usual “Add Buddy” feature.

7. Chat boxes with people continuously trying to help each other find Cadence are VERY helpful. Often they do tell the truth, unlike trackers (unless of course the trackers use bots and can tell when and where Cadence is as soon as she logs in).

8. If a room is full, keep trying to get in, although I can not be guaranteed Cadence will be in there or not. Try having a look at what penguins who come out of the room are saying.

I really hope you too will find Cadence, like I have! Now, during her July 2010 visit, she’s giving away a NEW signed background! Here’s what it looks like!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get her old background, but here’s an enlarged picture of it anyway!


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The Penguin Band Finding Guide

Penguin band.png

By “The Penguin Band” I mean the band members. I don’t think you can find all four members in the same room at once!

1. The Penguin Band is usually found only in exclusive rooms. Although, that is not always the case. So check those rooms first, then maybe the Town, Dock, Iceberg and the Pizza Parlour. The Penguin Band members LOVE pizza!

2. The Penguin Band goes on the most popular servers on Club Penguin, especially during peak hours of the day. Some of Penguin Band’s favorite servers are Mammoth, Frozen, Blizzard, Abominable, Fjord, and Sleet. I suggest you check these servers first.

3. Since the Penguin Band is always crowded, it can get difficult to find them. In this case, use the users in room list in the bottom right of your toolbar. The list is alphabetised. Scroll down and look for the username Stompin’ Bob, Franky, etc.

4. If a room is full, keep trying to get in. It’s better if you do, although I can’t guarantee they will be in there or not.

5. The Penguin Band can go on more than one server at a time, BUT THIS IS QUITE RARE! Sometimes the Penguin Band is a robot, sometimes there is an actual Club Penguin employee, and occasionally the Penguin Band is logged in as a robot, AND an employee on two different servers. You can find the Penguin Band in more than one server.

I don’t think they’re giving out a new background at this Music Jam 2010. Here’s a pictures of their old one:

The ID for their background is 996. – Penguin Storm

Sensei Finding Guide

~under construction-more coming soon~


Really hope this helped you. Do you like the internal links? I think they’re AMAZING! I can make things more organised and easier for others!

Waddle on!



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