Top 5 Hiding Places in Club Penguin for Hide and Seek

Ever been playing Hide and Seek on Club Penguin and been looking for a REALLY good place to hide? Well taking a look at this page might help.

These are the top hiding places in Club Penguin, and they get better as you read on!

1. In front of one of the trees just above the Chat Bar at the Cove.

Tip: If you see a bit of your clothes are keeping out the sides of the trees, remove them!

2. Behind the bags of grain in the Pizza Parlour.

Tip: Turn brown and sit with your back to the screen.

3. Infront of the tall chairs at the Stage (in the lower right or left corner).

Tip: Sit down on the chair. This will make you lower and completely hidden behind the chair.

4. Above the question mark in your Chat Bar at the Town.

Tip: If part of your penguin or your name is still visible, keep walking back and forth behind the snow there until you are completely hidden.

5. Under the box or table in the lower left corner in the Ski Lodge Attic.

I hope you have fun playing hide and seek with your friends and win, now that you have some great hiding spots!

Waddle on!



41 Responses to “Top 5 Hiding Places in Club Penguin for Hide and Seek”

  1. cwcp123 Says:


  2. mumble9954 Says:


  3. Cassy Says:

    clubpenguin rules

    • teddyellen Says:

      yoyo look out for me on clubpenguin
      they call me the puffle meister coz i have so many

      peace out peeps
      waddle on!

    • Gertrude peeas inapool Says:

      My real name is Gertrude Peeas Inapool but my clubpenguin name is Ramonedgoopy. You can find me in polar bear server at the coffee shop at 12:00 every monday or thursday. Sometimes i am not on….

    • pony2010 Says:

      i no club penguin rules

  4. Tuxedo00 Says:

    OMG this is awesome!
    I have one too
    It is in the puffle store,
    in the GIANT puffle bed,
    behind the map

    I USE IT ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!☺

  5. banana2468 Says:

    wick man

  6. lavenderblossom Says:

    Broiler Room, accessible thru one of the speakers in the Night Club and the underground swimming pool, when you click the green door of the broiler room

  7. kim Says:

    i have one in the pet shop to the left bottom were the wooden houses are

  8. Suzie Says:

    I’ve got an even better one (probably about the same as those, those are brilliant,) behind the map in the coffee shop or any other place you can walk behind it 😛

  9. halie Says:

    wow cool ive had so much fun but i want the ds game for the hidden place for the hq well its still fun on cp and rockhopper is coming at the fair tommorow but idk whick server and the hidden place is at hq

  10. banana man Says:

    me n my mate luv to plat hide n seek now u gave us hiding places

  11. jpw Says:

    you are so helpful! before i looked it up, i was wandering around the whole island looking for the tools.

  12. Alyassa1 Says:

    I Have One Its Place after underground pool!

  13. Person who commented Says:

    I have one! Go to the Ice Rink/Stadium and go all the way to the bottem center!

  14. TheInvincible Man Says:

    i have one go to play a game and never stop till the boy/girl penguin serenders.

  15. Geox14 Says:

    i hide in the forest in one of the two trees by the stairs to the cove

  16. foofi123 Says:

    thx great help D:

  17. victoria Says:

    i play hide and seek all the time and theses r some great tips :)) thx

  18. foofi Says:

    thank you u saved my life

  19. jessycowboy1 Says:

    hi thxs for the help meet u on the server big surf at the night club upstairs

  20. Dddd87128 Says:

    It totally work and rocks!

  21. nathan Says:

    does any one now if a club penguin code give you free membership.

    • Candanceyuko Says:

      No they don’t give free membership. I asked them,but they said that they don’t hand out free membership. I don’t even mind. I’m still getting membership from my aunt. Just 6 days left then I have my membership now!!! Hehe! 😛

  22. lego1928 Says:

    i play ‘hide and go seek’ with my freind Taffy2431 and these are great

  23. one other Says:

    i know another one in recycling plant at boxes 🙂
    PS you can still see your penguin name but not here!!!!1

  24. jack Says:

    thanks these hdidng spots really helped,
    we should meet uo on club penguin some time
    i am called bobby44355

  25. jack jackson Says:

    put your tree suit on and hide in the forist

  26. Kirby Jackson Says:

    put a tree costume on, go to the forest and hide between 2 trees hope it helps


  27. Candanceyuko Says:

    There’s also one in the Pet Shop. Hide behind the pet house,the one that looks like a kennel

  28. Doodle54476 Says:

    I have one on pet shop right in the big puffle house and with no names

  29. bubu4969 is my cp name Says:

    Go to the hidden cave. you there? now go to the old aqua grabber submarine. walk behind it so u can only see ur head. sit down. BOOM. Your gone. (If you squint really really hard someone can see ur name. but it still rocks)d

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