Caitiecat12 Turns 1000 Days Old!!!

Today on the 17th of December 2010, I, Caitiecat12 have turned 1000 days old in the snow covered land of Club Penguin! It’s hard to believe it’s almost been 3 years since I was welcomed and completely new to the virtual wonderland!

What I must say is, when I first started, it was undescribely better than it is now. The Easter Egg Hunt, St Patricks Day and the Christmas party are all gone, basically nothing is left for non-members, the newspaper got updated horribly, there are bugs to be found everywhere around, they removed their old region log in selection, they’ve stopped all cheating programs from working.. the increasing list of defects just does not stop.

I remember my first party, the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt of 2008…


…in which I got these bunny ears from!

And I remember collecting my first pin, the Book!

And I’ve been a member this whole time too, so I’ve paid $197.85 AU… WOW!

So.. to sum up my 1000 days in this virtual world, I’d really do anything to get it back to what it was like, on my very first day in Club Penguin.

Waddle on,


P.S This is just a taste of the disappointing view many Club Penguin players, including I, now have…

There haven’t been any updates the past few days, so I just wanted to put out this post about Club Penguin’s disappointing events lately. The April Fool’s Party has always been one of my favorite parties with all the little box tricks and obscure decorations. That is, until this year. Nearly half of the rooms are undecorated, and the ones that are decorated have barely anything in them! The Town has nothing except the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop are painted to look like the background. The Dojo is undecorated when it usually is changed to a piece of paper with a pencil that penguins can walk all over. The Plaza is completely bare. The Pizza Parlor is kind of nice, it’s a food fight room and you throw food instead of snowballs. But it could use more decor. The Forest is just turned upside down, the Cove looks exactly the same as it did last year, the Snow Forts just has arrows in it, the Iceberg has more arrows and boxes that do the same things they did last year. The Ski Village has boxes that, you guessed it, do the same exact things as last year. The Ski Hill is bare, and the Dock is okay with the painting canvas and paint for snowballs. And the free item is the same as last year. So this year’s April Fool’s Party is a huge flop. The next thing is the Easter Egg Hunt. Today is Easter, and there’s no egg hunt like there always is. Why not? Dunno, but it was always a nice thing to have. So this is a pretty big disappointment too. Really Club Penguin, step it up. I understand Club Penguin is now part of Disney, a huge corporation and franchise, and has to focus on making more money, but to do that they have to crank out content that keeps getting better and better. That’s not happening, it’s going the opposite way in my opinion. Penguins who haven’t been playing as long as I have (which is over 3 years), might not understand this, but many do. If anything, becoming part of a corporation should motivate Club Penguin to do a better job. Seriously, they need to start taking the initiative to only settle for improvements, not equality. Parties should improve over the years, not get worse. I hope this gets something stirring in readers’ minds, and I know that I’m not alone with this viewpoint.


~Lorenzo Bean


Card-Jitsu Water Preparations Free Item and Water Scavenger Hunt CHEATS!!!

Card Jitsu Water is almost here, although there is still a lot of water to be collected and construction work to be done.

If you’re a member ninja, you can access the new Card-Jitsu Water room through the Ninja Hideout! Club Penguin still needs our help to construct it though.

A free item is available for all penguins as well as a Water Scavenger Hunt, where we need to help collect water items. Take a look below for the cheats!

Free Item – Bucket Hat

1. To find the Bucket Hat, go to the Snow Forts

2. Waddle over to the pile

3. Then click ‘YES’ to pick it up!

Scavenger Hunt

1. To begin your Scavenger Hunt, click on the icon in the top right corner of your screen.

2. You will then have 8 items to find. Read through the instructions for each one by clicking on the blank spaces.

3. Go to the Stadium for the first one.

4. Then go to the Coffee Shop.

5. Then to the Pet Shop.

6. Then to the Cove.

7. Then to the Book Room.

8. Then go to the Dance Lounge.

9. Next go to the Beach.

10. And for the final Water Scavenger Hunt item, go to the Dojo Courtyard.

11. Then, click ‘Claim Prize’ to receive your free Water Tank background!

Anyway what do you think of the rain! I’m actually really loving it! I wish it would rain more often in Club Penguin!

Waddle  on!


Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010 Stamp Cheats!!!

Two new party stamps have been added for us to collect, at the Halloween Party of 2010. They are the Monster Mash and Scavenger Hunt stamps! Below are the cheats on how to earn each one.

Monster Mash

1. Dress up in one of the following monster outfit combinations at the Halloween Party!

  • – Bee Antennae and Bee Costume
  • – Blizzard Wizzard Hat and Blizzard Robes
  • – Cleo Headress and Cleo Dress
  • – Faery Wig and Faery Costume
  • – Frankenpenguin Hat and Frankenpenguin Costume
  • – Frankenpenguin Head and Frankenpenguin Costume
  • – Ghost Costume
  • – Mummy Costume
  • – Pharaoh Headdress and Pharaoh Costume
  • – Rad Scientist Wig and Rad Scientist Costume
  • – Skeleton
  • – The Count and The Count’s Costume
  • – The Lady Frankenpenguin and Lady Frankenpenguin’s Dress
  • – Witch’s Hat and Witch’s Costume

Scavenger Hunt

1. Complete the candy Scavenger Hunt to earn this stamp! Click here for the cheats on how to finish the Candy Scavenger Hunt!

Also, the Halloween party is our first chance of earning the Gary stamp!

He should be appearing around Club Penguin at random times!

Click here for the Complete Halloween Party 2010 Walkthrough!

Click here for the Halloween Member Only Dark Chamber Walkthrough!

Waddle on!


Halloween Party 2010 Free Item and Scavenger Hunt CHEATS!!!

The Halloween Party of 2010 is finally here! It’s time for all those trick-or-treaters’ and spooky penguins to come out and have fun! Here are all the cheats from where to find the free items and how to finish the scavenger hunt.

Free Items

To find the Purple Bat Wings, go to the Plaza. Luckily this is available to all penguins.

Member Only

If you are a member, you can go to the Forest and enter the Dark Chamber and the Haunted House!

Haunted House

Go to the Haunted House to pick up the Ghost Costume!

Dark Chamber

Click here for the cheats on how to complete the Dark Chamber!

In the second room of the Dark Chamber, you can find the Storm Lantern!

Finish the Dark Chamber to receive the Pile O’ Candy. You can collect this as many times as you want!

Click here for cheats on how to complete the maze.

Also, click on the catalogue for more spooky Halloween outfits!

The monster maker catalog!

Scavenger Hunt

To begin the Scavenger Hunt, click on the pumpkin icon, next to the moderator icon!

You clues will then pop up.

Clue 1: The hunt begins you’re on your way, start searching where the starfish lay.

1. Go to the Beach to get the first candy.

Clue 2: This next one’s hidden out of sight, overlooking a snowball fight.

2. Go to the Snow Forts to receive the second piece of candy.

Clue 3: To find the next hidden delight, go far away near glowing light.

3. Go to the Iceberg for the third piece of candy.

Clue 4:Through monster costumes you must dig. This one will make you flip your wig.

4. Go to the Gift Shop for the fourth candy piece.

Clue 5: Now try to find a cheesy scent, then search a spooky instrument.

5. Go to the Pizza Parlour, to fin the fifth candy piece near the organ.

Clue 6: You’ll find the candy you’ll adore, where a ninja shadow was before.

6. Go to the Ski Lodge, and click at the top of the fireplace to receive the sixth piece of candy.

Clue 7:A which has used this candy to improve the flavour of  the brew…

7. Go to the Plaza and click on the candy in the cauldron to receive the seventh piece!

Clue 8:The last one’s hidden near the smile, of the largest pumpkin of the isle.

8. For the final piece of candy, go to the Beacon.WOAH LOOK AT THE LIGHTNING!

Once you have all the candy, click ‘Claim Prize’.

You’ll then receive the Candy Forest Path background!

Also, the Halloween party is our first chance of earning the Gary stamp!

He should be appearing around Club Penguin at random times!

Click here to see the Dark Chamber Walkthrough!

Click here to see the Halloween Party Stamps Cheats!

So what do you think of this party? What about the storm!? Please let me know. I’m loving every single minute of it anyway!

Waddle on!


Halloween Party 2010 – What to Expect!!!

I’m sure we’re all wondering what surprises are in store for us at this year’s annual Halloween party. I found this article from Club Penguin Wikia, describing some of the things we can expect this year.

The Halloween Party 2010 will be the sixth annual Halloween Party on Club Penguin. Not much is known about it except that there will be a members only maze called the Dark Chamber. There will be a Candy Scavenger Hunt like all other Halloween Parties and the newspaper also said that there may be a storm again. There is also going to be an igloo contest on the 15th-17th of October.

Hmm… sounds fun, I hope all that and much MORE happens! There’s only 19 days left until we find all the answers anyway!

I’m really excited for another Club Penguin party! Are you excited?!

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Island Adventure Party 2010 Scavenger Hunt Cheats!!!

The Island Adventure Party for June 2010 is here! There are so many fun adventurous things for mermaids to pirates, but first of all, here’s the complete walkthrough for the scavenger hunt!

To begin, click on the paper boat in the top right of the screen

The first clue…


Hmm, where’s the campfire roaring and the tea being poured? Must be… the Forest!

Yay! Our first paper boat! Ok our next clue…


Ahh, a sandy shore, well that must mean… the Beach!

Now we have 2 paper boats, only 6 left! Ok, our 3rd boat clue…


A battle, cannon balls woosh? I guess that must be the Snow Forts!

So far thats 3, still 5 to go! Lets take a look at our next clue…


Underground? Where the mermaids swim? Must be in the beautifully decorated for mermaids, hidden lake!

Now we have 4! Lets see the clue for the 5th paper boat…


A pirate PUFFLE? The Pet Shop sells puffles, must be there. Or at least on the outside. Go to the Plaza for this boat.

Only 3 left! Lets take a look at our next clue…


This one was a bit hard, but when I first logged in I remember a wooden cup in the Town!

Yay, only 2 left to finish finding them all! So, lets take a look at our next clue…


Oh where oh where can I find a revolving chair? The Ski Villiage of course!

Ok, now we’re on our final paper boat! The clue reads…


A deserted isle? Could none other be the Iceberg!

YAY! Now we’ve found all the paper boats! We need to click on “Build the Map” and put all the pieces together like this:

A treasure map! After solving it click “Claim Prize” to recieve a “Treasure Cove” background!

Back to the treasure map…did you notice it was actually the cove! A red X means treasure, so lets go!

If you don’t already have one, you can pick up a free Miner’s Helmet.

Then, we need to dig up the “X”!

YAY! WE FOUND TREASURE! The Pirates Bandana!

And there you go! You’ve completed the Scavenger Hunt! Hope you all have fun, there are sooo many other things to do!

Click Here for more Adventure Party Cheats!

Waddle on!


Club Penguin Earth Day 2010 Scavenger Hunt Cheats!!!

Earth Day is finally here, with a lot of new fun things to do! Below are some pictures of this party!

There is a pathway from the Forest to the Mine Shack, a wonderful community garden and a recycling plant! To enter the Recycling plant you will need to complete the Scavenger Hunt. Here is how you do that:

1. In the Coffee Shop on the top of the plant is the broken cup

2. In the Pet Shop, between the Puffle O’s is an empty Puffle O Box.

3.At the Cove, below the Camp Fire is a barrel

4. In the Dojo Courtyard, on the Roof is the Hot Sauce

5. In the Book Room, above the Coffee Shop, on the Bookcase is a bag of beans

6. In the Forest is the old Newspaper

7. At the Ski Village, on the tubes is an empty pizza box

8.The final item in is a Barrel located behind the cart at the Mine Shack

Click “Claim your prize” and you will recieve a Recycle Pin and now be able to access the Recycling Plant.

Inside the new recycling plant, you can throw the items in the top left area I circled in red, and the recycling machine will turn them into useful items for Club Penguin!

There are so many fun things to do but remember to recycle your unwanted items and help out in the community garden! 😉

I will post the free item cheat in a seperate post.