Club Penguin’s Card-Jitsu Water is NOW HERE!!!

Finally, after all our hard work collecting water and constructing the new Water Dojo,  the newest Card-Jitsu path of Water is here!

This is what the new Water Dojo  looks like. It’s a bit disappointing if you ask me!

The Dojo Courtyard will be kept decorated for a little while also!

The Card-Jitsu Water Guide and Walkthrough will be realeased by me soon. Right now I need to train so I can earn my Water gem…

Do you like Card-Jitsu Water? What clothing item are you up to?

Waddle on!



Cart Surfer Black Puffle Update and Stamps Added!!!

Finally Black Puffles are allowed to accompany us in Club Penguin’s Cart Surfer game!

Not only is that the only Cart Surfer update, stamps have also been added for the game!

There are now a total of 195 stamps that we can earn! I’ll have the cheats for those as soon as possible.

So, what do you think of having our black puffles in the game? They don’t do much do they?

Also, how many stamps have you earned?

Waddle on!


New Club Penguin Stadium Track Event!!!

Since today a brand new track event has begun at Club Penguin’s Stadium.

All four teams of green…



and of course yellow…

our newest team colour are set to compete.

All together there are three games we can compete in. They are shown and described below:

Jackhammer Rivals

As you can see, for this event it doesn’t matter what colour you or your hard hat is, you just need to drill or dance on your team colour.

Target Champ

For this game, you need to score as points as you can by hitting the pizza, fish or java bags, NOT the puffles before the timer runs out! As my friend, Red Penguinu demonstrates, you need to be standing on the mat. Also be sure you only hit targets on YOUR side or you will be giving points to the other team!

100 Meter Waddle

And finally for this event you are basically just doing an obstacle race. Stand at the starting line and when the screen says ‘GO’ begin racing! Make sure you don’t start running too early or it’ll be a false start and you’ll have to start again.

Unfortunately, there’s no prize, item or stamp even that we can earn from this, although it is a lot of fun working together as a team!

GO GREEN! hehe

Waddle on!


Green Puffles Join Us in Jet Pack Adventure & Earn New Stamps!!!

Now, our green coloured furry friends can join us in one of Club Penguin’s most popular games, Jet Pack Adventure!

They’re skills are amazing! Not only do they entertain you will their tricks and bubbles blowing, they also collect some coins with you!

Also, you can earn 4 new special Jet Pack Adventure stamps. I will have the cheats to these shortly too.

Waddle on!


NEW Club Penguin Fall Fair Prizes!!!

Finally, Club Penguin have added MORE prizes for us to claim during the Fall Fair!

Here are the prizes available for all penguins

And here are the member only prizes

To claim prizes you must firstly earn tickets. Click here for more help.

Fall Fair 2010 Cheats!

Rockhopper Free Items Cheat!

Rockhopper Finding Guide 2010!

Waddle on!


Screenhog Talks Fall Fair!!!

Screenhog’s back blogging again, and this time it’s about the Fall Fair party! He talks about the Fair games and decided to make a small game of his own! Let’s take a look at his whole post!

Hello Penguins!

Screenhog here.

Since we’re playing lots of Fair games I thought I’d make one of my own. See if you can find all these things at the party.


Good luck – I think a couple of them are tricky. Take your best guesses in the comments.

There are also some new prizes at the prize booth today. Don’t miss your chance to get them because the Fair gets packed up after the weekend.

Until then… Waddle on.

-Club Penguin Team

I think I know where all those places are. Let me know if you can find them all!

I hope you’re all enjoying the Fall Fair of 2010, which all ends on the 12th. Also please let me know if you meet Rockhopper!

Waddle on!


Green Puffles to Join Jetpackers in Jet Pack Adventure Soon in September!!!

It’s now reported in the Club Penguin Times that later this month Green Puffles will join us in Jet Pack Adventure! Their flying skills are excellent, and penguins have already started training them. Let’s take a look at the whole article from the newspaper.

Some extreme puffle trainers have reported that they want to try training green puffles to help with Jet Pack Adventure.

These puffles are already known well known for their flying talents, thanks to their famous propellor caps.

“Those puffles really put on a show at the Great Puffle Circus. Their speed and accuracy was astounding! So we thought they’d probably love to help jetpackers!”

The puffle experts reported that they’ll begin training the air-born green pets immediately.

“We’ve got a few trainers that are really good at teaching tricks. One in particular is quite and expert – she should be able to get them flying and helping out for sure!”

Green puffles are expected to be ready for take off sometime this month. Stay tuned to the Club Penguin Times for more details.

That’s great! Club Penguin do say in their September membership benefits that green puffles would join us in the game, but what game that was remained a mystery, until of course now! So we should see them joining us jetpackers later this month!

Waddle on!