April Fool’s Day Party Cheats!!!

The April Fool’s day Party for 2010 is here but will finish on the 4th of April.

There are 2 free items but unfortunately they’re not new. Here is how you get the first free item, the Red Propellor Hat, available to all penguins.

Go to the Dock and throw paintballs at the canvas until you complete the picture with the treasure box. The treasure box will pop open and the free item will come out.

The other free item, the Jester Hat, is in the Silly Room which is for members only. To get to the Silly room, go to the Snowforts. When you’re in there click on the hat circled in red below:

Make sure you take a look at the Mine Shack – I think it’s probably the best room ;). It’s very different. I’m not going to post a picture because I want to leave it as a surprise.

Please let me know what you think,



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