Reviewed by You – Island’s Greatest Threat!!!

Last week for reviewed by you, Club Penguin asked us what we think the biggest threat to the island’s peace it and this is what Alyssajane88 said:

Most of the problems we solve in the Field Ops are to do with technology. I believe that the robots have something to do with it. Like the recent field op how it wanted to steal parts from the Aqua Grabber. Maybe it wanted to upgrade its self. I say we keep an eye out for anything unusual…

Hmm… you might be on to something…

Please note: the rest of this message is for EPF Agents only.

Good work, Agents – the call for new recruits seems to be working. We’ve seen lots of you meeting in the Command Room:


This week for reviewed by you, Club Penguin wants to know what new technology does the EPF need to develop next?

If you’re lucky enough to get chosen you’ll get 10,000 coins added to your penguin account. Remember to keep your review between 50-75 words though.

Hmm.. maybe something that will allow us to do new missions. Missions like the PSA had..

Waddle on!



All PSA Mission Cheats on One Page!!!

Previously I had the PSA mission cheats on different pages, meaning 11 different pages were dedicated towards that.

Although now, I have updated that, and moved them all to one page which is now called “PSA Missions 1-11 Complete Walkthrough Cheats“.

You can access this from three different places too as listed below.

1. At the top where the title is, all the pages are listed there.

2. On the left sidebar, all pages are listed there also. It’s a lot easier to read too.

3. On the right sidebar, just click on this image:

This means I will have less pages making my blog easier for you and more organised!

Click here to see the PSA Missions 1-11 Complete Walkthrough Cheats!

Waddle on!


EPF Field Ops Weekly Task 1 Cheats!!!

The new EPF feature Field Ops is now here! Weekly, us elite agents will have small tasks to do to complete which will help keep Club Penguin safe!

To do this week’s task, first of all, report to the EPF Command Room, as requested…

…then click on the screen saying Field Ops.

The screen will then show your orders for this weeks task!

Read the instructions carefully, then click “Accept Field-Op” to proceed.

Hmm…where can I find a big S? In the town!! On the outside of the Night Club, the “DiSco” sign has a big S…

…simply walk over to it!

When you reach it, you EPF Spy Phone will start ringing!

Answer it, then you will need to complete a small puzzle to destroy the circuit!

You must click on the red dots which are connected with the same wire, before the time runs out.

When you destory then all, you’ll recieve your first medal!

With medals, you can trade them for special EPF gear.

This time, I decided to obtain the EPF Earpiece! Here’s what it looks like on my penguin!

The great thing is, non-members can do this also! Members will get extra gear later on.

CLICK HERE for details of the medals and Elite Gear.

What do you think? I think it’s great how we get to help keep Club Penguin safe weekly!

I will have cheats next time as well as for all updates and upcoming challenges.

Until then… Waddle on!


New EPF “Field Ops” feature by Billybob!!!

The new feature of the EPF Spy Phone is Field Ops! Weekly, we’ll have a small task to do, which will help keep Club Penguin safe! Here’s Billybob’s post:

Hello Penguins!

We asked Elite Agents to report for duty on June 15, and that time has come. Today we launch a new feature called “Field-Ops”, which will give agents weekly orders to keep the island safe. After what happened to the PSA, these orders will be more important than ever!

Field-Ops will put all of an agent’s skills to the test – their ability to search for clues, solve problems, and work under pressure. To start, there will be a number of tasks that agents will need to learn…

June 15 Sneak Peek.jpg

… and new ones will be added over time.

All Elite Agents will have access to Field-Ops, so you can work together with your buddies and fellow agents to solve them. But we’ve also planned some special rewards for members, including some all-new EPF gear.

Begin your first Field-Ops at the Command Room, and let us know what you think. Just don’t give away any surprises!

In other news – the Island Adventure Party starts this week. I’m keeping it a surprise, to let everyone explore it for themselves, so let us know what you think when it launches.

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Sounds great how we get to keep Club Penguin safe with non-members as well! I can’t wait for the Adventure Party either!

Please let me know what you think of Field Ops.

Waddle on!


New Mission 11 Veggie Villain Walkthrough and pages updated and organised!!!

I now have the Walkthrough available for the new mission 11 Veggie Villain. To see the walkthrough, Click Here, or you can go to my left sidebar and click on ‘Mission 11 Veggie Villain Walkthrough’. *NOTE* All other mission walkthroughs are named (mission number) (mission name) Cheats’

When you complete the mission, you recieve the Mission 11 Medal…

…and also the Gift if you help the penguin fix his glasses.

With the gift, if you click on the red button, you recieve a free item, the Spy Goggles as well as a short message from Dot, thanking you for helping the penguin.

Also, I have updated and organised my pages, because I believe I had to many, and I hadn’t organsised them for a while. I recommend taking a look at the history of pins! It’s very interesting to discover previous ones, which I never before knew they had.

Waddle on and hope you’re enjoying the new mission!


PSA FINISHED! No more Missions? New EPF Missions?

Unfortunately, a terrible twist came at the end of the new mission 11 – Veggie Villain. The PSA got destoyed by Herbert. He disabled all of their resources in his attack and he stole a lot of infomation from their computers.

All of the files and investigations were handed over to the EPF agency.

The PSA is gone forever :(, which means no more PSA missions. Maybe now they will have a whole new (still continuing from the Herbert saga) series of Elite Penguin Force missions instead of PSA missions?

Please let me know what you think,


New Club Penguin Mission 11 Veggie Villain RELEASED!

The new Club Penguin mission 11 called Veggie Villain, has finally been released today! I will have the walkthrough for this mission available in the pages section ( which you can get to on the left sidebar).

Here is the post Billybob gave about the new missions release:


Hello Penguins!

The day secret agents have been waiting for is finally here! Today the new mission is launching – “The Veggie Villain”.

In it, agents will finally have answers to some long standing questions: what was the clue Herbert left behind in the last mission? And what has he been working on all this time?


“The Veggie Villain” is the beginning of many new adventures for secret agents. I want to give everyone a chance to play it for themselves, so I won’t give too much away, but I will say that this mission has a twist ending you won’t see coming…

And as a surprise, we’re making it so agents don’t need to complete the previous missions to play “The Veggie Villain”. You can now do any mission in any order you choose!

Let us know what you think of the new mission in the comments, along with any tips for your fellow agents.

Until then… Waddle on!

-The Club Penguin Team

By Billybob on May 17 2010 11:41


Although I don’t want to give away too much before you actually complete the mission, I will let you know that the twist at the end is not really a good one.

Waddle on penguin…and agents!