Club Penguin Official Music Video: “Better Days” and Updates!!!

Recently Club Penguin has been working on a bunch of new stuff for us! They’ve even made an Official CP Music Video! Sa-weeeet! Here’s a bit of a scoop on what’s been worked on in the past week:

New igloo items – We’re just about finished work on the latest items for your igloo. Now’s a great time to start saving up your coins for some new items!

Online celebrations – We’ve seen a ton of great parties happening all over the island. Happy77 and the team filmed some of the action, and made a music video out of it! Check out this official music video for “Better Days,” the Penguin Band’s new theme song:

Bug squashing – We’re working on a fix for the orange penguin that’s appearing for some of you when you log in. We’ll have this fixed in the next few weeks after we’ve finished these first system updates. Thanks for your patience.
Beta Team game testing – Many of you have already heard about Beta Team, where you can beta test new content we’re working on. We’re going to release some brand new game prototypes on Beta Team this weekend, so stay tuned!

What do you think of the vid? Pretty cool huh for the first official music video made and released?



New Club Penguin Postcard Updates!!!

Once again, Club Penguin have updated their featured postcards.

Which one do you like best?

I don’t know if you have this problem too, but there’s a weird glitch that doesn’t let you click on postcards to send them. Let me know? 🙂


Club Penguin Wilderness Expedition 2011 and Brown Puffle Cheats!!!

Club Penguin’s Wilderness Expedition of 2011 is finally here! Sa-weetalicious!

To begin, click on the poster in the town, or simply head straight to the Dock.

Follow the arrows to the Glade.

Walk over here to receive the free item!

The Expedition Hat! Smoooove!

Go to the right to continue and you’ll come across the Wilderness Maze. To get through, follow the paths which have bits and pieces of metal nearby.

Here’s the first path:

The second path:

The third path:

(This looks familar from the January sneak peek of Club Penguin events!)

The fourth:

The fifth:

The sixth:

The seventh:

At the end you’ll reach the Cliff and earn the Path Finder stamp.

Next, you’ll need to solve the Machine Puzzle to continue.

To solve the puzzle do the following:

  1. Plug the electricity cord into the powerpoint.
  2. Click the coffee beans.
  3. Click on the tap on the coffee machine.
  4. Click on the jug.
  5. Click the green button.
  6. Push down the pink and green buttons, then press the yellow and pink and finally the blue and purple buttons.
  7. Push down the blue lever.
  8. Press the piano keys that turn green.
  9. Throw 3 snowballs at the flames to put them out.
  10. Then, play the piano keys again that turn green.
  11. Click on the green button to raise the phone.
  12. Press all the green square buttons in any order.
  13. Pull down the purple and blue levers.
  14. Click to turn the wheel.
  15. Pull down the red lever near the telephone.
  16. Click the hot sause bottle.
  17. Click the water tank.
  18. Click the air vent.
  19. Click the toaster
  20. Throw 4 snowballs at the target.

Once completed a barrel will appear! Walk into it to be lowered to the Shore.

Next you’ll need to build the boat using the parts on the iceberg.

Use the shadows on the boat as a bit of a guie. If should look like this when you’re done.

This is where the journey ends for non-members…

You must purchase and wear a life jacket to sail on the boat across the bay.

You soon reach the bay on the other side where you’ll receive the Out at Sea Stamp.

Enter the Cave and what do you know! An Entire Brown Puffle Cave!

To adopt the brown puffle simply click on the note.

Unfortunately you can only adopt one. I’m calling mine Cocoa. :’)

SAWEET! There you  have it a Brown Puffle! Just like I sais ealier a Brown Puffle would be released at this party!

So what do you think about the Wilderness Expedition? Lots of rooms! Pretty awesome? Like the mazes? Sick fun or lame-o?


Club Penguin’s New Elite Gear Tech Class!!!

Hello Penguins!

This message is classified. Important EPF information to follow.


Good job, Agents! We’ve seen lots of you protecting the island with System Defender.

Many Agents have also joined the new Tech Class. Remember – you can trade badges for gear in your phone. Agents earn badges by completing Field-Ops.

In other news, have you noticed your phone’s new communication app? Keep watch for important messages from G!

Now that Elite Gear has been released for the Tactical, Comm and Tech classes, we want to hear from you. Which EPF Class do you belong to and why?

Let us know in the comments!

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


The new Tech Gear is sweet! So, which class do YOU belong to yeah? How many spare medals do you have up your sleeve too?


Club Penguin’s EPF System Defender Game is HERE!!!

Finally, Club Penguin’s new System Defender game is here, just like Club Penguin had planned on their whiteboard

Click on your Spy Phone firstly to check out your new messages from Gary, the Director and the Unlimate Protobot. *Note that you will not get these messages if you’ve already played System Defender.

Also take a look at the new Tech Elite Gear!

Then, go to the Command Room and walk over to the System Defender screen, located to the left.

Firstly, do the tutorial mode.

Once you complete that, you’ll earn the Ready  for Duty stamp.

Next, click ‘Defend System’ to play the REAL game.

If you successfully defend the system and complete the game, you’ll earn another stamp, the Protobot Attack.

Now, once you’ve completed the game, go to advanced for extra levels! Smooveness! 😀

Remember to take a look at the other stamps you can earn for System Defender.

This game is just like Bloons DT 4! Saweetness!

What do you think of it? Too easy? Too hard? I think I like it. 😀


New Club Penguin Sleeping Bag Pin Cheat!!!

The newest pin of Club Penguin is a sleeping bag! To find it, head over to the Coffee Shop.

Click yes to pick it up!

And what do ya know? You have the latest pin of Club Penguin! Sa-weet!

Waddle on!