Club Penguin Art for Haiti Winner Announced!!!

Club Penguin had an art contest where the winners work would be painted in a new schools playground in Haiti. We had to vote out of 4 finalists and well now, the winner has been announced! Here is Club Penguin’s update about it!

UPDATE: The polls are closed and we have our Top Favorite! Congratulations to Mickey1216!

A big thanks to everyone who took part! Whether you submitted artwork, took time to vote, or cheered on your favorite — all of you made this project possible.

We’ll update everyone on the mural soon. Thanks again, and Waddle On!

-Club Penguin Team

That’s great! Congrats Mickey1216! That’s the one I voted for too! Lets take a look at the final results of the poll!

And below is the winner’s artwork! Well done!

Waddle on!



Club Penguin Art for Haiti Finalists – You Decide the Winner!!!

Club Penguin held an art contest where the winners work would get painted at a new schools playground in Haiti. Penguins all around the world sent in their entries and now Club Penguin have chosen 4 finalists.

Now it’s up to us to choose the winner. We must vote in the poll for what one we like best.

The artists behind the drawings are Bella Stars, Mochileiro 7, Cadogs and Mickey1216

Option A
Option A
Option B
Option B
Option C
Option C
Option D
Option D

I think I’ll vote for option D. It’s the best out of all four in my opinion.

Here are the results so far. Looks like others also like option D the best.

No offence to the owners of this work, but I personally think they’re, well a bit low quality. I wish I had the time to enter I think I would’ve had quite a high chance of being a finalist, and possibly the winner!

In other news, the Fall Fair will arrive in Club Penguin sometime in September. Don’t expect it to be as good as previous years though – Club Penguin’s going downhill for fun and quality.

Waddle on!


New “How to Draw a Penguin”, Wallpaper and Poll!!!

Club Penguin have REPLACED their old style how to draw penguins with new ones! I really thought the old penguins were much better. Ok, maybe they didn’t look as… well I don’t know…”modern”, and clear as the new ones, but I really liked them. They remind me so much of the OLD FUN Club Penguin…

Anyway below are the 2 new ones.

Click the image to print.

Click here to print this one.

Click the image to print.

Click here to print this one.

They do look different compared to the old ones…

Also, I have collected other “how to draw a penguin” pages made  by other penguins. You can click on them and print if you want.

Also there’s finally a new Club Penguin wallpaper! All are available in either normal (1280×1024) or widescreen (1280×768) sizes.

Click here to see and get the  normal size one.

Click here to see and get the widescreen one.

Finally, the new community poll asks us who we would like to meet the most. Our choices are Rockhopper, Cadence, Franky and Sensei!

Even though I haven’t met Franky or Sensei yet, I still chose Rockhopper. He’s my FAVOURITE famous penguin!

The results SO FAR show Rockhopper on 32%, Cadence on 26%, Franky on 18%, and Sensei on 24%. Rockhopper sounds most popular, Cadence and Sensei about equal and Franky… well there’s still 18%…lol

Waddle on!


Club Penguin looses popularity by 1 million players!!!

Today, I found out that Club Penguin has lost 1 million website views since January last year. In the picture below, you can see that in Jan 2009, they had about 3.2 million players, and in April this year, they had 2.2 million, a 1 million player loss!

I’m not surprised, it honestly is because of Disney. They’re making Club Penguin too commercial. They’re after money, not the enjoyment of people playing in Club Penguin. Just think about it, they’re increasingly making more things member only. There are less free items at parties, and less new ones. Another huge reason of the popularity decrease is because they got rid of the Christmas, Easter Egg Hunt and St Particks Day parties. These were some of the best and most popular parties they ever had. Getting rid of them, was a really, really stupid idea.

Christmas Party 2006


Christmas Party 2007


Christmas Party 2008


Easter Egg Hunt 2006


Easter Egg Hunt 2007


Easter Egg Hunt 2008






St Patrick’s Day Party 2007

St Patrick’s Day Party 2008


Club Penguin is nothing like it used to be mainly thanks to Disney and as a result is becoming much less popular. I don’t like what’s happening to the virtual world, which WAS the best website that ever existed in my opinion. The worst thing though, is that they DON’T LISTEN TO THINGS LIKE THIS when not enough people email them!

I don’t know what the future will be for Club Penguin, if they don’t change, less and less people will want to play on it.

Well in the mean time we need to email Club Penguin and give them feedback as well as requests.

We must try or hardest to make Club Penguin be more like they used to be. They could start by bringing back these parties though. That would certainly help bring back more penguins.


Remember again WE MUST EMAIL THEM. It doesn’t do any harm at all! Give them your opinion and feedback!

Please let me know what you think about these questions the Club Penguin players should consider.

Do you think it’s Disney’s fault?

Should they be less greedy and commercial?

Should they bring back these parties?

What do you think Club Penguin should do?

What can we do?

Do we even want more penguins on Club Penguin?

Waddle on!


New Poll – Should Club Penguin have the region login sever page again?

When you chose a sever on Club Penguin you used click on the region you lived in and chose one of the severs for your region. You didn’t have to choose where you live, you could still go to other region severs aswell. It was much much easier and organised. Because there are so many severs now it’s quite hard to choose a sever to go on and MUCH harder to meet famous penguins.

If you weren’t on Club Penguin when they had this, unfortunately I don’t have a picture because I thought Club Penguin was going to keep this awesome feature!!!

I have a poll on the right sidebar and I want you to let me know if you think Club Penugin should bring back that choosing sever  way. If you do want this feature back I will email Club Penguin and get other people to email Club Penguin about this problem by having a FREE 6 MONTH CLUB PENGUIN MEMBERSHIP COMPETITION!!!



Billybob’s Post New Sports Catalog and Poll!!!

Here is a post from Billybob about the New Sports Catalogue and a New Poll:

Hello Penguins!

You guys had some awesome guesses on Wednesday’s blog about the new items in the Snow and Sports catalog. Check them out today (you’ll find the catalog inside the Sport Shop), and let us know what you think. We want to know all the ways that you and your friends are going to show your creativity in Club Penguin with the new gear!

imagehidden.jpgIn other news: Every week a new poll comes out on the Club Penguin website in the community section. This week it’s about some of the Stage plays. Check it out!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team


My Weekly Poll

If you haven’t noticed it yet, I have a Weekly Poll that I update every Friday. It has been going for afew weeks now and you can find my Poll by clicking on it in my Pages. To fill out my poll just leave a comment and the number of what you think. I leave what I think every week. This weeks Poll is, What do you think of the New Game DJ3K?