Club Penguin’s New Elite Gear Tech Class!!!

Hello Penguins!

This message is classified. Important EPF information to follow.


Good job, Agents! We’ve seen lots of you protecting the island with System Defender.

Many Agents have also joined the new Tech Class. Remember – you can trade badges for gear in your phone. Agents earn badges by completing Field-Ops.

In other news, have you noticed your phone’s new communication app? Keep watch for important messages from G!

Now that Elite Gear has been released for the Tactical, Comm and Tech classes, we want to hear from you. Which EPF Class do you belong to and why?

Let us know in the comments!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


The new Tech Gear is sweet! So, which class do YOU belong to yeah? How many spare medals do you have up your sleeve too?



Club Penguin’s EPF System Defender Game is HERE!!!

Finally, Club Penguin’s new System Defender game is here, just like Club Penguin had planned on their whiteboard

Click on your Spy Phone firstly to check out your new messages from Gary, the Director and the Unlimate Protobot. *Note that you will not get these messages if you’ve already played System Defender.

Also take a look at the new Tech Elite Gear!

Then, go to the Command Room and walk over to the System Defender screen, located to the left.

Firstly, do the tutorial mode.

Once you complete that, you’ll earn the Ready  for Duty stamp.

Next, click ‘Defend System’ to play the REAL game.

If you successfully defend the system and complete the game, you’ll earn another stamp, the Protobot Attack.

Now, once you’ve completed the game, go to advanced for extra levels! Smooveness! 😀

Remember to take a look at the other stamps you can earn for System Defender.

This game is just like Bloons DT 4! Saweetness!

What do you think of it? Too easy? Too hard? I think I like it. 😀


New Club Penguin Sleeping Bag Pin Cheat!!!

The newest pin of Club Penguin is a sleeping bag! To find it, head over to the Coffee Shop.

Click yes to pick it up!

And what do ya know? You have the latest pin of Club Penguin! Sa-weet!

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Wildnerdess Expedition and EPF Interview News!!!

Previously, Club Penguin had the Mountain Expedition, then the Cave Expedition, but this year we’re going on a Wilderness Expedition! Chyeeeah!

Explorers better get prepared as we plan to navigate the huge uncharted territory on the island.

The trees found on one side of the island are extra tell, presenting intense obstacles and places where things can hide..

Hmm.. some certain Brown Puffle things!

And it’s confirmed that special gear will be available for member to explore more challenging areas.

The Club Penguin Times had a super exclusive interview with the secretive Director of the EPF.

Here are the other upcoming events in Club Penguin!

So what d’ya think of this news? The Wilderness party? The upcoming release of the Brown Puffle? Sounds like smooveness to me.. 😉

Waddle on!


New Club Penguin Snow & Sports Catalog Jan Cheats!!!

Club Penguin has just released a brand new Snow and Sports Catalog at the Stadium, the first one of 2011.

BUT… Sadly, there are cheats in this catalog and I hope Club Penguin puts more hidden items in this catalog in the future. Do you agree?

Waddle on!


Better Igloos Catalog January/February 2011 Cheats!!!

The Better Igloos catalogue for January and February 2011 is here! Below are all the cheats on fiding the special hidden items!

First cheat is to click the tops of the Snow Fortress Wall for the Small Rock. (120 coins)

Second cheat is to click the top of the Snow Tree for the Icicles. (150 coins)

Third cheat is to click the gas button on the Shiny Red Stone for the Dream Catcher. (250 coins)

Old Cheats

Fourth cheat is to click the Coins for Change logo on the Coins For Change Donation Station for the Holiday Lights. (30 coins)

Fifth cheat is to click the start on top of the Holiday Tree for the Holiday Bells. (100 coins)

Sixth cheat is to click the lamp hanging from the candy cane for the Leaning Tree. (250 coins)

Seventh cheat is to click the wood in the Wood Stove for the Icicle Lights. (75 coins)

Eighth cheat is to click the word “Scarf” of the Orange Scarf Snowman for the Fireplace. (900 coins)

Ninth cheat is to click the bird on top of the Santa Hat Snowman for the Wrought Iron Lamp Post. (600 coins)

Tenth cheat is to click the top of the Iron Chandelier for the Knight Ice Sculpture. (900 coins)

Eleventh cheat is to click the bell of the Grandfather Clock for the Ornate Mirror. (680 coins)

Twelfth cheat is to click the bottom of the Perched Puffle Statue for the HD TV. (1000 coins)

Thirteenth cheat is to click the second bead on the Crystal Bead for the Pipe Organ. (600 coins)

Fourteenth cheat is to click the O in Jack-O-Lanterns for the Cauldron. (630 coins)

Fifteenth cheat is to click the Plasma Ball for the Creepy Cottage Cut-out. (700 coins)

That’s the Better Igloos catalogue cheats for January and February!

So what do yo think of the new items? Pretty saweet ae? Not too many new items though. 😦

Waddle on!


Reviewed by You – Island’s Greatest Threat!!!

Last week for reviewed by you, Club Penguin asked us what we think the biggest threat to the island’s peace it and this is what Alyssajane88 said:

Most of the problems we solve in the Field Ops are to do with technology. I believe that the robots have something to do with it. Like the recent field op how it wanted to steal parts from the Aqua Grabber. Maybe it wanted to upgrade its self. I say we keep an eye out for anything unusual…

Hmm… you might be on to something…

Please note: the rest of this message is for EPF Agents only.

Good work, Agents – the call for new recruits seems to be working. We’ve seen lots of you meeting in the Command Room:


This week for reviewed by you, Club Penguin wants to know what new technology does the EPF need to develop next?

If you’re lucky enough to get chosen you’ll get 10,000 coins added to your penguin account. Remember to keep your review between 50-75 words though.

Hmm.. maybe something that will allow us to do new missions. Missions like the PSA had..

Waddle on!