Card-Jitsu Water Preparations Stamp Cheats!!!

Along with the preparations of Card-Jitsu Water, three new Events Stamps have been added in Club Penguin for us to collect! They include the Sensei, Construction and Explorer stamps! Take a look below for the cheats on how to earn them!

Sensei Stamp

1. Be in the same room as Sensei and you’ll receive this stamp!


1. Wear your Jackhammer and nothing else.

2. Find an area under construction during a party. For example now, go to one of the water pipes.

3. Dance to drill and receive the stamp!


Member Only Stamp

1. Waddle around and explore every single room decorated for a party! During the Card-Jitsu Water preparations party, to earn this stamp you must go to the following locations:

  • Boiler Room
  • Cave Mine
  • Dock
  • Dojo Courtyard
  • Forest
  • Hidden Lake
  • Mine
  • Ninja Hideout
  • Plaza
  • Snow Forts
  • Town
  • Underground Pool
  • Water Card-Jitsu Construction Room

In the meantime, we better all be working hard together to help with the construction of Card-Jitsu Water! Remember, all the fun begins on the 25th of November! Please let me know what you think!

Waddle on!



I MET GARY in Aurora Monster Room!!!

Today, I was lucky enough to meet Gary the Gadget Guy while I was exploring through the Dark Chamber! I found him in the Monster Room on sever Aurora!

I earnt the Gary stamp, by being in the same room as him!

I also got his new background by clicking on his player card and then the small box icon.

We had a lot of fun talking about science, and showing our thinking lightbulbs!

Unfortunately, after a while though he had to excuse his self and leave.

I will upload a video soon of I, Caitiecat12 meeting Gary the Gadget Guy, which will show exactly what we all got up to!

Also, my Official Gary the Gadget Guy Finding Guide will be finished soon, in time for you to try it out before the party’s over!

So, what are you enjoying most at the Halloween Parrty?

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010 Stamp Cheats!!!

Two new party stamps have been added for us to collect, at the Halloween Party of 2010. They are the Monster Mash and Scavenger Hunt stamps! Below are the cheats on how to earn each one.

Monster Mash

1. Dress up in one of the following monster outfit combinations at the Halloween Party!

  • – Bee Antennae and Bee Costume
  • – Blizzard Wizzard Hat and Blizzard Robes
  • – Cleo Headress and Cleo Dress
  • – Faery Wig and Faery Costume
  • – Frankenpenguin Hat and Frankenpenguin Costume
  • – Frankenpenguin Head and Frankenpenguin Costume
  • – Ghost Costume
  • – Mummy Costume
  • – Pharaoh Headdress and Pharaoh Costume
  • – Rad Scientist Wig and Rad Scientist Costume
  • – Skeleton
  • – The Count and The Count’s Costume
  • – The Lady Frankenpenguin and Lady Frankenpenguin’s Dress
  • – Witch’s Hat and Witch’s Costume

Scavenger Hunt

1. Complete the candy Scavenger Hunt to earn this stamp! Click here for the cheats on how to finish the Candy Scavenger Hunt!

Also, the Halloween party is our first chance of earning the Gary stamp!

He should be appearing around Club Penguin at random times!

Click here for the Complete Halloween Party 2010 Walkthrough!

Click here for the Halloween Member Only Dark Chamber Walkthrough!

Waddle on!


Halloween Party 2010 – Low Pressure System Storm on the Way!!!

As stated in this week’s issue of the Club Penguin Times, Gary predict’s a storm will be coming to Club Penguin in time for the Halloween Party! So I was right! A low pressure system is on the way and it’s looking different from other years… so it may last longer than expected…! This will bring rain to Club Penguin and I think this will be the start of Card-Jitsu Water! Anyway let’s see the full report!

As Halloween approches, many penguins have been watching the weather. Many have been waiting for news on whether a storm will darken the skies this year.

This week we spoke with Gary the Gadget guy on his discoveries.

“I have excellent news – there is indeed a storm coming. A low pressure system is bringing a super-cell of cumulonimbus clouds – in other words, we’ve got our dark and stormy night.”

Trick-or-treaters should prepare for sever weather conditions. Everyone is advised not to carry any lightning rods with them, or go swimming.

“This storm is unusual,” Gary added, “It’s very different from last year’s storm. If my calculations are right, it may last longer than expected…”

The storm is expected to hit on October 29, just in time for Halloween.

This is excellent news! I can’t wait for it all to start. And like I mentioned earlier, it’s quite likely the storm could mean the start of Card Jitsu Water.

Here are the other upcoming events!

Oct 15

-New Better Igloos catalog

-Halloween Igloo Contest begins

Oct 22

-New Pin

Oct 24

– Anniversary Party ONE DAY ONLY!

Oct 29

– Halloween Party begins

Waddle on!


Card-Jitsu Water Ninja PROOF!!!

In Club Penguin’s Official Slim Calendar of 2011, the month of November features a Fire-Ninja as well as a Water-Ninja!

It shows on the amulet the Fire Gem and the Water Gem, not the Ice one yet though…

Here’s the front of the calendar…

…as well as the back.

Click here to buy the Calendar from Amazon.

So, could this mean Water Card-Jitsu will be here in November 2010, or will we have to wait until 2011…? I sure hope it will be later THIS year! It might even be released on the 12th of November; MY BIRTHDAY!

Well, whenever this gets released, there still is something to do with the myth and mysteries of becoming a ninja coming out this month! Click here to read more about that.

So do you think Water Card-Jitsu will be here in 2010 or 2011?

Waddle on!



Club Penguin Fall Fair 2010 Is OVER!!!

Unfortunately all the fun, games and excitement of the Fall Fair has finished for this year, even Rockhopper has departed.

His migrator still can be seen sailing away from Club Penguin, back to his home of Rockhopper Island.

I guess we’ll all be looking looking forward to next year’s Fall Fair! Until then let’s enjoy the fun events and changes to come in the world of Club Penguin.

Waddle on!


I met Rockhopper on Sever Vanilla!!!

Today, I was lucky enough to meet Rockhopper, earn a special stamp and get his NEW background! He was on sever Vanilla at around 8am CPST. He was at the Puffle Circus, but I missed him there, although I later found out he went to the Dock, Beach and finally the Migrator – where I actually met him!

I couldn’t find where he actually was standing, because of the HUGE crowd, so I went to ‘Users in Room’ and clicked on his name to see his player card and get the free background!

Yes I would like to pick up the background!

Here’s what it looks like on my player card!

Of course, if you don’t meet Rockhopper and still want his background, the id for Penguin Storm is 9075.

Fall Fair 2010 Cheats!

Rockhopper Free Items Cheat!

Rockhopper Finding Guide 2010!

Waddle on!