Club Penguin Game Day for Wii Pictures #3!!!

Club Penguin’s Wii Game Club Penguin Game Day for Wii has now been released, meaning many people around the world have purchased it. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Wii, so the game would be pretty useful if I bought it at the moment.

Anyway, I’ve gathered some MORE pictures of this Wii game from different sites from people who have played it or bought it. Take a look:

With this game, you can connect to the internet and upload your coins and earn special stamps.

Anyone who has bought this game I’d love to hear what you think of it!

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Club Penguin Game Day released in Australia and New Zealand!!!

Great news for my fellow Aussie friends and New Zealanders! Club Penguin’s Wii game “Club Penguin Game Day” has now been released our countries! This is a first too. Club Penguin has previously always released games and merchandise in the US first.

I have seen it in local department stores here in Australia, and it’s priced at on average $59. Please let me know the price when it’s released where you live!

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Field-Ops Stamp Update and Added Video Game Stamps!!!

Previously when Club Penguin had added the Field-Ops medal stamps, we only earned the stamps if we had saved up our medals. Although now, Club Penguin has updated it so we earn those stamps if we’ve collected that amount, regardless of if we’ve spent them or not!

This means, the Special Agent and Special Forces stamps have been added to my account, and they will be added to yours if you’ve earned that amount of stamps!

Not only that, but Club Penguin have also added a new catergory – Video Games. At the moment, the only sub-catergory is contains is Game Day – Club Penguin’s Wii game.

Here are the ones you can collect from Club Penguin’s Wii Game Day game.

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Happy77 Posts Answers to Your Wii Questions!!!

In this posts, Happy77 answers some important questions about Club Penguin’s ‘Game Day’ Wii game, due to release later this month.

Greetings Penguins!

I have to say… you guys make great reporters. Last Sunday you asked some questions about the multiplayer Club Penguin Game Day! for Wii.

blogimagewii[1].jpgWe talked to some of the people who helped make the game. Here are the answers to some of your terrific questions:

Diego2310 asked: “In the new game will you get the opportunity to meet any of the famous penguins?”
A: There’s a Dance game – so Cadence will be around. And maybe a few more penguins you’ll recognize, too…

20andy10 asked: “If you earn things on the game, will you at the end be able to upload them to your computer club penguin account?”
A: Yep! There are items in the game that you can transfer via Wi-fi to your online penguin account. You’ll also get an unlock code with the game.

Ninjaneal asked: “Will there be stamps for the game?”
A: Yes! You’ll be able to earn stamps (14 total) – and then send them via Wi-fi to your Stamp Book in Club Penguin! Check out your Stamp Books when Club Penguin Game Day! Wii comes out to see what stamps you’ll be able to earn on Wii.

So – Yellow? Red? Green? Blue? All the teams are gonna try to conquer the island. Which team are you going to join?

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Sounds GREAT! If only I had a Wii… 😦

And I think I’m team green! No wait! ..Maybe blue!

Waddle on!