Below I have a complete guide on everything you need to know about puffles, from their history, to how to look after them.

About Puffles

Puffles are small, furry creatures native to the Club Penguin Island which can currently be adopted for 800 coins in the Pet Shop on Club Penguin. They are fluffy furballs, and when you walk them they walk next to you. Puffles were discovered sometime in November 2005, however, they do not exist in real life like penguins do. If puffles are not properly taken care of, they will become sad and eventually run away. There was a contest for the best name for the new creatures, when they were first discovered in 2005. The best name was thought to be “puffle”. Starting February 13, 2009, puffles started to interact with puffle furniture; prior to this, the furniture served no purpose and it was ignored by puffles.

Types of Puffles

There are a variety of colors and personalities to choose from. Members may adopt up to 18 puffles of any kind, while non-members are restricted to only two (blue and red only). However, former members get to keep their puffles. Below is some information on each type of puffle.

Blue Puffles

Blue Puffles are probably the most known puffle, as being the only non-member puffle until the Red Puffle was introduced and usually represents puffles in videos or pictures. It was also the first puffle in March 2006 when they came avilable.

Blue Puffles are mild tempered, content and very loyal. Because they are so loyal they are very easy to take care of. They love to play especially with their favourite toy, the ball.

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Red Puffles

Red Puffles are adventurous and enthusiastic because they are originally from Rockhopper Island. They love playing with the canon and bowling pins. If you go play “Catchin’ Waves”, your red puffles surfs with you. Red Puffles, like blue puffles, can be adopted by anyone.

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Pink Puffles (MEMBER ONLY)

Pink Puffles are very active and cheery. They love to excercise by jumping rope or playing on their trampolines. You can also take them with you while playing Aqua Grabber lcoated at the Ice Berg. By taking them with, they will give you extra bubbles while underwater.

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Black Puffles (MEMBER ONLY)

Black Puffles are known for their reluctancy, and shadowiness. They are also known for catching on fire when eating O Berrys. Many Penguins tend to view black puffles as “gangster-like”. However, they love to play and make a great pet for anyone who likes a little bit more personality. When penguins dance with a Black Puffle equipped, the puffle will transform into a tornado: this often baffles new players. They rarely smile, but if you notice that when you own one and on the player card if they have full health they will be smiling. Black Puffles now can join us in Club Penguin’s Cart Surfer game, and help us earn coins and stamps.

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Green Puffles (MEMBER ONLY)

Green Puffles are very energetic and playful. They like to clown around on their unicycles or play with their propeller caps. The most famous green Puffle, is the Keeper of the Boiler Room, which you can read about in the library. During the CPIP improvement project, you could become one during the April Fools day party. The Green Puffle now can also join us in Jet Pack Adventure, and help us earn stamps.

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Purple Puffles (MEMBER ONLY)

Purple Puffles were discovered in August 2006 and as a result, are less known in Club Penguin than other Puffles, but still, are almost always happy. They are the only known puffle able to turn into a tornado besides the Black Puffle. Their eyes seem to be wider than every other puffle. Purple Puffles are lots of fun to have around. They enjoy blowing bubbles and are terrific dancers, but they can be a bit fussy, especially at mealtime. The purple puffle can play with you in the minigame Dance Contest at the Night Club.

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Yellow Puffles (MEMBER ONLY)

Yellow Puffles are spontaneous and artistic, and are known to sculpt and paint perfect pieces of art. They are very often seen using a paintbrush and easel, creating beautiful masterpices. Before they came out, penguins had rumors that this was the Golden Puffle. Yellow Puffles were first sighted in October 2007, and made available for members in November of that year. One can also be seen at the Stage, by pointing to or clicking on something. Yellow Puffles can now join us in playing DJ3K.

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White Puffles (MEMBER ONLY)

The White Puffle was introduced to Club Penguin on Friday March 6, 2009. They are smaller than all other puffles and quite shy, therefore making them unique. They may be related to Ninjas, due to that fact that they slice their cookies like ninjas and they sleep like the stone puffles at the Dojo. They are also known for their ability to turn anything in to ice, or create slopes of ice from thin air.


Orange Puffles (MEMBER ONLY)

The Orange Puffle is the newest puffle available. Their toys are monster truck wagons, boxes and hula hoops. They have a zamy and curious personality, and they sleep deeply. If you dance while walking an orange puffle, they hula hoop, which is unique to puffle.

Unlike any other puffle in Club Penguin, these have two front buck teeth. It was said in the newspaper that that they may have come from the Box Dimension, which makes them another species of puffles that did not come from the island of Club Penguin.

Billybob showed an image of a Orange Puffle toy on Febuary 20 2010 on the What’s New Blog. Since Febuary 25, 2010, Orange Puffles have been available for adoption online in Club Penguin’s Pet Shop for 800 coins.

Adopting Puffles

Puffles can be adopted in the Pet Shop, located in the plaza for 800 coins. You simply click on the red catalog on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Then, click ‘Adopt’ in the catalog for the puffle of your choice. When you adopt your puffle, you get to choose a name for him/her. After, they’ll be sent to your igloo and you’ll receive a postcard from the Pet Shop.

Caring for your Puffle

To view your puffle player card go to your igloo and click on your puffle. This card contains puffle care options and important puffle health information. After you have chosen an activity, close the player card to watch your puffle perform its action. Below are the things you can do to your puffle.

Feeding your Puffle

Buy your puffle food by clicking the third button from the left at the bottom of the puffle player card. You can choose to feed it a cookie or bubble gum for a yummy treat, or you can feed it pet food, which costs 10 coins. Depending on its level of health it may even do a trick!

Bathing your Puffle

To bath your puffle, click on it and pull up its player card. Click the food icon located along the bottom menu. The food icon will open a tab with different options for feeding your puffle. Choose the water bowl icon on the second row and watch how your puffle plays in water. It will cost 5 coins each time.

Playing with your Puffle

Puffles love to play and it keeps them healthy. To play with your puffle, click on the far left button at the bottom of the puffle player card. When it is really healthy it may surprise you and change its type of activity. Of course if you purchase Puffle furniture from the Yellow catalog in the Pet Shop, your puffles will go to play on it by itself now and then.

Puffle Sleeping

To let your puffle sleep, click on the second button from the left. Puffles get tired after a lot of activity and need to take naps to regain energy.
Usually a puffle will need some rest after you have played with it a couple times. But be careful though, too much sleep is not good for their health.

While you are out

Your puffles will still get hungry, need rest, and want to play while you are out exploring Club Penguin. Be sure to check up on them at least once for every hour you are Online. If they are not kept in good health, they may run away.
When you exit Club Penguin, your puffle goes into Pause Mode and will stay exactly how you left it until you return to Club Penguin. It will not get hungry or tired and it will not run away from home. To ensure your puffle goes into Pause Mode you will need to log off properly by clicking the Log Off button at the top right of your screen.

Walking your Puffle

To take your puffle for a walk, click on the far right button at the bottom of the puffle player card. Your puffle will stay by your side wherever you go. When you are finished walking your puffle, click the picture of your puffle, located on your penguin’s player card. It will be returned to your igloo. Puffles must be walked one at a time and returned home for food and rest.

Puffle Furniture

To buy furniture for your puffle, go to the pet shop (located in the Plaza). Click on the yellow catalogue then click the “Buy” button for the item you want to buy.

Puffle History


  • October 24 – Club Penguin Opens, Puffles seen around but not officially introduced.
  • November – Puffles officially introduced to the game. Colours originally blue, pink, green and black.
  • November/December – Creature Naming Contest takes place. The winning name is “Puffle”, and the winner of the contest receives 5000 Coins and 3 days of free membership.
  • December – The term “Puffle” comes into use and is used for the first time.
  • December – All of the bugs taken out of Puffle Round-Up and it’s officially introduced to the game.


  • March 13, 2006 – The Pet Shop opens, allowing you to buy a Puffle. Members can buy all 4 breeds, and can purchase up to 8 puffles, while Non-Members can buy one Blue Puffle.
  • March – Although a feature from the start, the puffle’s Special Play ability is made well-known in an issue of the Club Penguin Times.
  • June – Purple Puffles started to mysteriously appear on Puffle Round-Up. During the 1st secret mission Aunt Arctic’s Lost Puffles, players had to find her 2 lost puffles, one green and one purple, officially introducing Purple Puffles to the game.
  • August – The Purple Puffle becomes available for purchase in the Pet Shop.
  • September – The ability to Walk Puffle is established.
  • October – Rockhopper talks about his pet and friend, Yarr in his journal, which is a red puffle, prior to introducing red puffles to Club Penguin.
  • November – The ability to Bathe Puffle is established.
  • November – Second secret mission, called “Gs Secret Mission”, reveals the origin of Puffle O’s in introducing the O Berry, which causes a Black Puffle to enact its Special Play.
  • Late 2006 – Penguins can’t see other penguin’s puffle’s names due to the fact that penguins were giving their puffles vulgar (bad) names.
  • December – Captain Rockhopper introduces the red Puffles to Club Penguin, although they are not able to be herded up in Puffle Round-Up like the other 5 breeds. Also, Members can now buy up to 12 puffles, and Non-Members can now buy up to two, including the Red Puffle.


  • March 23, 2007 – Puffle play extended.
  • May – Red puffles are able to surf with you in the new surfing game Cachin’ Waves.

I hope this helped you learn more about Club Penguin’s most noble creature; the Puffle.

If you need further help or information, please let me know.

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