Club Penguin Official Music Video: “Better Days” and Updates!!!

Recently Club Penguin has been working on a bunch of new stuff for us! They’ve even made an Official CP Music Video! Sa-weeeet! Here’s a bit of a scoop on what’s been worked on in the past week:

New igloo items – We’re just about finished work on the latest items for your igloo. Now’s a great time to start saving up your coins for some new items!

Online celebrations – We’ve seen a ton of great parties happening all over the island. Happy77 and the team filmed some of the action, and made a music video out of it! Check out this official music video for “Better Days,” the Penguin Band’s new theme song:

Bug squashing – We’re working on a fix for the orange penguin that’s appearing for some of you when you log in. We’ll have this fixed in the next few weeks after we’ve finished these first system updates. Thanks for your patience.
Beta Team game testing – Many of you have already heard about Beta Team, where you can beta test new content we’re working on. We’re going to release some brand new game prototypes on Beta Team this weekend, so stay tuned!

What do you think of the vid? Pretty cool huh for the first official music video made and released?



Club Penguin Coins For Change Results Video!!!

The results for Coins for Change have been released a day early by Billybob! Also, a video has been made, showing a bit about where our coins are headed!

More than a massive 12 billions coins were donated to Coins for Change this year, showing we do care about those in need or less fortunate.

How much we donated to each cause determined how Club Penguin would divide $1 million. So in the real world, this is how much money is going towards each cause:

  • $300,000 will go to build safe places
  • $360,000 will go to protect the earth
  • $340,000 will go to provide medical help

Click here to see the video about where our coins are going!

Wow! That is a lot of coins! Are you happy to hear where these coins are going?

Waddle on!


Billybob Sends Caity12 Email About Card-Jitsu Water!!!

Today, I was unbelievably lucky to receive an email from Billybob about the new Card Jitsu Water video! It gives us a quick sneak peek of what’s in store for us! Take a look at it below or click here to see it also.

What  do you think of it! I’m unbelievably excited, especially at the fact that we’ll be discovering the waterfall! I love waterfalls, what do you think about it all?

Waddle on!


New Club Penguin 4″ Puffle Toys – Series #5

Club Penguin Puffles are perfect for any bedroom or backpack, a puffles’ preferred habitats. Filled with a soft beanie center and covered with fun hair to smooth or style.

Below are the new Series #5 4″ Club Penguin puffle toys.

Club Penguin 4” White Pet Puffle – Series #5

Our gentle and strong little bushy-haired White Pet Puffle loves to skate.

Club Penguin 4” Red Pet Puffle – Series #5

This adventurous, bushy-haired Red Pet Puffle is looking for some excitement and hugs.

Club Penguin 4” Purple Pet Puffle – Series #5

This happy, bushy-haired Purple Pet Puffle is ready to dance and celebrate.

Club Penguin 4” Pink Pet Puffle – Series #5

This cheerful, bushy-haired Pink Pet Puffle loves nothing better than to jump!

Club Penguin 4” Yellow Pet Puffle – Series #5

Bright-eyed and bushy-haired, the Yellow Pet Puffle is wide-awake and ready for fun.

Club Penguin 4” Blue Pet Puffle – Series #5

This loyal, bushy-haired Blue Pet Puffle likes nothing more than playing ball.

Club Penguin 4” Black Pet Puffle – Series #5

This strong, skateboard-loving bushy-haired Black Pet Puffle is looking ready to play.

Club Penguin 4” Orange Pet Puffle – Series #5

This excitable, bushy-haired Orange Pet Puffle is looking for some nice hugs.

Club Penguin 4” Green Pet Puffle – Series #5

This playful, bushy-haired Green Pet Puffle loves clowning around.

If you want to buy any Club Penguin Toys, please CLICK HERE.

Just thought I’d add Club Penguin’s official Puffle video, that was available on their site around February 2010, before the Puffle party.

Waddle On!