About Me – Updated Yearly

Hello everyone,

Every year or so I’m going to write a paragraph about my self and then we can compare how much I’ve changed. I deleted some of what I wrote because I was simply giving away WAY TOO MUCH personal information about myself.


I’m 12 yrs old. I’m about average height and weight.. Anyway I live in Australia. I love Club Penguin soooooooooooooooooo much it’s my favourite website in the world! I have two younger sisters. One is 7 and the other is 4. Anyway I’ll tell you some more stuff about me. I don’t mean to brag, but i’m smart and I like the weather, fruit, chocolate, and most animals. I have a kitten and two birds and I’m not up myself at all!! But I love helping other ppl. Anyway if you leave a question or a comment in one of my posts I will answer it (the question). On Club Penguin, I have 3 Penguins, Caitiecat12, Caity Cat12 (named that coz i love cats) and Subarus Rok. My sister Tasha has 3 Penguins as well, Kuputchi57, Violetchi9 and Mimitchi6 (yes they are named after Tamagotchis coz she loves them) and my youngest sister Shayna has 1 Penguin called Littlecitty3. Here is some pictures of my Penguins:

Below My sisters Penguins(sorry i don’t have a picture of Mimitchi6):

My sister


Well, I’m now a teenager, and I’m pleased that my blog has been going for 2 years with over 100,000 hits! I’m still average weight and height, smart, but I forgot to mention last time I’m actually really muscular and strong. I’m good at javelin, discus, archery and some other sports. I started horse riding lessons again in August last year. Before that  I hadn’t riden a horse since 2005. I’m continuing to play the piano, like I have been for the past 6 years.

As far as Club Penguin goes, I’m a member and I have been since November 2008 (I renewed it in November 2009 for a year). I still hope Club Penguin makes more things available for all penguins, but it’s not very likely.

This is what my penguin, Caitiecat12 look like now that she is a member!






15 Responses to “About Me – Updated Yearly”

  1. racheldarling Says:

    awwww your penguins are so cute! the bunny ears are my favorite item on cp!! the duck is second on my list.

  2. Billybob Says:

    Hi. Cool penguins. I was wondering if any of you want to become a moderator. Screenhog is thinking about quitting, so we’re going to be short on moderators. Echonight has been asking for a long time, so i’ll email the interview.

  3. ambioz Says:

    hi! i name is amber and i live in australia to and i am your age! i love club penguin! and on one of my accounts (my cousins changed the password to it…:(….) i was a member..my mum and dad think i am too old for club penguin and i dont think i have any chance in being a member again…
    anyways, i was just wondering if you are still going to give away free membership cards….
    BYEEE (btw i LOVE this blog!!! WOOOT GO YOU GO YOU) heheh

  4. redfox29 Says:

    i love ur website!!!

  5. Funpinkgirl1 Says:

    Hi could you check out my website it would mean the world to me thx.


  6. Tiffy 99 Says:

    Australia rulz yah!!

  7. michaelleo09 Says:

    hi can i meet u

  8. mintti405 Says:

    I live in Australia too! im a bit younger than you and my brother thinks that I am too old for Clubpenguin. I have three penguins and one of them is a member. (btw, I love this blog!)

  9. Samantha Says:

    hi i would really really really like to meet me on club penguin my name on there is Samantha8216 plz add me as a freind i would really love to meet u!:D

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