QUICK POST – White Puffle in Round Up Game!!!

If you go to the Pet Shop and Play Round Up, there White Puffle is now there, I guess they want Penguin to help Round them up, so we can adopt them soon.



QUICK POST – New Furni Catalog, New Pin and New Play at the Stage – Fairy Fables!!!

This is one of my Quick Posts. Quick Post are very updated posts, but they are quick and usually not very detailed. I make other posts later about the same things, but they are more detailed.

Here are the Furniture Catalogue Cheats for November.

Click the Christmas Ribbon for the Leaning Tree.


Click the Control Terminal for the Welcome Mat.


Click the Guitar Stand for the Music Stand.


There is a new play at the Stage called Fairy Fables.


They got back the rarest item the Red Cape.


The new pin is a Snowflake Tile located at the Beach on the Wall of the Lighthouse.

New Snowflake Tile Pin