Tamagotchi Version 5.5/Celebrity Cheats and Codes

Go to the link below  for all the Tamagotchi Version 5.5/Celebrity Codes. This is great because they are absolutely free!  To make it easier I suggest you don’t type in the login code every time because you don’t need to. You just get the same code no matter what login code you put in.




27 Responses to “Tamagotchi Version 5.5/Celebrity Cheats and Codes”

  1. amiee Says:

    I would like to know more about tamagotchi version 5.5

  2. Natalie Says:

    this is a cool cheat for v5.5 only! you go to connection (the heart!) then go to that sighn that saids SPECIAL and press it and put these numbers in 19085 76987 it a cool as cheat! and the item is in rare.

  3. Kaelynn Says:

    huh??????????? i thought it was cp. as in club penguin.
    dang it :~p :~[

  4. LaLa Says:

    That password is not a secret one it is a tulip and the secret code comes from the intruction manual. OOOO not so secret now is it.

  5. TamaCatChiyama Says:

    lol it not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : (

    • Honey Says:

      Yeah it’s not working plus it’s the tulip. The one on the instruction sheet is the tulip aswell. So what is the secret password??? To get more passwords go to http://www.tamagotchiconnections.com to get more passwords. I can never find version 5.5 instruction sheets on the net only version 5

  6. kailie Says:

    i like that when you use the tulip a viloettchi comes and watches

  7. Katie Says:

    Can someone please help. I bought my kids ver 5.5 tamagotchis and they want me to show them how they work. How do i get more food and get other things with the passwords? i got the tulip with that code but how do i do other things?
    Need desperate tamagotchi lessons here please

    • annonymous Says:

      this is an awesome site. you can get just about everything there is to get on v5.5
      select the heart, then pc. type in the login code. (it changes almost every time, but you don’t need to change it on the site. the logout code will be the same.

  8. KittyKatz09 Says:

    This are the best cheats that i have ever recieved so far thanx!!!!!

  9. KOOOOOL Says:


  10. egg_tart Says:

    natilie, thx 4 the tulip! its awsome!!

  11. The Masked Bandit Says:

    Thank you so much for the cheats! It has made my life a whole lot easier!

  12. christy Says:

    THANKS! the cheats were awsome! 🙂 ah i feel so rich now

  13. YOMAMA Says:

    who noes the password for the mirror or busciut

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